Fangirl Post : Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary …. (Another me, yasu and A Slice of Tiramisu)

here’s what i am gonna say first …

Happy 5th Anniversary Acid Black Cherry …♥

and for you, yes you my Mind Blowing Man, …

I’d like to say thank you for the brilliant things you did, and i am waiting for the next brilliant things from you and がんばって…!!!


what happened on twitter last night was fun, i think i had so much fun on twitter and i  think it (read : twitter, not yasu) didn’t hate me that much. so this is what i saw on my twitter time line :

people celebrate this year  Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary by using  this #はやし祭り (Hayashi Matsuri) followed with yasu’s picture, and the  funny thing was how everyone retweet_ed one photo of yasu’s ass (you know which photo’s that i am talking about now, and if you don’t then go find out …!!!).

i am not gonna post it here on this post because i don’t wanna ruin this Happy 5th Live Anniversary post with it.  but still i admit last night (Hayashi Matsuri) was fun plus yasu’s ass all over my time line …? OK i am not gonna say it was brilliant but it was goood, very goood *with the triple O*

and last night i also waited, maybe they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) gonna update the Official Home Page with the further announcement/information about the next Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary. i mean like how it’s gonna be, where and other details related to this 5th Anniversary

but there you are finally they updated their Facebook’s status





Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” ….


noi       :    erect ….
yasu    :    what, …
noi       :    am i the only one who blown away to that side of erect ….
yasu    :    maybe ….
noi       :    ohohoho … *blushing*
yasu    :    just finish this post OK …


so this live will be held end of November and December 2012, and the detail is :

11月30日 (Friday)           –  Fukuoka Sun Palace, Fukuoka
12月05日 (Wednesday)   –  Nitori Culture Hall, Hokkaido
12月11日 (Tuesday)        –  Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo
12月13日 (Tuesday)        –  Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo
12月24日 (Monday)         –  Nippon Gaishi Hall, Aichi
12月30日 (Sunday)         –  Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka,

and that live Nippon Gaishi Hall is gonna be this year Christmas Live? see the date is on December 24th, that’s Christmas Night and the Osaka Jo Hall as D minus one New Years Live ….

so this santa is gonna be on duty again ….


noi       :   Oh God, ya_san that’s so tempting ne …
yasu    :   so …
noi       :   i am dizzy ….

yasu    :   hey, i didn’t do anything ….
noi       :   you are mabushiii  …. *kyaaaa

what i am gonna say is what is there’s a chance to spent a holy night there in Japan and watch this Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live? … waw, that would be great, but i think i am gonna stay on my plan to watch Halloween Party, that’s all no more leaving on a jet plane this year.

there’s so many reasons this is gonna be impossible to do even i really want to go and see this upcoming live but November and December is the time where i am gonna be chained or i will chain my self at my desk at office with all those year’s end reports.

not only that, especially for December the ticket plane’s price, hotels are gonna be expensive, December is holiday, Christmas, new year where everybody is gonna go to somewhere to spent their holiday. it will incerase the demand for transportation, accomodations, services and eventually the price.

but still there will be another things to wait from this upcoming tour even i am not gonna go to see that, yes, i am talking about the Goodies, My fave part from live event is non other than the goodies, well okay maybe this is because i tend to be a collector

and i am not a fan who will fly over there and there to wtach all of them because if i do then my fave thing from live event is the live itself and the tickets. but i can’t fly because i am not a Super Woman ….


yasu     :     and also you can’t swimm, that’s why …
noi        :     but i am Wonder Woman …
yasu     :     what the, after Power Ranger now Wonder Woman …
noi        :     well oke i’ll make it simple, i am a Woman …
yasu     :     who said you aren’t …

well then this woman (read : me noi_himura) is gonna talk about the previous event of Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』.. at Nippon Gaishi Hall, i read lots of fan reports andi kinda lost there, because i read so many different ways of fan report, All of them with their own ways to share, different words, characters.

yeah sometime i found  some character that i really have no idea what the hell is that, and what the hell was her point … etc etc and many more. But i love all of it include the various ways to share by writing a live report. But i read the same thing .

oke i might get it wrong, but most of them told me (i was the reader there) how yasu started to cry when they performing Fuyu no Maboroshi and the he said i am sorry then they repeat the song from the begining …?  I am curious and really want to know the reason for the tears shed that day on Nippon Gaishi Hall,

AstK4CyCAAAH1yI.jpg large

whatever happend on that Nippon Gaishi Hall   …..

i hope that’s a joy full tears. or bless, how he feel so blessed for this 5th Anniversary of his solo.

this Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』. also gonna be end soon, just one more live performance again on Nippon Budokan, then it will be finish and then we all gonna wonder together (at least me) about when will they gonna release this Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』. DVD? …. <—–  see that’s will be on my Matsu Wa list,

and let’s start the Serial Post for Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』  07月15日   –  Nippon Gaishi Hall, Aichi ….

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food or whatever it was :


2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.


3.  A final check by yasu himself plus sleeping or whatever he did on the audience seat and he showed the seat number


4. Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #20

for this number 20 hair catalogue i am gonna call it as The Silver and Blonde Tiramisu. nah when i see the hair from front and back i saw so many layers there, like tiramisu ne. Silver to Blonde. I might missed this tiramisu from the all the 19 previous hairstyle. the stylist made the same layers, but because there’s no color difference so i don’t see it as a layers like a slice of tiramisu on my plate …

because there’s nothing eye catching on the same colored layers tiramisu, in fact it will look like an ordinary cake. nah in this case with this hairstyle with no different layers color, it looks ordinary and always make me think he/she (the hairstylish) put too much gel on yasu’s hair …


yasu    :  hairstyle and tiramisu ….?
noi       :  yeah …
yasu    :  oke noi_chan i am gonna ask this again …
noi       :  what …
yasu    :  can you please find something other than food …?
noi       :  but …. *clueless*

i’ll think about that other than food tomorrow  and now let’s get back to Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary.

5 years, i mean 5 all the fingers on one hand. , i remember how i was so worried about him (read: yasu, not me) when he got the throat problem, and then saw him cryin on QED live DVD and now suddenly he is already do this solo project for 5 years, waw Time goes fast ne, and i am not gonna waste another time to say this again  …

5周年おめでとう …!!!!


yasu    :   OK, then …
noi       :   ah ya here’s one million ♥♥♥♥ for you …
yasu    :   demo noi_chan, that’s only 4 …
noi       :   well then all you have to do just multiply that 4 ♥ by 250,000 so there you are 1,000,000 ♥♥♥♥ for you ya_san  …*very happy*
yasu    :   what the …



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