Matsu Wa Post : Whatever Will Happen, I Am Still Happy … (Another me, yasu and Her Majesty’s Pray)

it’s been 2 day my office net connection screwed …


i can’t get a stable connection, it always ended with disconnect. it seems like somebody with a giant and sharp scissors cut it. Maybe HYDE The Scissorhands  feel so boring and he can’t find another ice or plant to cut with his scissor hands and then he found me, and then  …



cut ….

HYDE    :   i didn’t do that,  …
noi         :   i said maybe ne, HYDE_san. so you didn’t
HYDE    :   no, i better do this …
noi         :   ah deer, now i remember something  …

So there you are with no net connection, what should i do on my spare time at office like this but play my restaurant game?, i already sleep, and somehow i did all my works and there’s no papers to do at my desk. This is weird ne, i have nothing to do.

This is something rare ne, it usually there’s net connection and lots of papers to do and then i will be stuck in the middle this, search, post something or start to work. Even my office net connection is not fast as fast at home, but it’s enough for me because i never download anything BIG sized file at office. Slow but stable connection to open my social networks is fine.

Actually i love to write/post something for this blog at office, sit right there at my desk and write whatever i want to write, everything in my mind, move all of it into this post to make me better. I told you ne, writing makes me feel better, this is my free and magical therapy with this man


yasu    :   therapy, with you ….?
noi       :   yes …
yasu    :   no, no noi_chan, go find Dr. House …
noi       :   but he is busy …
yasu    :   i am busy too

i’ll call Dr. House later ne. btw I learned something on my bus ride yesterday evening. The bus driver accidentally hit a motorbike, and there’s a damage on the front of it. The motorbike owner then stop and i think he was kinda pissed off with the bus driver. Then they start to have an argument, the motorbike owner talk with a higher tone, he was mad and he want something to do about it.

then i see something, my bus driver was so calm ne. I mean if i were him i am sure i am gonna freak out and talk with a higher tone. But he is not. What he did is he ask the motorbike owner for a handshake first, he introduced himself and then he said i am sorry, this my fault and what can i do to fix this ….

even i am not sure if he gave all the money because he has a rich heart or because he was affraid to get into deeper trouble for example if they call police, nah if that happen i am sure everyone will see all of it as his fault. even he is the driver but i know that’s not 100% his fault ne, for me the stuation was like in The Animal Planet.

Doe_Wallpaper_2ffcq Cat-Nap,-Leopard,-Africa

If you find a doe hurted and there is a leopard next to her (it’s a female deer), i am sure you are gonna say if the leopard is the one who attacked her, nah in this case the bus, the driver and all the passengers (include me noi_himura) is the leopard (because it’s bigger) and the motorbike with the driver is the doe, the female deer.

then he gave all his money he got today, the money that supposed to be his bus rent payment for the bus owner and some of his own money. i was like eeeh, what the hell is on his mind,  if i were him i don’t wanna pay all the damage by myself if that’s not 100% my fault, maybe i will pay for 25% or max is 50% the damage cost.

Offshoot complete.avi_000405171

yasu   :    but he is not you.
noi      :    i know, that’s why …

when one of the passenger (not me, btw) asked him why he is the one who has to pay all of it? he only say of of course i have to, because that’s my fault. Not only that, he also said if it is okay for him to loose all his money today because he still can find another money tomorrow but he doesn’t want to make a loss for somebody else, this is Ramadhan and he wants only good things to do.

ah he has a rich heart then. See he is a driver with not much money. I mean these days is not easy for a bus drivers because so many bus but less passenger so less money to get but the cost for fuel, the tires, oil, sparepart and service increased.

with all of that i can say he didn’t get much money even he start to work very early (04:00 AM until 17:00 PM), but he just did that? nah what i get is he has a very rich heart even he is not rich. Not only rich people can have a rich heart but sometimes i see a very rich people with a poor heart inside.

on my walk to home i keep thinking about this and what about me, do i have a rich heart already …? because i am not rich like Richie Rich. But at least i want a rich heart inside me like the bus driver today. Do you know if you are walking while thinking (or OK, you can say talk to yourself) you’ll never feel how long is the distance you have to take. Suddenly there you are i arrived at home and then home i saw this one arrived …


my new Acid Black Cherry Hair Accessories finally arrived …!!! this one is bat? not the same devil like the previous, but this new one is more comfy to use in my head. There’s some fabric pads on it. This one is already sold out ne on the Official Online Shop, waw that’s very fast because i remember last week when i open the Official Shop this item still available.

not only that, at night i got something else, and maybe for you who live in Japan or get use with something like this it is nothing but for me it is amazing. I got an email for my Pre-reception Acid Black Cherry “Erect” Fan Club ticket. lottery




i have no idea if they will send it to me, i mean my email. I thought they will send it to my proxy’s email because she is the one who handle all my FC related things. and yeah this is the first time for me ne and my heart beat fast just because of it, Oh God i am soo *with triple O* sexcited ….

so my mind just overloaded with that, until now. lot’s of what if. what if i didn’t get the tickets?  and if i get it what should i do next, and so many what if … etc etc. But the biggest thing that i am worry about is not about that, but the visa related. All the image of me going to Jakarta to get it, what if i get lost there and what if i didn’t get a visa …?

