Monday Post : Let’s Get Red, again ….!!! (Another me, yasu and The Alien)

i made a promise to myself to save but then today i saw this on my Facebook Home Page


they are open the Pre_Order again for that Free Live 2011 Hoody Towel again. see this item is the most wanted item ne and because i don’t have it yet, thank for how lame i am. I was like …



yay, finally i can get RED with yasu …..!!!

go here if you also wanna get RED with yasu  —> Acid Black Cherry Official Online Shop . so wait for me ya_san, i am gonna buy it tomorrow, and if tomorrow i open that site and i found another


sign again, then it means …

0207 hoody towel

noi      :   we are not M.F.E.O ya_san …
yasu   :   now what …
noi      :   Made For Each Other ne, you and me …
yasu   :   of course we are not, we never be noi_chan …

so here i am, stuck in this something …. eeh what should i call this, a dilemma …? ah no that’s not the right term. ah ya let’s just say i am stuck in the middle of this crossroad between a road to my bank and to the Official Online Shop.

Aigoooo ……. *calling for the moon*

what’s done, is done. I am weak and this one  is sooo *with triple o* irresistible for me who always weak , I hope they also open another pre_sale for the kewpie series again …

OK, let’s talk about Oishi_san and his Facebook account. Yesterday he updated his Facebook status with something surprising. He said because Facebook only allowed to have 5,000 friends maximum.  so he has to un_friend some people on his friend_list.

and he said he will un_friend everyone with no profile picture and real name, you know sort of fake account, or the never active one. and then, OMG what if he un_friend me …. no, that can’t be happen ne, no way, so what i did next was reply his shocking Facebook status with :

not me Oishi_san, i am real ….

hell it was like an elimination on idol show ne, …. I dunno if there’s a limit for friending on Facebook, then i was wondering what kind of Facebook Home Page that Oishi_san see everyday on his Facebook account ne. I mean with 5,000 friends from all over the world with many different language ? if i were him, i am sure i’d be lost in my own Facebook Home Page.

then the another thing came, soon Acid Black Cherry Facebook account also gonna reach 5,000 friends, nah what they (Team Acid Blck Cherry) will do, the same elimination ? and if that happen i don’t want them to un_friend me … ? oh no.


ah ya, see they said that’s MARS.  we all finally able to see Mars from Curiosity Rover. and because of that and maybe because too much watching Dr Who, tonight Tekki say to me, or my telly? :

Hey Boo, do you know if Alien from Mars tend to attack people with blood type A, ..?



OMG … yasu, he is A ….


noi       :   ya_san, don’t worry you are save  …..
yasu    :    eh …
noi       :   you have me, your alien fangirl. I am from Mars, remember …?
yasu    :   what, you are an alien and your address in Bahama …?
noi       :   well let just say i am the mobile one  …. xD



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