Holiday Post 4th : 暑い ….!!!! (Another me, yasu, HYDE and a-nation)

暑い ….!!!!

as we all know yasu is hot and also yesterday in Nagai Stadium is very hot. I know i was not there but because i live in a place where summer is everyday so when 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted this photo on their Official Twitter


not only that, yesterday @BotBEACH (VAMPS LIVE 2012 BEAST ON THE BEACH Official Twitter) also posted this image :

see this is what happen if you are stuck in the middle of two man like me, stuck in  the middle of yasu and HYDE like this make me connect everything about both of them. Even you all think it was nothing because they both were in the different place did their live performance yesterday but what i got is

they both were under the blue and hot sky ne, ….

isn’t that amazing? so i spent my whole slow motion_ed 3rd holiday just stay online, watch and read all the live reports about yesterday’s a-nation, Oh God you all know how much i love live reports, i mean the fact that there were another fans who was there and want to spent their time after live to do that, share their happiness they got with us (at least me). To all of you who did that i’d like to say thank you and i really appreciate it ne, お疲れ様でした ….

le’st back to HYDE first, HYDE said this (thanks to L’Arc UK Street Team) on MC : Can I invite my friend that’s really good at playing the guitar to the stage ? and then OMG he was talking about Ken ne, … Ken was there in Vamps merchandise. i wish there’s a video for this ne …. *cross my fingers*


btw someone asked me this question : how many hands that you’ve shaked today? on my last post about Ied and my own Handshake event. then i thought how great it is ne, the fact that you don’t have to be a famous person to have it. Because everyone have it ne maybe you all haven’t realized it yet, but think about the day where all you do is have a handshake with all your relatives, friends and mates like Ied, Christmas or Thanksgiving day


yasu     :    so how many hands …?
noi        :    well maybe next to 100 …
yasu     :    100 ….
noi        :    and there’s still many more upcomin …

yes, i think it was next to 100 start from morning after Ied Pray, the first hand that i shaked was Tekki’s hand, sure because she was beside me. and then the other female who was sit next to me yesterday on mosque. At home i shaked my dad and mom’s hand. I have no idea which angel (yesterday was Ied, so there’s still no devil walk free around me, i believe they all been locked in hell by God at least after Ied finished) punched me, all i know i just shaked my dad’s hand and say i am sorry, hug and kiss his cheeks just like that.

honestly this year Ramadhan i kind a scare if there’s something happen to my father and i don’t have a chance to say i a sorry to him. If that’s really happen i am sure i’ll be burn in hell. After all he is still my father, no matter how i hate him but he chose me among all the other babies there in that orphanage, take me home and let me call him father. Even it feel weird, but i am glad i did that, sayin i am sorry to him.

then my mom’s hand, as always she cried while hug and kiss me, She always cry on Ied btw, i have no idea why. Because she is so happy for meet all her family or what, but i think so. All her nieces and nephews from other city came to see her. That’s why, so it was a happy tears ne. I don’t have a new clothes for this year Ied because i don’t buy it but i think i just got a new heart ne, very fresh heart after i said sorry to my mom and dad.


and then the Ied breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Ied it’s all about meat, chicken and beef. That’s what’s on my house menu, all the carnivores menu. Maybe it was nothing if you compare with Adam Richman from Man vs Food, nobody is more than him, when i watch Man vs Food, somehow Adam Richman always make me less carnivore than him


see something’s wrong about that image above, is it the bowl is too big or the sup is less? i think i took the wrong bowl. This remind me to one of my fave manga Pank Ponk by Naoko Takeuchi. I read this manga a long time ago, and there’s only 6 series.


Pank is a cute and a little bit dramatic bunny who live with a little girl named Bony. Pank really love carrot (of course he is a bunny ne) and hate paprika so much. There’s one part that i keep remember and for me it was a very funny part ne. after having a hot water bath together, Pank and Bony feel hungry.