God, that’s what i am scare about. About the tickets yes, i will soo fuckin hapy if i get it and i am still fine if eventually i didn’t get it, i still can try the general sales. but the visa things, that’s scared me …

Dear God,

Are you busy recently …? why don’t you help me ne, i need your help now ….


recording offshoot.avi_000157624

yasu    :   what is that?
noi       :   that’s my pray ya_san, ….
yasu    :   for what …
noi       :   for me so  i can get the ticket to see you, so cross finger for me ya_san …
yasu    :   why should i, you said you will be fine if you didn’t get it eventually ..
noi       :   but …

i asked my mom to pray for me about this, and she said if she better pray for me to be normal soon (read : get married and have my ow baby) so she don’t have to think about me again because there’s somebody who will look after me. Then i told her : just pray for me and after this i promise you i will be normal ne ….

in this case is the standart normal for my mom, Her Majesty The Drama Queen. and then she start to talk about how she worry about me everyday and she really want me to be settled in with somebody. nah if she’s already like that, what can i do but listening while reply her once or two while thinking

if i want to be normal, i should change this first ne, i found this on Tumblr about guys i find attractive, and here’s my list

~  famous  : you know who


~  taken : HYDE


and you know the other who’s already taken by Julia

~  psychologically disturbed : HULK/Bruce Banner


HULK is my fave accidental super hero. i know Peter Parker also accidentally became Spiderman, but there’s something about the man inside the BIG giant green monster HULK. Dr. Bruce Banner, and all what he did to deal with the green giant inside of him. How he go to Brazil to learn Capoera so he can manage his anger

and if you watch The Avenger you also know how he keep below the superheroes radar until The Black Widow have to use a little girl with a sick daddy to find him in India.


my fave is when he finally get along with the dandy billionairre Tony Stark. Tony said they both speak in the same language (science language), work together while sharing about their condition and how to deal with it. Both of them are genius but Tony enjoy his live much more than Bruce.

~  twice my age : Tom Hanks


i watch him on BIG when i was a little girl and now i am BIG enough for joining him in Normandy to Save Private James Francis Ryan. i really hate Matt Damon in this movie.

~  not real : Kotaro Minami



~  dead : Count Dracula

look at him … see what i mean …? that’s him Counn’t Darcula on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. he is gorgeous ne, if you watch that movie you will see how much he love Mina, so when Mina asked him to bite her and share his immortal life together, he can’t do that.

Even yes, eventually he did it, but i can see how hard he did it. He just didn’t want Mina to be in the same life with him a long and empty life. nah that’s what a true love ne, it hurt.  Gary Oldman did great as Count Dracula.

i never care about the popular blink blink vampire Cullen all over media recently, i mean a vampire goes to school in a sunny day? fall in love and then get marry and have a family?. Fall in love maybe yes, but he is still virgin ? … hell no, i don’t buy that, …

this is why i never read Twilight because i don’t want to ruin all the epic vampire/Dracula settings in my mind. For me Twilight seems like want to make a vampire more human. nah that’s something that i never get along with. Because for me  w vampire is still a vampire, they aren’t human. ex human yes, so they can be in love.

but them marry and have a sex? no, they already death ne, they will never feel the feel that human get from having sex. If you watch Interview With The Vampire, see how Brad Pitt described about his long, immortal but empty live he is now. I know maybe some of you don’t agree with me, but that’s all just my opinion.

yes,  that dead man is attractive, and Long Live Count Dracula ….!!!!

~  gay : ….


from that list i know it still a long way to normal like what my mom want ….. xD


oke, let’s back to the main stream of this blog, Acid Black Cherry.  『2012』 TOUR is over and now on my time waiting for another tour/live performances to come, this is the time for me to collect all the 『2012』 TOUR live report. Gather all of what i get on net or social networks with many various photos.



waw that’ amazing, isn’t it? and then there will be a live viewing for yasu’s next performance on 「a-nation」「stadium fes」 together with AAA、BIGBANG、Every Little Thing、浜崎あゆみ、TRF、U-KISS, start 8月26日on cinemas in japan …


check the details in

here   : or

here   :

so if you in Japan, you are in this Acid Black Cherry division like me and love yasu you better go go to cinema. Don’t miss the chance to see Acid Black Cherry live viewing on big cinema screen …

yasu on cinema screen ……?

noi       :   waw, that would be awesome ne ya_san …
yasu    :    hmm …
noi       :   and you are gonna look big ne, …
yasu    :   how big …?
noi       :   this big …. *get ready to hug*
yasu    :   go away noi_chan …



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