Sunday/Monday Post : What’s a Weekend? …. (Another me, yasu and Lady Violet)

What’s a Weekend?

lady violet1

that’s what Lady Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham asked to cousin Matthew when he talked about weekend with Earl Grantham. It’s kinda funny ne, i mean there’s somebody who really don’t know the existence of weekend? …

bloody hell,

that’s what i said (to my telly of course), when i hear that’s scene for the firs time, but then i think it is normal for her to say that because in her whole life there’s no man who work, all the man on her family (her late husband, son) never work, they are the heir of Downton Abbey.

so they never work, go to office everyday and do stuffs like what people do at the office and have some things to do with their family on weekend. What they do maybe just do some inspection to all their lands, property, have some gala dinner, charity or some other social activities.

but Lady Violet is one of my fave character on Downton Abbey, Yes, i admitted at the first episode i didn’t like her a lot, and i tend to Matthew‘s mother with her Florence Nightingale soul inside of her that make her has a responsibility to help all the un_lucky peoples.

but as soon as i move on to the next chapter, i know this lady has something brilliant, kindness, and passions inside of her with a wise thinking, she just never let all of it out. So what people see at her just as an old lady who never want to deal anything but herself.


if you watch Harry Potter, you also know her as Professor McGonagall , the head of Gryffindor, and you also can find her on Sister Act with Whoopy Goldberg. Maggie Smith did her best as Lady Violet, with her interesting way of speak, not only that, she also said lots of things that will make you laugh as i laughed so hard about her question for weekend.


yasu      :     then what about you …?
noi         :     of course i know about weekend ….
yasu      :     but …
noi         :     ah ya, but …

but i don’t have much weekend, opposite to Lady Violet who doesn’t know what is and have a weekend   because her whole life there’s no man who work, for me i never have a weekend because i spent my weekend work at office, so i never at home. Seems like there’s always something for me to do, and not finished yet at office, so i always have a weekend at office to deal with all of it so i can be ready on Monday.

every Sunday in the morning, when i go to office all my neighbors will ask me the same thing : OMG you also work at Sunday, waw i wonder how much your boss pay you … etc etc and many more. Not only that, one day there’s one girl who replaced The Iron Man Lady (who wash, and iron my cloths) asked me : Who are you, is there anything i can help? … i was like, OMG you don’t know me? hey i live here, while calling my mom …. aigoo, maaaaaa, she didn’t know me ...? and my mom said : Boo that’s what happen if you never home, ..

i used to say nothing whenever somebody asked me why do i still work/go to office at Sunday, but now i know what to answer. The answer is simple : YOLO (You Only Live Once). So as long as i still can do this, and it is fine and make me happy why not? even i get sick because of that. I dunno why but recently my health is not good at all, no matter how much i eat, much more that i used to eat but i don’t feel better and this headache come more often than before.

ah ya, that YOLO answer is also flexible for another question …

~    I am a fangirl, why … ? because YOLO
~    I am a fulltime fangirl, why … ? because YOLO
~    I am a private fangirl, why … ? because YOLO
~    I write this blog, why … ? because YOLO
~    I do something (this fangirling) what people think not normal for a girl, why … ? because YOLO

yasu     :    you are a stalker because …
noi        :    YOLO ….
yasu     :   
@_@ ….
noi        :    omo ya_san, what kind of question is that, i am not a stalker …
yasu     :     … *continue singing*
noi       :     omaigooo …..




BOLO ….. eeehhh …. *slapped by HULK*

let’s get over with the YOLO  and back to Lady Violet and her other opinion about telephone when she had to deal with it to contact her niece/nephew about how to take their foot man William back to Downtown. She said : Is this an instrument of communication or torture? … xD … ahahaha, that’s just the best thing i ever heard about telephone.

yasu     :   tortured by a phone, you ….?
noi        :   yeah sometimes, but don’t worry ya_san .. …
yasu     :   for what ..
noi        :   if you give me your number, you won’t get torture. I promise you  …
yasu     :   no, i don’t trust you  …

i mean you don’t have to be, Lady Violet to get tortured by phone right? … Telephone is a brilliant innovation but also can be annoying, there must be a time where you just want to be alone, just all by yourself, do nothing and no phone. you know just like one of Cake’s Song : No Phone

no phone, no phone, i just want to be alone ….

But because phone is became a something what people must have to be connected, i think that would be impossible. i did try that once about 2 years ago. I don’t have a phone, cellphone, smartphone even stupid phone. so whenever people want to talk to me, they have to come to office.

But it only last for 2 months. I just buy a new one because what happen was i don’t get projects as much as when they can contact me anytime, anywhere and a.s.a.p. So here i am now, can’t live without my phone, no matter how i get annoyed by that instrument often.

i love this Lady Violet character on Downton Abbey not because i don’t have much weekend or annoyed by phone sometimes, but more than that.

today i missed to watch Vamps Live streaming today but thanks to  VAMPSOUND on Facebook who share it, you can watch the video here :

2012.08.04 [Nico Nico Douga] VAMPS – VAMPS LIVE 2012 BEAST ON THE BEACH! Part 1

2012.08.04 [Nico Nico Douga] VAMPS – VAMPS LIVE 2012 BEAST ON THE BEACH! Part 2

but i read something on my twitter time line, something about the a-nation Stadium Festival (the one with Acid Black Cherry) next August 19th. They said WOWOW will aired it on August 20th, on Sunday?


just one day after live? really? …. because as i remember when WOWOW aired last year a-nation, there’s no Acid Black Cherry part. I am not sure about this but who know ne, because there’s live streaming for VAMPS, maybe there will be also for Acid Black Cherry … so let’s wait ne, btw now i am waiting for my copy of ARENA37℃, with live report from Acid Black Cherry Live 『2012』,

and this one is my fave

nah that’s from Cherry Cherry part ne, the jump with fuwaa fuwaa things, i always love that .. CD Japan sent my copy of ARENA37℃ 4 days ago, then i shall wait for another 5 days ne  ….

wait patiently like a proper lady just like Lady Violet ….


yasu    :    so now you are …
noi       :    well you can call me
Lady Noi from Bahama 221B
yasu    :    lady ?,  … ah don’t be silly noi_chan
noi       :    and we should have some tea time ..

yasu    :    what the ..



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