Then Bony said   :   hey there’s still one instant noodle cup left, i’ll make that.
Pank ask Bony   :   Bony can you give me some,
Bony                  :  of course

then Pank run to the kitchen to get a bowl, what he get is a very big and rounded bowl. He give it to Bony, and then what bony did is give him some of her noodles but in a very small amount ne, it looked like the noodle is floating inside the big bowl, …. omo poor Pank, he really excited about how he is gonna eat noodles together with Bony, and then it was just like that. Thanks to that part of Pank Ponk manga, until now i always buy a big bowl whenever i saw it on sale

After that meal, it continued with all my relatives, friends and neighbors who came to my home. Since last year, they came to my home for Ied greeting to my father maybe because they all know he is sick and he can’t be anywhere. Include him, yes him (read : Mr, Friday, not yasu). I said so many no to my mom with many reasons so i don’t have to go to his (read : Mr, Friday, not yasu) house for Ied greetings but he came to my home.



of course i shaked his hand ne, and he is still the same. Never mistook me and Tekki even so many people can’t tell the difference between me and my twin sista Tekki, but he always know which one is me and which one is Tekki. and then on my nap time i had a dream,

yasu     :    a nap time, you said you were busy noi_chan …
noi        :    yes, i was but it just a short one ne, btw ya_san in my dream …
yasu     :    what, you watch me on a-nation ..?
noi        :    i wish you were in my dream, but i am sorry no …
yasu     :    eeehh , not me ?
noi        :    in my dream i think Mr. Friday said : Hey, i read your blog
yasu     :    then
noi        :    i woke up, see that’s scary ne …



what should i do ne, i mean is that a sign? a sign from God if someday he (read : Mr, Friday, not yasu) will find out about this blog and all my rumbling talks/posts about him (read : Mr, Friday, not yasu). If that’s happen so i am sure i will be dead ne, i mean you all can imagine ne how i will be so embarrassed in front of him. The fact that he (read : Mr, Friday, not yasu) wil know all about this, my feelings and how stupid i am …

noi        :    ne ya_san, doushite ….
yasu     :    nani ..?
noi        :    what should i do, should i delete this blog?
yasu     :    it’s just a dream ne, … i think you can start wih stop talking about him
(read : Mr, Friday, not yasu)
noi        :    hooo OK so this should be my last post about him ne, then let’s back to a-nation

yesterday 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 also posted this image :

see somethin on his hand? he got a placenta injection? …. wooo sugee, and also the images from yesterday’s live performance from twitter …

Acid Black Cherry a-nation 19082012 setlist :

Black Cherry
– Pistol
– イエス
– Cherry Cherry
– Shangrilla

credit : @erusao, @miyashi2

and from this article this morning :  AcidBlackCherry汗だく

Acid Black Cherry perform five songs :

Black Cherry
– Pistol
– イエス
– Cherry Cherry
– Shangrilla


too much sweat because the black pants and long-sleeved. yasu said : “the black visual it’s too conscious and wrong costume completely but away feeling good” While overlooking the venue with smile

the show also involving fans of other artists that appeared . Yasu satisfaction lift from Osaka is “Were you able to think I’m not afraid of people.”

when i saw that yasu‘s photo on that article, i wonder why did they put that image, ne i mean i am sure they have another photo of him (read : yasu) better than that ne, and then after i read the article with my limited Nihon go, then i think i know why they put that image, yasu in black suit on a very hot and sunny day with sweats all over him. The costume, that was mistake ne, they should let him on white outfit like 2011 a-nation


but no matter what people said and even i was not there to watch it, but what i get for 19082012 a-nation performances of Acid Black Cherry is hot, as hot as yesterday’s weather, so what i am gonna say is :

a hot performance by a hot artist …


noi      :    you did great ya_san, see i am on fire now …
yasu   :    really, should i call 911 now …
noi      :    no, it’s fine. I can’t wait for next week performance, ganbarre ya_san …!!
yasu   :    OK



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