Sunday Post : What A Cherry_full Day is Today …. ( Another me, yasu, and a Bowl of Cherries)

What would you feel with Sunday at office…?

not good ne, and that’s what i feel today. after spent a whole night with HYDE leave me for Spiderman all over my mind, i start this Sunday by sayin a lot of why and why i can’t watch Spiderman like HYDE, ah ya that’s from L’Arc_UK_Street Team‘s tweet. see HYDE is already watch it and then what about me? …

at my office on Sunday instead of going to cinema to watch Spiderman like HYDE. Now i feel like HYDE choose to swing/jump from building to building with Spiderman instead of me while say this  ….

HYDE    :   you left away, again  ….
noi         :   demo, HYDE_san …

noi         :   what about me, what should i do ….?
HYDE    :   you go find yasu, ja ne  ..
noi         :   heee ….

ah ya i should find yasu ne, yes today is Sunday, July 8th. it means first live on July :  Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 – 7月08日 Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka. it’s been a while since the last June live at Yokohama .

This is Osaka Jo Hall ne, maybe they gonna put this live on DVD like what they did on Re:Birth live, Oh God, i really can’t wait for the DVD. The set list is still the same as the previous live :

②doomsday clock
③ピストル 『Pistol』
⑤罪と罰〜神様のアリバイ〜 『Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kami_sama no Alibi』
⑥蝶  『Chou』
⑦指輪物語 『Yubi wa Monogatari』
⑧〜the day〜
⑩in the Mirror
⑪イエス 『Yes』
⑫so…Good night
⑬チェリーチェリー 『Cherry Cherry』
⑮少女の祈り 『Shojo no Inori』
⑯少女の祈りⅢ 『Shojo no Inori III』


①冬の幻(アコースティックver.) 『Fuyu no Maboroshi – Acoustic ver.』
②君がいるから 『Kimi ga Iru Kara』
③その日が来るまで 『Sonohi ga Kuru Made』
④シャングリラ 『Shangrilla』


20+∞Century Boys

cr : 琲音@USJ2日間参戦!!

not only that, yasu also surprised me ne, he changed his hair color to silver. when i saw what @TEAMABCOfficial‘s tweet for the fist time i didn’t notice that and then i looked at the picture again,  ….

noi        :   omo ya_san,
yasu     :   what …
noi        :   your hair, is that silver or purple …
yasu     :   what you you think ….
noi        :   it’s a shiny silver,   …. waaaa *blown away*

but the surprise is not only that, because the Official Home Page also have another. It’s about Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversay Live

source : here

they will add the detail soon, and for Janne FC member there will be a notification about ticket pre_selling in late July. eh chotto ne … is this a Fan Club live only like the last Sixth Sense? well we will found out the rest for sure soon, and yes, we eh no, i mean me noi_himura just get another thing to put on my  matsu wa list

remember what i said about a Cherry Philosophy … ?

because we are on this Acid Black Cherry/ABC division in this fandom world so i think we (at least me) have our own Cherry Philosophy , that will remind me and i hope all of you too if :

Life is like a bowl of Cherries, you will never kow what you will never get. Maybe you’ll get the sweet or the sour one.

today that Cherry Philosophy above is true ne. see i start today with  sayin a lot of why (read : get the sour cherry), but eventually i am gonna end this day with a lot of Whoaaaa …..  (read : the sweet cherry) so

OK i will join you (read : Spiderman, not yasu) jump from building to building next week, but tonight and tomorrow i am gonna enjoy this Cherry_full day euphoria .

What a Cherry_full day today is ….

noi       :   ya_san, for me you are brilliant. Do you know that …?
yasu    :   yes, then …
noi       :   nothing, just in case you don’t know …
yasu    :   what the …



3 thoughts on “Sunday Post : What A Cherry_full Day is Today …. ( Another me, yasu, and a Bowl of Cherries)

  1. Hi Himura-san! Im Ayumi and i have been reading your blog since the last 3 weeks, and let me say that i love it!
    Ne ne, when I first saw the silver hair of yasu I was very surprised…his blond hair was very cute and the black one was very sexy. I dont know what to think abut the silver. The worst thing is that his cap doesnt let me see it very well u.u so cant say that I love it~
    About the Osaka Jo Hall…I never tought that yasu was going to sing so…goodnight in a live! If he do that in the free concert of July Im going to be the most happy fangirl in the world *faints* ¿You are going to see it? The transmission will be more late in your country. In mine its going to be at 3 am, im so sad about that…but doesnt matter! I want to see Yasu 😀

    Sorry for my bad english jeje I speak spanish. Estaré rondando por aquí muy seguido así que espera mi siguiente comentario~

    • Hola ayumi, gracias por el hermoso comentario …

      yes, too bad his hat/cap covered most of his hair, he should not wear that, don’t you think so? but he always use it, it’s his fave outfit i think.
      i don’t have plan to see yasu live this year, because i am already made a plan to watch him with hyde on Vamps Halloween Party this year. one package ne, i mean yasu and hyde on one stage,

      you speak Spanish, OMG i love Spanish even 2 from 4 my Cherry Sista are from Mexico, and sometimes we use Spanish in our cherry chat on Facebook …

      Entonces yo lo espere hasta la siguiente comentario … xD

      • Yeah, i think the same, but in a few days he will appear without his cap and we may see his new hair color~
        Really? Vamps Halloween Party?! Woow great >w< The only thing that is better than a yasu live is hyde and yasu giving a live together. You are soooo lucky n.n
        Im glad that you like spanish, lo hablas muy bien! Hope we can talk later in spanish~

        Sorry for answer so late, i went to cuernavaca last week so i wasnt able to enter to internet u.u

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