Before Holiday Post : 良かった … ♪♪… (Another me, yasu and A Whole Bunch of Acid Black Cherry)

Finally, the day has come the day that i always wait every year, a whole ten days of holiday. Can you imagine ne days where i am not gonna do anything?


just do what a bear do (well let’s just say i am a Grizzly bear, the sweet one …xD )  in the winter, maybe plus listening a lot of Acid Black Cherry’s 冬の幻 while wondering how this song is gonna sound like in acoustic version ? …




yesterday i got a mass letter from my office management (actually it was from me, yes myself because i am the one who wrote that based on what my boss said to me). it said : The Ied Holiday start from August 16th ~ August 25th. I got 10 days off from office and all the messy stuffs that i have to deal everyday. And back to work again on August 26th, hey it’s Sunday ne. plus big not about a penalty 200,000 IDR (it is about $20) for anyone who don’t come to office on August 26th

Aigoooo …. $20, really boss?

what do we gonna do by start to work on Sunday? maybe there is some hand_shake event like what we always do every year, in here we call it as Halal Bihalal. An event where i am gonna meet all my friends, relatives, have a handshake maybe plus a kiss on each cheeks while sayin i am sorry and forgive each other. So after Ied we all gonna start a new chapter of our life with a new pure, white and clean heart as white as an empty paper.

this year is different ne, i mean i don’t feel any nervous or scare to meet him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) next Ied. even yes, i hope i don’t have to meet him. I think the possibility for me to meet him is not much this year. Tekki is already move to another division, not in her last PR division again that made her never at home at 1st day of Ied.

so without her and my dad is sick, i have to be the one who go to his (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) home for Ied greetings to his father, mother and of course him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) because i told you ne, Mr. Friday‘s father is the elder of my neighborhood. So all of us shall be there, at his house to have Ied greetings for his father.


noi      :   so yes,  良かった … ♪♪ i am free this year …
yasu   :   sure?
noi      :   yes, 100% i also have a plan B for that …
yasu   :   whatever, hey noi_chan can you stop this rambling about Mr. Friday or whatsoever he is?
noi      :   ups sorry …

btw i got this yesterday

yay, my VAMPS live 2012 Bag finally arrived ne. I took almost one month to get here, and i dunno why. Ah this is what always happen for me who live in very2 small city. Even some simple place like post office can be feel like hell especially when you go there everyday and ask the same question about your package …

what happen is before you ask the question you already know the answer just by lookin at the post officer’s face or in my case the post officer (the one who i always send a text message about my package) will call me and say

Miss Himura, yes you Noi Himura over there. We have nothing for you so you can come again tomorrow ….

then he will laugh just like that, Aigooo …. he kinda enjoy to see me back home with nothing. Ah ya about that VAMPS live 2012 Bag  i never imagine if the fabric is gonna be like that, i mean so thin like that, you almost can see anything inside if you put that back into sunshine or maybe some light.

for the design, the image VAMPS live 2012 Bag get delivered the sexy and wild things message on, but for the fabric, honestly i’d rather the L’arc World Tour Bag. Today i use it to office and i think if i put something inside as a layer inside the bag perhaps it would be just fine, well i’ll ask my tailor about this  …

OK  you all know if how i hate the Leaving on a Jetplane division ne, but this time i have to jump into that division for my next trip to Japan next December. I wish there’s a bus route from Jakarta to Tokyo, you know just like Julia Upjohn‘s mother who go to Anatolia by bus from London.

if you read Agatha Christie, you should know this one, This is one of my face case from Mr. Hercule Poirot the Belgium Detective. The case is about something happened in a girl boarding school in Meadowbanks where Julia Upjohn and her friend Jennifer involved into some conspiracy related to one Middle East Prince Ali.

i am not gonna tell you about this case because i think you all should read it, one thing i can promise you from all Agatha Cristie’s book is you always get something that you will never expect when you start to read the book. The interesting character from this case is Julia Upjohn‘s mother

she has a very unique character and also she was a spy at the war time, can you imagine that a woman as a spy, like the famous Matahari. and Mrs. Upjohn travel a lot. One day when her daughter Julia need her, she can’t contact her because at that time she was on her travel from London to Anatolia (region of Turkey) by bus.

can you imagine that, she just did that, by bus from London to Anatolia like it was simple like what her daughter Julia did, taking a bus from Meadowbanks to London to meet/consult Mr. Hercule Poirot. Waw, that’s brilliant ne, i wish i can do that see from Jakarta to Tokyo by bus so i don’t have to be on a jet plane.

yasu     :    Jakarta to Tokyo by bus …?
noi        :    that would be great ne ya_san …
yasu     :    sure, and i think it would be amazing if you walk from Jakarta to Tokyo ..
noi        :    eeehhh …
yasu     :    for your 1 million steps closer to me
noi        :    Oh God, oke, forget it  …!!!

