Sunday Post : Acid じゃなくてABC (Acid Black Cherry) です!!! … (It always Another me, yasu and HYDE)

see what i saw on my Facebook Home Page this morning …

credit to : Aderianu @Tumblr

VAMPS LIVE 2012.07.21 on MTV Japan! ….. #Whoaaaa …

you can see the video via  VAMPSOUND in here :

part 1 :

part 2 :

my fave part is on Sex Blood Rock n Roll Part when HYDE let the audience sing together and then of course Memories , oh i love this song , and this is my fave song from VAMPS beside Sex Blood and Rock n Roll … Oh God, forgive me  in my 2nd day of Ramadhan, with HYDE like that? hohohoho, that’s …. ah i dunno what to say ..

2nd day of Ramadhan means there’s another 27 or 28 days to Ied ….. ohohoho *counting days* .yes, i do this counting days to Ied like what i always do since i was a little girl. Because every time i complained to my mom about how hungry i am, and asked why do i have to fast in Ramadhan and of course my last question is can eat something now ma …?

and she will reply me with : hey Boo, listen today is already … day of Ramadhan, so it’s only … days left, … etc etc and many more things about how i have to do this fasty on Ramadhan because it is something that i must do as a moslem and how i should get/find the Bless of Ramadhan myself. well then finally Ramadhan arrived ,

let me tell you about how’s my Ramadhan this year. this is gonna be hard ne, for me. on night before it my dad slapped me. 1,2,3,4 … yes he slapped me 4 times. nah finally he did that ne, but that’s fine, i’d rather get slapped by him than watch him did it to my mom. Not only that, he also said how he hate me, how he think i supposed to dead, and it is fine to him to loose one daughter and many more things he said.

it hurt me, yes it was. But somehow that night i didn’t cry in front of him, and maybe Tekki was right when she said i was like possessed that night when she try to dragged me out of my dad’s side. But i was still sit in front of him and replied of all his madness to me.

so i stared my Ramadhan this year in hell, yeah i am living in hell. and my dad just swore me to dead. So here’s what i think. i do believe in karma, why because he is my dad, so if he said that i should be dead, so it means he pray for my death to come, so what i am gonna say is if there’s something happen to me and it ended with me dead so i am not gonna be in this Acid Black Cherry division again.

so you yes you who read this post and also in the same division with me in this fandom world (love and adoring yasu/Acid Black Cherry) you can have my stuffs, all you have to do is simple ne, just contact Tekki, tell her which one of my yasu/Acid Black Cherry related stuffs that you want and i am sure she will arrange that. I’ll tell her about this.

yasu    :   hey, noi_chan are you just make a will …?
noi       :   well, if you say so …
yasu    :   don’t be stupid ne …

let’s get over with me and now let’s continue this post with this Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 related things.
Finally it ended ne, the long tour, 22 performances with 22 differents (or the same ..? xD) hairstyles and hair catalogue to share it ended with their final performance on Nippon Budokan on July 20th.

and there you go whe got some videos ne, let’s just say this is as the spoiler for the next DVD that we all waiting for after this live … (well, at least me) .


yes, yes he sounded different that’s what i get when i see that you tube video above, and here it come again, this feeling thing that i had a long time a go when he was ill and get the surgery. and it make me wonder again, is he OK, and worst is what if he get that throat trouble again … etc etc many more inside my head.

see this is why i am not that in to a group discussion talk about him. i kinda stay away to read something bad/negative/ not good news about yasu include about how he is going. And for how he sounded different i think he is just tired ne, the 22 performances only in less 3 months is not a simple things to do ne. No matter how  professional you are

he is tired so it is normal for me if he sounded differently like what you always liten to him on your MP3, as we all know he had some issues with his throat last yeas ago, and come on, give him a break ne,  he is not a Superman even yes, 100% he is SuperCute and mind blowing he is still an ordinary man that can be tired.

so that’s all he is tired so it made him sounded different, that what i am gonna keep it on my mind about him. Because for me no matter how he sounded differenly he is still brilliant and always be.

e looks pale ne, that blonde (or silver …. ? because i don’t see the silver after the last performance on Hippon Gaishi Hall) hair color just make him pale plus the black outfit didn’t colored him well.

