Holiday Post 2nd : Ied Mubarak …. (Another me, yasu and FUBAR)

finished my last fasting ….

polar bear




and tomorrow is Ied, the winning day for all muslem after a whole month fasting (not eating and dringking from dawn to dusk). we ah no i am gonna say me, I won the fight ne, my fighting with all the devil inside of me by fasting. Actually for me and this is also what my ustadz (from Arabic language Ustadzun means : a teacher) told me, fasting is not about how you are not eat and drink, if this is all about that so what you get is nothing but hungry and thirsty.

what i am gonna say is about how i should manage my feelings, emotion and how to be calm. even i didn’t manage to do that on the early Ramadhan, but the rest of it i think i did it well. by what? by do nothing, the truth is my mom just asked me to stay away and do nothing if my dad say/do bad things to her. She said : just stay away and do nothing, let me handle this alone.

i can’t believe she really said that, hey is it because of her new pink bike, OMG i have no idea if that thing is gonna affect her like that. She also said that she is gonna take everything and she knew by that all her sins wil be transferred by God to my dad who did it to her. What kind a way of thinking is that? really? hell yeah that’s scared me. Is she OK, i mean really OK …?

and the question is since when do nothing became so difficult to do ne, but at least i did that untill now, so this year am i the winner? maybe not number one, but at least i think i still on the top 10.

yasu       :    you, on top 10 ….?
noi          :    well top 100 then …
yasu       :    sure …?
noi          :    oke, oke since i am your number
40,001 fangirl, i shall be on top 50,000. Not bad at all, at least i am still on top ne …
yasu       :    just don’t jump again OK ..
noi          :    not tonight boss, because i still have lot of things to do  ….

I supposed it would be better to say/write this tonight before Ied than tomorrow, before all i can do is reply all those Ied Greetings text messages flooding   …..

Ied Mubarak 1433 H to all my Muslim friends
Taqoballahu minna wa minkum,
Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin
the funny plus amazing things about Ied Greetings text messaging is how everyone just turned to be more poetic than how i know them daily. Why ..? that’s because they always put something like poem or beautiful words or phrase on their message before the Ied Greetings itself.

I know they might got it from someone else and then forwarded it to me, but still it always fun ne because next week, on the first day we work after Ied Holiday we all gonna talk about it like who’s message is the most poetic, who is the first one who sent you and for whom you sent your Ied greeting message 1st, also of course it will end with the confession about where they actually get it.


yasu      :    don’t tell me you put that Blood and Dead Bodies on yours …
noi         :    of sourse not, that is especially for you ne so i put nothing …
yasu      :    why ….?
noi         :    because i am out of words now, let’s just say my mind is also on holiday and get slow motion_ed  …
yasu      :    what the  

thanks to how fast is technology grow, now there’s not many people did sending card for Ied Greetings, now all of them chosed the simple way by sending text message. What else can be so simple than this right, i mean you don’t have to buy a greeting cards, stamps, envelopes, go to post office to send them with a book full of address list of all your relatives, coleges and mates.

but i do really miss the old fashioned way by sending greeting cards ne even this year i don’t send any Ied Greetings card. I love it that way, even until now i enjoy myself sending some cards to all my friends, not with a spesification but it just random/fubar things i did with all the Acid Black Cherry postcards i bought.





I mean i bought it so i can send it to somebody. I’ve sent all my Free Live 2011 and QED Live postcard randomly to all my friends no matter how they love yasu or not. Now it is time for me to send the Acid Black Christmas and 2012 postcards. I think it would be more useful than keep it on my save collection box.. then let’s move on to FUBAR, and btw what is FUBAR ….?


FUBAR is for F’cked Up Beyond All Recognition if you watch Saving Private Ryan so many times like me, who ended with hating Matt Damon so much i am sure you will hear that many times in that movie. It because all the character keep sayin it FUBAR this, FUBAR that, and then they ask Upham their translator what is the meaning of FUBAR itself in Germany.

They all think FUBAR is some term form German language, but it is not. I why did they think it is from German language? is it because at that movie, the setting is during the World War with German in Normandy, so there’s something like German terms euphoria between the soldiers?

not only that there’s also another term, this is what Gibbs said in one of NCIS episode, some military terms Goat Rope means something between FUBAR and Chaos, …. what the hell is that, confusing?


yasu    :    what about this noi_chan : someone who is between a fangirl and a stalker
noi       :    dare ….?
yasu    :    that’s you ne …
noi       :    no, of course not. I am a fangirl, the private and fulltime one not a stalker …
yasu    :    @_@

you know just like me, i get this Japan term euphoria a long time ago, for example instead of sayin why or what ? i said doushite or nani? and many other terms and sentence that i get from all doramas i watched.

another example in this Acid Black Cherry division on fandom world this sentences like ありyasu or ありやす because yasu said it many times. but recently i stuck with this he keep sayin on 「イエス」 song :

Aishiteru aishiteru yo ….

