Meme Post : Answer with song titles of one band … (Another me, yasu and darling)

Stolen from mrsmisser and nagaokagetora

Pick a band/artist, and answer the questions using titles from their songs:

1. Choose a band/artist   :   Acid Black Cherry and Covers   

2. Are you male or female:


3. Describe yourself:

Nemuri Hime …xD

4. How do some people feel about you:


5. How do you feel about yourself:

In The Mirror

6. Describe your ex boyfriend / girlfriend


7. Describe current boyfriend / girlfriend:


8. Describe where you want to be:


9. Describe how you live:

Shojo no Inori III

10. Describe how you love:

Kimi Ga Iru Kara

11. What would you ask for if you had just one wish:


12. Share a few words of Wisdom:

Doomsday Clock

13. Now say goodbye:

So … Goodnight

髪にKiss まぶたへKiss 星のない夜空に奏でた
My angel Lovely angel 囁く優しい子守唄

オヤスミKiss Careless Kiss
My angel Lovely angel 唄わせて君が眠るまで…
優しいKiss 明日もKiss 濡れたほほにそっと口づけ
オヤスミKiss ねぇKiss Kiss

yay, it seems like i made the correct answer ne  ….

noi     :   so …. Goodnight darling …. ラブラブ
yasu  :   darling ….?
noi     :   yes, darling. btw i just noticed if the last part on so …. Goodninght song, what that little girl say is
Goodnight darling …. ラブラブ
yasu  :   eeh, you didn’t know ….?
noi     :   i am sorry, but
イエス i am a little bit deaf so ....



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