eehh … Post : Stay Calm And Listen to Acid Black Cherry … (Another me, yasu and a-nation LV)

Acid Black Cherry updated their Facebook status with this :




there should be a reason for this change and as what they said there has been a change in the artists who will be broadcasted live due to circumstances from the organizers’ side, so if you ask why you can contact the organizer for why …

and for all of you in Japan you can check out this site if you may want to refund your tickets :

live viewing

ameba pigg

but i think about all the Hongkong, Korea and Taiwan fans who already buy the tickets because they want to see yasu on cinema, even i am not gonna see it because there’s no liveviewing in my country but i am so excited about tomorrow ne. Nah see how excited i am, and i am sure all of the Hongkong, Korea and Taiwan fans ‘s excitement bigger than me.

I am really sorry for all of you Hongkong, Korea and Taiwan fans who already buy the live viewing ticket to see yasu in cinema, you may contact the cinemas maybe there’s a possibility you can have your money back, but if you can’t at least you still can see the other artists …

sucks? yes indeed it is, especially because the fact that they announced it only one day before the D day but …

let just say when there’s no rice for breakfast you still have bread to eat, and in this case even there’s no Acid Black Cherry on tomorrow a-nation 08/26 live viewing but still there will be the other artists to see OK, so

stay positive, stay calm,

we still have the upcoming 2012 live DVD and HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA – HALLOWEEN PARTY and anyway sometimes we can’t get anything we want in this live ne  ….


noi        :   i am still positive ya_san, don’t worry …
yasu     :   hmmm ..
noi        :   nee ya_san, i am going to Japan so can you tell me beside my excitement to see you is there anything/anywhere i should go/eat …?
yasu     :   noi_chan, do i look like a travel agent to you …
noi        :   of course not, but you did blow my mind around the world …


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