Sunday Post : Careless, Clueless me …..? (Another me, yasu and Hassan)

who is Hassan?


if you have read the book/see the movie titled The Kite Runner you must know Hassan, a little Hazara boy who is so generous, kind and every good things on people is on him. And today i think i have to learn something or maybe tons of things from him. I’ll talk about this book/movie later, but here’s what happen

How careless you are until you don’t know me …

two guys just said that to me last week. One is an excavator operator and the other guy is a driver. They both work under me. One day on my waiting for a bus and there’s a roadwork next to the bust station. I saw there’s a big excavator there. It was 17:00 PM. One man walk out from the excavator and he came to me.

then he start to say something to me, nah because i always put my earphone on and turn the music very loud so i can’t hear what he said, at that time what i did is just look at him and wonder who is he, then he just walked away from me after say something that i don’t understand.

The other day, on my bus ride in the morning i sit behind the driver, suddenly there’s a man who just sit behind me and talk like he really know me. But just like what happened on the other day above, i dunno why he talk to me like he knows me? and this time i asked him : I am sorry, but do i know you? …. and then suddenly he stop talking after say : you don’t know me …? miss, i am working under you. How can you say do i know you ..? How careless you are until you don’t know me ..



what happen …? did i say something wrong? …. Then i asked my friend : hey Jo, some guys called me yesterday, they say they know me but i dunno him … etc etc and my friend say : you should know them, at least one of them. The excavator operator, you pay his salary every month.

my friend start to say lots of things to me with the same point about how careless i am. maybe this is right ne, maybe this is because when i pay his salary every month i never look at their faces. What i do is just give them the envelopes while sayin : sign here please …!!! that’s all and then next  …!! like an immigration officer at Suvarnabhumi airport who checked my passport.


yasu    :    you should see their faces noi_chan,  …
noi       :   i was too busy ya_san ..
yasu    :   ah come on, busy? i don’t buy that reason …
noi       :  but …
yasu    :  i don’t wanna rude fangirl …

yesterday i saw them again. and i said i am sorry to them, but honestly i really don’t know them. They said nothing but i see that look, the look of disappointed on their faces. It just hurt me. now i realized if they are right for saying how careless i am, and yes i also rude for them.

no matter how busy i am i should look at their faces ne, because they do that, they look at my face, they recognized me and then i just become one part of their live, maybe as the woman who pay my salary every month. So it is a normal and it is very polite for them to call me and have some chit chat with me when they see me somewhere outside office.

and when i reply them with  : Do i know you …? it was very rude ne. And now they gave me that look, the look on their faces that really hurt to watch. This week horoscopes for Aries  said :

even you finish all your works perfectly but it is gonna be mean_less if you don’t get along and get respect from people you are work with/work under you.


yasu    :   a horoscopes, really noi_chan …
noi       :   yes, i read it every week, do you want me to read yours ..?
yasu    :   no, thanks … *laugh*

noi       :   why …
yasu    :   you better do something else than that …

last night i think about this while watch some travel show in NatGeo Adventure. This time they went to Kabul, Afghanistan to see The Kite Competition there, where terms of The Kite Runner comes from, meet the famous kite maker and learn how to fly kite and how to run after it, be a good Kite Runner.

here’s something interesting from the conversation between the host and the famous kite maker in Kabul. The host say :in my home Australia we also fly kites, but we do it differently. We are gonna sit and relax on the beach or green medows flyin kite, have fun and that’s all but in here you all make it as a fight, a competition, why?

and the famous kite maker answered him : of course it is a competition and we can be proud of that. What is the point of flyin a kite just to pull it down again. One we fly a kite, then it should be up there in the sky. If it has to be down then it down because someone cut it with their kite. that’s the competition. and if that happen what you should do to save your pride is by run after your kite, save it and be a kite runner.

and be a kite runner, it is soo hard, harder than  what i saw in the movie, …


Then i remember Hasan, in this case i am not Hassan because i am too rude and careless to put myself as Hassan. so i am Amir, Amir_Agha

The Kite Runner is a novel by Khaled Hosseini. The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir, a young boy from the Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul, who befriends Hassan, his father’s young Hazara servant. The story is set against a backdrop of tumultuous events, from the fall of Afghanistan’s monarchy through the Soviet invasion, the mass exodus of refugees to Pakistan and the United States, and the rise of the Taliban regime. [wikipedia]

Khaled Hosseini is one of my fave writer, with this book and his another book A Thousand Splendid Suns just blow my mind away to Afghanistan, find the beauty of that country. I love how the way he able to push me into the same feeling of Amir Agha, his love to his father, how he never feel loved by him and how jealous feeling of him to Hassan slowly grow inside him.

The Kite Runner … OMG it took forever for me to find this book under all my new books, well that mini library need something to do ne . this story is about Amir (a Pashtun boy) and Hassan (his Hazara servant) , they both are friend, play together on their fave spot on pome tree. Hassan is so devoted to Amir, until he said he will do anything for him, and he mean it. Hassan always adore Amir, his one and only Amir Agha ,even his first word to say when he was a child is Amir while Amir‘s first word is Baba, his father.