Air Asia have some end of this year promo. they give a special price travel to big cities in Asia including Tokyo. nah because this promo only available until August 15th, which is tomorrow, so yesterday i booked my flight Jakarta – Tokyo for December. I know it seems too early ne to book a flight 3 months before your leaving,

but this is a great chance ne, and something about great chance is you take it or leave it. and with this Air Asia promo flight i booked, i can save much more cash. here’s the schedule they gave me


Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo – Haneda (HND)
Saturday, 8 December 2012
Depart from Jakarta (CGK) at 0625 (6:25 AM) and arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 0925 (9:25 AM)

Saturday, 8 December 2012
Depart from Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 1445 (2:45 PM) and arrive in Tokyo – Haneda (HND) at 2300 (11:00 PM)


Tokyo – Haneda (HND) to Jakarta (CGK)
Thursday, 13 December 2012
Depart from Tokyo – Haneda (HND) at 2345 (11:45 PM) (+1 day) and arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 0630 (6:30 AM)

Friday, 14 December 2012
Depart from Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 0950 (9:50 AM) and arrive in Jakarta (CGK) at 1050 (10:50 AM)

see there will be a transit in Kuala Lumpur from 09:25 ~ 14:45, it almost 3 hours ne, and the question is what the hell i am gonna do there for 3 hours waiting? ….

well i better think about this ne. and i know what movie that fit on this, … what else than Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta ‘s The Terminal …. xD

so this upcoming September, October and November is gonna be a long 3 months to go ne. waiting for this, and that. Next month, September i also gonna sign some project, this is my personal project ne. They already gave me their proposal 3 times until now, but i always reject them.

But this time i think their proposal is not bad at all, I think i am gonna put some of my money into this upcoming project. I don’t have much money so don’t get me wrong to think if i am a rich girl who can do anything, i am sorry but i am not. I do have some but not much. So this one should be work ne, if not i am gonna loose all of it.

then owari, the real owari for me.

now all i want is just that September for coming right away so i can sign it and then wait for the result, prepare for anything will happen ne, better or worst. Then for next October, ah you all know what i am waiting for ne, Acid Black Cherry 2012 live DVD.

I haven’t order it because i am still waiting for the FanClub Edition with a premium benefits for FanClub members, JDA members Official Mobile Site and for Mu-mo shop members , the Official Home Page said details such as how to purchase content and benefits will be announced at the official site in mid-August 2012.

maybe they will announce it tomorrow with a cover for the DVD …? who knows. And i think i also missed something on my last post, maybe i didn’t see it …

[Bonus Limited Edition]

Pre-lottery serial inclusion Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” ticket

■ target performance: all six performances (Fukuoka Sun Palace performance 11/30 ~ Osaka Castle Hall  12/30)

there will be a serial code in the DVD. Remember the serial number on all the 5 massive singles which you can sollect it and register it for The Handshake Event with yasu? i think this one is gonna be the same but the price is Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” ticket .

There are 1,000 ways to go to Rome, so there also 1,000 ways for yasu ,

So to all of you in Japan or outside Japan (who knows how to deal with it, because i don’t know how) there still another way to get the ticket ne, who knows you will be the one who get it. and yasu, he is not in Rome btw …. ahahaha …

yasu       :     of course i am not in Rome
noi          :     and you are not Romeo
yasu       :     no if you are the Juliet
noi          :     what about Oreo? i’ll be the milk …
yasu       :     Rome, Romeo, Oreo?what the, are you hungry noi_chan? …
noi          :     uhmmm ….

yes, i am hungry now and i better finish this and then get something to eat, because i am sure tomorrow is gonna be a very long day because it always like that, the last day before holiday, tomorrow is gonna be my last day at office and after that i am gonna be at home, do nothing just be a bear …

i’ll finish this post with this, and this one is especially for all of you in Taiwan, Korea and Hongkong maybe. This is from Avex Taiwan’s Facebook photo

a-nation Stadium Festival 08/26 at Ajinomoto Stadium with AAA, Acid Black Cherry, Do As Infinity Infinity Orchestra, Every Little Thing Every Little Thing, Ayumi Hamasaki, J Soul Brothers, etc … will be live broadcasted to the movie theaters in Japan and East Asia (Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan) Sunday, 26th August, 2012 from 14:30 in Hong Kong and Taiwan


Hong Kong  :   MCL Telford, Golden Harvest MongKok
you can check the details in here at —–> MCL Cinema’s Webiste with the ticket reservation start on 8/16

Korea           :   Megabox ISU

Taiwan         :   Vie Show Hsin Yi, Vie Show Taichung Tiger City and Vie Show Kaohsiung FE 21
The concert tickets only at the Family Mart convenience store, FamiPort at 8/17 : 12 o’clock noon,

God Bless all of you in Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong ♥ and go to those cinemas to watch yasu in a big screen … !!!  #yay

PS :

Remember the last Live Viewing for L’20 Ajinomoto Live, you all know we can find lots of videos in Youtube include when yasu sang Honey together with Daigo, Mao, and many more? nah what i am gonna say is just one thing :

do watever you can do in the cinema (read : record it with your phone, maybe) …. ahahaha *dumped to Limbo forever*

yasu     :    did you just asked them to do that for you ….?
noi        :    of course not, see i did Stike Through it …
yasu     :    you just did, are you my fangirl or not ..?.
noi        :    yes, i am your fangirl who will find you endlessly fascinating, ahaha …..


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