“Erect Day” Post : Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live … (Another me, yasu and The Dead Bodies)

i am gonna call today as “Erect Day” …..


because that’s what i saw on my Facebook Home Page and Twitter Time Line. Everybody was tweet/updated their Facebook status with anything related to Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”. While i am drolling on my desk at office because i can’t logged_in to confirm about my lottery,

but of course i also updated my Facebook status which i don’t updated much recently. I dunno why, but i used to updated my Facebook status at least 15 times a day. Post about anything include what i was eating that time, i want to go to bank, or even go to bathroom ….xD  *dumped to Alaska*, or even just a blank post like :

eeeehhhhh …… xD.

But yeah things changed so did i. Unfortunately the change on me is not that i changed to be Wonder Woman or Sailor Moon.  It just me who don’t often update my Facebook status anymore.


yasu    :    you, Sailor Moon …?
noi       :    sure, i am …
yasu    :    i am sure there will be no moonlight then …
noi       :    no, no ya_san, don’t get me wrong, i am a good sailor ne like Popeye
yasu    :    who can’t swim?
noi       :    well …

so i spent my whole day at office drolling and wondering why i can’t logged in, i did fill the 1st box with my 6 digits FanClub ID and the 2nd box with my 7 digits Japanese address postal code. But it didn’t work at all. Even my dear friend Kaho_san who was very kind tryin to help me to log in, but still it didn’t work.

Not only that, i also unable to connect my proxy about this because maybe she is in her hometown now and she can’t get internet access there. Then i contacted the FanClub via e_mail, i told them if i can’t logged_in. They reply me (very fast ne, and with a perfect English) if my address has been changed, so i have to log in with my new postal code.

OMG, i have no idea about that. Maybe this is because my proxy is moving, i read that on her Facebook status. Then the FanClub gave me my new postal address . I fill that two empty boxes that i’ve been looking all day long like an idiot, then …  ta ra ra ……




aha  yay, i got it …

2 tickets for December 11th on Yoyogi Gymnasium. OMG that’s was so amazing ne, see i am the one who feel not lucky at all won this? … waw, that’s just beyond my imagination ne. Even i didn’t get the December 13th, that was fine maybe this time God doesn’t want me to be greed ….


i told Tekki about this, and she said : Don’t forget your promise ne boo, promise is a promise. Ah ya i remember i made a promise to her if i got this 5th Anniversary Live tickets i am gonna pay the shipping cost for next  TETSUYA LIVE DVD. So far with Tekki, my mom, Her Majesty The Drama Queen‘s respond was : Thank to God Boo, and go pray now. Say thank you for what you got, to see yasu … etc etc with many things followed. so here i am ….

Dear God,

Thank You ne, now i know you are not busy for me today. Indeed you are never too busy for me. and eventually There Are Stars Above The Lake. it is full of star lights above now.


what i feel now? i feel a lot happy, dizzy, my heart beat fast because too excited all mixed into one in my brain, my simple brain about this one, this something what i call as my first step from all the upcoming 1,000,000 steps to be close to this man ….


yasu     :    1 million steps, that’s too much ne noi_chan …
noi        :    nee ya_san, imagine if i have to walk from my address Bahama 221 to Japan, nah that must be more than 1 million steps ne
yasu     :    but you are not gonna walk, and that address is fake  …
noi        :    i said if …
yasu     :    yeah, whatever. Just close this post hurry ne …

OMG this is supposed to be a short post ne, so i don’t have to use the LJ cuts (which i never like, but i have to use). see this is me, i never know why i never able to make a nice short post. Somehow when i start to put my fingers on the keyboard, it was like that, i write and write anything just flow from my mind into my fingers. so there you are i am gonna close this post with …

Blood is red, Dead Bodies are Blue
I got the tickets. so yes, ya_san i am going to see you …. 


yasu     :   this is a happy post right …
noi        :   indeed …
yasu     :   then why use Blood and Dead Bodies than Rose and Violet ..?
noi        :   see Blood and Dead Bodies, is more dramatic ne ..
yasu     :   dramatic ….?
noi        :   come on ya_san, just for tonight let the drama in the air …

~ owari~


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