@Office Post : Well, My Heart Just Draws A Dream again .. ( Another ma, yasu and HYDE)

here’s what  i thought last night :

why do i have to be so excited about a video footage if i was there had my own L’amazing night? …

nah that was before i saw this YouTube video …


unfortunately i can’t watch that live on my telly because it was for Japan only telly but still, but still oh My good God in heaven, somebody upload it, … *very Fu***n Happy*




but after i saw it, today just now at office where i supposed to be work instead of watching HYDE move his body like that, and make me sooo *with triple O* 7 football square dizzy, while nonstop sayin the same thing :

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jakarta - MHDAD & SebunHebun - YouTube.flv_snapshot_03.18_[2012.07.24_10.57.53]

HYDE_san, please stop teasing me like that, i am fasting now…..

not i don’t wanna do anything, it’s 11:53 AM and it still a long hours to 16:00 PM, ah i better get some sleep after this, i know i supposed not to see this video, i should keep it for tonight, but tonight i am gonna be busy with Lady Mary and cousin Matthew


yasu    :    cousin Matthew …?
noi       :    yes, my other cousin, i’ll talk about him later ya_san …
yasu    :    and how far is this one …?
noi       :    still far enough …
yasu     :   hmmm

especially for this one


about that VAMPS Live 2012.07.22 this is what Yukiko told me and then i read this all over my friends page on Ameba, they all said : yasu was there …!!!! on Zepp Tokyo to watch VAMPS and also something about the MC and then headbang on HUNTING ? ….

2 days after his las live on Budokan, finally he can get some rest and get his fanboy side of him something fun, what else fun than watch VAMPS live? … i’ll close my serial post later, but now i just wanna enjoy this whatevere this feel inside me …




i dunno if this what i feel is true but am i the only one who is so excited about this HYDE and yasu related things like this one when yasu went to see VAMPS or the last time he was on Universal Studio Japan to watch L’20 Anniversary Live, or when they had dinner together on L’arc Cafe ... ?.

but i tell you ne only God knows how so excited i am about the yasu and HYDE related things and how the fanboy – Idol things between and how they support each other. but don’t get me wrong ne, there’s one thing i don’t enjoy about yasu and HYDE thing,


i don’t enjoy fanfics, especially related to HYDE and yasu, the fact is i am not into fanfict at all. I remember my last time reading fanfic was a long time ago when i read one pairing : Haitsu (Hyde x Tetsu) on Larcology. only that, and after that one fanfic  i didn’t enjoy read fanfic.

yasu    :   you never read ….?
noi       :   yes ..
yasu    :   really, why …
noi       :   just not my division …

and now i tend to stay away from fanfic, try not to read or take a sneak peak of it. but this doesn’t mean if there’s something wrong with the fanfic, no, not at all , the problem is i don’t enjoy it at all. so yes, it just not my division.

OMG this post just crooss the point ne, i wanted to talk about that video above and it ended with fanfics …? eeehhh, i should learn more how to focus on something ne, upss sorry … nah the point is when i saw that video , what i feelt is nothing but this feeling …

it feels like My Heart just started to Draws a Dream again …..

yasu     :   then ….
noi        :   then where’s my pencil ya_san …?
yasu     :   hey fangirl, your heart doesn’t need a pencil to draws a dream …
noi        :   then what about me …?
yasu     :   you never draw ..
noi        :   omo, how did you know that …




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