Hassan will follow Amir everywhere and do anything for him. sometimes Amir get annoyed by him who always say yes for anything he asked for. Because Hassan never go to school so he can’t read, but he really enjoy their time together where Amir gonna read a story form him. and hassan gonna say : read again Amir agha

Until one day, the day after the kite flyin competition. Kite is something that Amir can be proud of, at least for his father. Amir is very good in flyin kite and Hassan is the kite runner. When Hassan ask Amir : Do you want me to catch that kite for you Amir Agha? and Amir reply him with : yes Hassan, i want that kite. Hassan always come back to him with a kite in his hands. Somehow he has a natural talent to be a kite runner. When he open his arms wide, the kite just fly come down to him.

what happened that day (i am not gonna tell what happen to Hassan, you have to read this book by yourself ne) just change their relationship forever. Amir with that guilty feeling about what happened to  Hassan tend to keep a distance with him.

under their pome tree Amir while picking up pome he asked Hassan  : if i do this to you, what would you do … *while throw the pome fruit all over Hassan*, come on, say something, don’t be like that, then what Hassan do next is put one pome all over his face while sayin : like this, now you are satisfied …? later, the pome juice runs down Hassan’s face, like blood.

OMG that’s so sad, ne that part always make me wanna cry …

he even asked his baba about how he want Hassan not to be in his house anymore, but it ended with his baba really mad to him. In the end he did something that he shouldn’t do. He put his watch under Hassan’s bed and then he told his baba if he lost it. when they found it under Hassan’s bed they all think Hassan is the one who stole it.

even his baba never believe this, he knows if this is all his spoil son did, but Hassan didn’t say anything about it. Ali (Hassan’s father) still decide to go back to their village. Hassan is gone now but Amir just did one sin, the one and only sin and it is steal. If you lie, then you will steal someone’s right to get the truth.

time goes by and he went to United States during the Thaliban era to start a new live. He still remember Hassan and all he did, After his father died, he found his father really love Hassan, that’s because Hassan is his half bother.

They both (Amir and his father) betrayed their best friend. His father betrayed Ali for sleep with his wife, then Hassan born, and Amir himself betrayed Hassan by his one single lie and his silence, do nothing just watching what happend to Hassan.


He went back to Afghanistan for Hassan‘s son Shorab, because Hassan is already dead, killed by Thaliban. There in Afghanistan he read some Hassan’s letter for him. All this time Hassan never forget about him, he even learn how to write and speak in English so he is gonna able to speak to Amir in English when Amir back to Afghanistan one day.

Amir used to said : he is not my friend, he is my servant  whenever someone asked him about Hassan, now he is gonna answer them with : he is my brother. And the story ended with Amir, his wife Soraya and Shorab flyin a kite together while waiting the time when Shorab will open his heart for both of them.

see in this case i am Amir, who choose to forget/careless/clueless about people around me while they are Hassan who remember me and not forget me, even they not interact with me everyday. And now what should i do but say sorry and i think next month on when i pay them i wil look at their faces one by one and maybe have some talk with them. at least i don’t have to go to Afghanistan for this like Amir.

and this ingnorance is not good, see how proud i am for my ability to ignore people that i think is annoying. it ended with i ignore all people around me. And something just hit me back. Tonight i found out if one of my friend, my best friend (for me, he is) just un_followed me on twitter …

i wonder why he did it, i mean did i do something wrong …? i know things been change and we don’t talk a lot like we use to be. but still that un_following from him, it hurt me. Maybe this is simple, just about follow and following but still again i say …


noi       :    it hurt ya_san …
yasu    :    maybe he has his own reason …
noi       :    but why ….?
yasu    :    i dunno, but at least you still follow him …

i’ve been so bad, ne. Maybe i said something wrong and some jokes that i feel funny but it is not funny for other people. see this the reason why i should not say anything. I also post something on Acid Black Cherry Facebook group after someone post some of yasu’s photo from FanClub magazine that i scan.

all i want to say is i don’t want that material shared freely on public places like Facebook group. I just want them to respect to other people who also FC member where they have to pay every month for that photos. but i think i say/write it in the un_kindly way.

so with this post i am gonna say sorry if my post there on that group hurt/offensed anybody out there …

it seems like God, is not busy for me. In fact is never busy. God still and always know whenever i let this devil side of me won, i get the punishment. In many ways that i never know. For example the look on their faces to me and the twitter un_following things from my friend, my best friend.

it hurt …. yes, but one thing for sure ya_san ….


yasu     :   what ….
noi        :   i don’t care how many people will un_follow me but i will follow you ne …
yasu     :   but you can’t follow me to bathroom noi_chan …
noi        :   i am talking about twitter ne ..
yasu     :   Oh, twitter, OK then …



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