Holiday Post 1st : Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD cover …. (Another me, yasu and Limbo)

Today Acid Black Cherry Official Facebook updated their wall photo with Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD cover. There you are ….

that’s brilliant …!!!!

look at him, from back under those lights just like that, for me who always love watching him from back or you can say watch his back , waw that’s something brilliant ne …. and two thumbs up for whoever who decide that image as the DVD cover.

I love it,

I love it,

and yes i really love it ..

i have no idea why i love and enjoyed so much whenever i watch yasu from back or his back. Maybe this is because how i spent a very long time to watch Mr. Friday’s back at mosque and how i found it as something very beautiful.

And then when it came for yasu and his back  i can say nothing but how God is so almighty ne, for creating such a wonderful person like him and his beautiful back, like this one

Acid Black Cherry _ 0th シングル 「君がいるから」 - YouTube.flv_snapshot_03.56_[2012.03.19_16.04.34]

noi     :   that’s my fave, ya_san …
yasu  :   go away, fangirl …
noi     :   awww i love you, ima mademo,  itsumademo

today is my first holiday, and of course i did nothing but sleeping. nah that’s the plan, but the real is my biologic clock is still workin at holiday. At 05:00 my eyes open automatically, and no matter how i tried to fall asleep again, it just won’t work. so i just rolling2 on my bed, while wondering what i should do.

this holiday is gonna be in slow motion., with no deadlines to after me, and thank God my neighbor’s dog who keep after me in the morning just died 2 months ago . I know it’s not good, never good if i said : Thank God, he is no longer live while my neighbor very2 sad fo loosing his dog, But i just glad ne, and i swear i never pray or hope that dog is gonna died so soon, maybe his (the dog is male, that’s why he keep bark and after me) time to be in this world just come to the end.

today is also a very hot day ne, as always it will be summer forever here in my hometown, so i just locked my self on my room, waiting Tekki’s comin from her office while sit in front of my PC and get on line, try to watch this dorama. Shun Oguri and Ichihara Satomis’s dorama : Rich Man, Poor woman


i DL _ed it but have no time to watch it, and now here i am watching it, and i think this dorama is very interesting ne. Actually i am not somebody who will DL all recent doramas, i only watch/DL the one that interested for me like this one. See this is Shun Oguri ne, it’s been a very while since i saw him on Tokyo Dogs with Mizushima Hiro.


in this dorama i love how the chemistry between Toru Hyuga a young billionaire with a very complicated character and mind full of brilliant ideas inside and Sawaki Chihiro (Makoto Natsui) as a naif and little bit stupid work hunter came out, both Shun Oguri and Ichihara Satomi did a great job ne. I can’t say much about this dorama because i am on 5th episode now …

Shun Oguri is one of my fave from all dorama stars, why because unlike yasu who always smile and make you smile whenever you see him smiling,  i think Shun Oguri is one of those man who doesn’t smile much so when you watch him smile, you will say this : ah, he is smiling ne, ah ya just like Yukihiro ne, who never say something.


remember what Hyde said about Yukihiro on one of his L’20 MC? he said Yukkie is like a panda in Ueno zoo, so when he smile or say anything everyone will say : aaahhh, kawaii ….. xD, and that’s what i also think about Shun Oguri.


yasu     :     now you don’t want to see my smile …
noi        :     no, keep smiling so i can smile then ..
yasu     :     then what, don’t tell me you want a panda now …
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know that, yes i want panda from Ueno zoo
yasu     :     oh God, …

I also did say some Birthday greetings to one of my Facebook friend Darkla Hayashi, i saw this on my Facebook Home. One thing i love about Facebook is they gave us a birthday notification of all of our friends, see how brilliant is Mark Zuckerberg with his Facebook idea? . nah today is her birthday and she replied my wall post with this

awww the Great Noi wrote me HB! *—–* I WILL LISTEN ABC RIGHT NOW. ♥

omo, ahaha look how funny she is, ah ya i always think she is nice and funny person, and all yasu’s fangirl/fanboys in this Acid Black Cherry division in this fandom world are nice and kind person ne, …

not only that someone also asked me something about LINE, and i have no idea about that, sure i asked Tekki while search it on Google, and i found out it was an application on Android? yes, i heard something about Gackt on LINE, but i thought it was online, so far ne between on LINE and online what the, i have no idea about that or OMG am i the only one who didn/’t know about this application?

i don’t use Android, Iphone or some another things with application that i never understand, my phone is a smart phone but too bad, the owner me noi_himura is not that smart. A phone that i can use for call and send a text message is already enough for me.


yasu     :      look who just left away again …
noi        :     aha i am always left away to go .. *singing HYDE’s Glamorous Sky

yasu     :      you can move to Limbo now noi_chan ..
noi        :     with you that will be fine …
yasu     :     no …

The weird but not annoying enough thing is my phone provider keep sent me a text message full of promotion about Holiday/Ied promo for text messaging and phone call. But that’s fine, at least they make me hear yasu sing 「イエス」 because i use that song as my message alert.



Ame ni utare kimi wo dakishime sakendeita

Aishiteru aishiteru yo

Yawaraka na egao no mama shizuka ni me wo tojita

listening yasu say the words 愛してる愛してるよ over and over again, and it keep repeated every time there’s someone send me a text message waw that’s absolutely make me very happy ne. I mean those message alert is not a message about stuffs that i have to worried ne, it just a bunch of promotion message ne, no deadlines after, I think all the deadlines finally really dead on this holiday.

at 12:00 AM when the sun is on the top of my head, i dragged my self out of my room and went to bank and bought some meatballs for tonight’s dinner with this


that’s my mom’s new bike, finally she can have it. It came last month, i dunno about it all i know when i get home, i was already there, and then my mom asked me how, do you like it Boo? and the color pink, should i choose another color …. etc etc many more.

But all i know that pink bike just make her happy, see my mom is a very simple housewive ne, even sometimes she is very dramatic but simple things like that just make her happy ne, All she do in the morning is wipe it and then sit watching it while waiting for me out of my room to go to office, maybe i will ask her to drive me to bus station with that. Of course i am not gonna ask her for that, she is not good yet with that bike, she still need more practice to drive it.

Riding on that bike, it is an electric motorbike with battery so you don’t need a fuel or have a driving license because there’s no engine/motor there. so it was like a bike but with a battery so there’s no engine start sound, it just a really blurry sound that someone who is a little bit deaf like me never gonna hear.

But like a bike, this one also have limits like the max speed is only 40 km/h while i always drive on 70km/h. so that bike make me and my driving life today like in a slow motion. so slow ne, and i think this bike is gonna fit to drive when i really move to Limbo.


that’s my 2nd plate of dinner. Maybe if i were inside my restaurant game i think i am gonna be the construction guys who always ask for 2nd plate …. xD. but that 2nd plate, even there’s no meatball, it’s save ne there’s no carrots on it even my mom put a lots of carrots on it, but i managed to get rid all of it. I don’t like it and i never like it btw, there’s always some personal issue between me and carrots. So here i am now, my stomach is full and  with this holiday in a slow motion …

i think i am ready to move to Limbo now …..

yasu      :     so you are moving to limbo …
noi         :     maybe, but not yet  …
yasu      :     when …?
noi         :     i am waiting for you to join me …
yasu       :     eh, why should i join you?

noi         :    because  愛してる愛してるよ  ….!!



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