Ass_UuQCAAI43nM.jpg large

he’s just more colored and fresh on Re:Birth Live, see even with the black fit, maybe that red hair color is the matter. he finished this Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 perfectly and from all the report live that i’ve been read everyone who went there sayin the same thing, they had fun. and they also mentioned something how yasu keep sayin

Acid じゃなくてABC (Acid Black Cherry) です!!! ….

yes, it is ABC for Acid Black Cherry, not just Acid. this about yasu’s awarness about how his fans out there who keep sayin Acid instead of ABC. I also read  this a long time ago where fans tend to make a separation between Janner nd Acider but i think i missed about this Acid things.

yasu   :   look who’s just left away …
noi      :   aha yeah sorry then ..
yasu   :   again, ….? and you still say you are a fulltime fangirl …
noi      :   sure …
yasu   :   well a halftime maybe  …
noi      :   what …

He want everyone say it ABC not Acid because he’s already make it simple ABC as simple as when you say 1,2,3 or do re mi. you know like one of The Jackson 5 song lyrics  : ABC, 123, do re mi, then …

yasu       :     and then …
noi          :     you and me … *laugh*
yasu       :     you and me, no that can’t be like that …
noi          :     but that’s the way it is, the song lyrics ne ABC from The Jackson 5
yasu       :     then find another song …!!!
noi         :     cherry cherry …? i’ll get this Serial post first …

Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』  07月18日   –  Nippon Budokan, Day 1 ….

1. Photos of the venue  :


2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.


3.  A final check by yasu himself plus sleeping or whatever he did on the audience seat and he showed the seat number

4. Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #21

i don’t see another tiramisu here, i mean where the hell the the silver? i didn’t see it or what, buton this HAIR CATALOGUE #21  after saw that spoiler video i am gonna say he look pale, …

i am not gonna say ho pale is he before i saw that video, because i have no idea if this hairstyles plus outfit gonna look like on stage but know i know that so i think the stylist gotto think, find out, dig or what ever you name it about how to make him not pale on stage, at least minimalize the pale for this next

please think about it because i don’t wanna see him pale on his 5th Anniversay live ne, …

The last performances, i mean 2 performances was i Nippon Budokan ne, He did performences there many times ne on Black List and QED tour also, ah ya you can read he report as usual fromBARKS for Day 1 and Natalie for Day 2


The live started with an opening video of the history of past and present screened along with  “~ until ~” played softly. Yasu wa in the silhouette of gauze curtain covering the stage continue it with, great cheer echoed, began live in the doomsday clock . well here’s the set list :

01. doomsday clock
02. ピストル
04. 罪と罰~神様のアリバイ~
05. 蝶
06. 指輪物語
〜the day〜
07. Fallin’ Angel
08. in the Mirror
09. イエス
10. so…Good night
11. チェリーチェリー
12. Re:birth
13. 少女の祈り
14. 少女の祈りIII
16. 冬の幻
17. 君がいるから
18. その日が来るまで
19. シャングリラ
20. Black Cherry
21. 20+∞Century Boys

the MC words from yasu abou the final tour today a tour around the over the country, had naked with band members in the sauna, make everyone in the venue laugh on how he the talk light and easy as Kansai decent person. and then

yasu said  :  I had a happy days.


noi       :    well i had Sex Blood and Rock n Roll  …
yasu    :     no, you don’t …
noi       :    nee ya_san, you happy, he is happy, everybody happy but why can’t i be happy …
yasu    :    Oh God, he you mean that he
(read : not yasu, but Mr. Friday) …?
noi       :    sure, nah why ya_san why can’t i …?
yasu    :    go figure it yourself and get over with that
he (read : not yasu, but Mr. Friday)


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