Documentary offshoot12.avi_000422121

noi         :   ya_san, ..愛してる愛してるよ  …
yasu      :   yes, i know
noi         :   just in case you forget …
yasu      :   tell me noi_chan, is that all you can say to me in Nihon go …?
noi         :   no i have many more …
yasu      :   from dorama dialogue? ..
noi         :   yes, how did you know …
yasu      :   what the …

i told you ne how brilliant is yasu with this another brilliant song, i mean tell me is there any Acid Black Cherry fangirls/fanboys who don’t get a connection with this song? i am sure the answer is no, there’s nobody. All of us (me, and all of you) somehow just connected to that song, at least like  「イエス」  even with so many ways of connection process.

ah ya let’s talk about HYDE and a-nation

beast on the beach

look at him, Oh God, what did he do with his hair ne? everybody said he looks like yasu on Re:Birth PV you all remember ne this Pirate of The Cherrybean who won’t kidnap me no matter how many times i asked him and say :

Pirate of The Cherrybean kidnap me onegaii ….!!!!!


noi       :    onegai ya_san …!!!
yasu    :    stop it noi_chan, nobody will kidnap you …
noi       :    why …?
yasu    :    you know why, that’s because you eat too much ne …
noi       :    but i am not fat …
yasu    :    not yet …

let’s back to  HYDE , for me he looks like Steven Tyler, you know Liv Tyler‘s father  the lead vocal of Aerosmith, or Johnny Deep on Sweeney Todd. You should watch Armageddon and hate Ben Afflect like me …. ahahahaha, so wierd ne how i have this hate feeling for a character on a movie?


remember how i said when he is old he is gonna be like Steven Tyler? well he is not as old as Steven yet but when he is now i know he is gonna be still rock and sexy like that. Thanks again forVAMPSOUNDon Facebook i can see this VAMPS a-nation musicweek – ROCK NATION [12.08.2012] in here :

part 1   :
part 2   :
part 3   :

not only that, i read this article about CN BLUE live report on a-nation  CNBLUE goes wild at ‘A-Nation’  at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium, together with Anna Tsuchiya, Sads and VAMPS.


they also said on the last day of the rock festival, VAMPS’ vocalist and guitarist Hyde was said to have asked CNBLUE to perform with him …. OMG OMG did he talk about the next Halloween Party? Oh God, what should i do now …. ?


noi       :     omo ya_san, doushite …
yasu    :     what are you gonna do now?
noi       :     i do nothing ne ….

what is done is done, i made my decission to cancel this year Halloween Party because i don’t wanna missed this year Ied. My mom is gonna cut a cow this year. can you imagine, a cow ne. That’s bigger than a goat that we always cut 2 years ago.


me and Tekki did some saving for this, 2 years ago we cut a cow that was for my dad, then the next year was for my mom, and this year is for Tekki. so my turn is next year, but still even it is not for me i am not gonna miss this year Ied and go to Japan. So if you said i choose a cow than a chance to watch HYDE, yasu and maybe CNBLUE on Halloween Party this year for a cow, yes you are right ….. ahahahaha …. *dumped to cowshed*

I better go to sleep now, because tomorrow i have to get up early so to find a spot in mosque so i don’t have to do my Ied pray outside mosque with a newspaper. My mom used to be the one who will find a spot for me, but because now my dad is sick this year she is not going to mosque with me for Ied pray. Since my dad is sick i do my things alone now.


tomorrow is August 19th, the day that we all waiting (at least me) for a-nation Stadium Festival with Acid Black Cherry. Congratulation for all of you who will watch it live or for all of you who will watch it by live viewing on cinemas, eetttooo i am waiting for that something you all can do OK …. xD

and for you my Mind Blowing Man, がんばってください ……!!!!



noi        :    you will be rock ne, i know you will ….
yasu     :    and you ….?
noi        :    i’ll be busy ne
yasu     :    for what …
noi        :    there will be many hands to shake tomorrow ne, well let’s just say tomorrow i’ll have my own handshake event ……. xD
yasu     :    fine …



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