Sleepy Post : 2012 Live DVD Sleeve for [Limited Edition] … (Another me, yasu and A Book of Roses)

from Acid Black Cherry Official Home Page : News  there you are

Specifications sleeve for [Limited Edition] 2012 DVD i wonder why i didn’t see it before ne, well OK maybe i just left away again ne. …

my last 2 holiday is gonna be a disaster. Suddenly my mom’s refrigerator didn’t work ne, so here i am with no ice, cold water, vanilla latte or anything with ice,  Even i said so many time how African Lion i am, i think there’s a Polar Bear inside of me because i get this fever  because i didn’t get something cool/iced for 2 days

spike-african-lion-4727 polar bear2

That’s weird ne, when somebody else get a fever/cold because too much drink an ice/cold drinks, in the other side i get cold because i don’t get ice/cold drinks ….

I better go to sleep now but see that sleeve, tell me what’s on your mind after you see it ne …? for me somehow my mind just blown away to bed of roses, but of course that’s not a bed  so instead of a bed of roses, it looks like

It is a Book of Roses ….


noi         :   if roses in the garden growth well, i am sure it can be a bed of roses …
yasu      :   who is the gardener …?
noi         :   me, but don’t worry i’ll get you another roses next year …
yasu      :   next year ….?



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