Sunday Post : Holiday is Over …. (Another me, yasu and 「a-nation stadium fes.」 20120826)

Today’s Acid Black Cherry 「a-nation stadium fes.」 20120826

Set list :

– Black Cherry
– Pistol
– イエス、

– Shangri La

credit to : @aamiichan ..

they changed Cherry Cherry with SPELL MAGIC, and there’s also the song lyrics on the screen, so the audience, include the non ABC fans audience can sing together. From all the fan reports that i read via twitter, most of them said today’s performance is great plus yasu’s ero MC as always. not only that but i also read something about  BIGBANG band member came out to watch Acid Black Cherry earlier

but i am still wondering why there’s no tweet/twitpic from TEAM ABCOfficial on Twitter for today’s event ne, are they took some tweet’s day off or something? ah maybe they save it for later’s blog update.  But Sugi-chan updated his Ameblo with photos of him with artists on today’s 「a-nation stadium fes.」 include yasu

omo look at his hair ne, hey is that another Final Fantasy hair like last year’s Free Live? but then somehow i remember about some anime that i watch when i was a little girl. It is Saint Seiya, imagine if we (at least me) add something on his hair and shoulders ?


today’s outfit is perfect ne, i mean even still a black outfit (it is Acid Black Cherry, we all talking about ne) but at least they didn’t give him a long sleeves, and plus that black sunglasses on stage, …


noi      :    yes, ya_san, you are rock today ….
yasu   :    but you were not there …
noi      :    but i know …
yasu   :    really …?
noi      :    sure …

and for the live viewing it self, i am glad if the fans who went to cinema still able to see yasu in a big screen, They changed the Acid Black Cherry part with Free Live and Acid Black Christmas live

Free Live

     *Black Cherry
Acid Black Chrstmas Live
     *20+∞Century Boys

even yeah it’s not today’s live performance but still yasu on a big screen and a cinema’s stereo speakers? i think they still had something fun. Just like what my friend Lin-En Huang and Yuri who went to today’s liveviewing in Taiwan said :

イエス, we always have fun see him (read : yasu) sing no matter we’ve seen it before or not:)))))


yasu    :    hey you don’t have to add that (read : yasu)
noi       :   but i just wanna make it clear ne …
yasu    :    nobody wrote a rambling post about that Mr. Friday but you ..
noi       :   OK, OK

i start my day at office today …

So at 05:30 Sunday Morning where i supposed to be still rolling2 on my bed i was driving to office. This Sunday Morning is very cool ne. I think my city just turned into a desert ne, no rain fall for almost half year and very very hot at day and then very cold at night/morning. Geez, i should find a camel to ride …


actually i still want to have another one last Sunday at home, but when i think about what my boss said about 200,000 IDR penalty, i was like … OK, OK i wake up now. if that penalty is only 50,000 IDR i’ll take that, but 200,000 IDR ? hell no …


yasu      :    why …?
noi         :    because 200,000 x 10 = 2,000,000 OMG …
yasu      :    eh ….
noi         :    do you know how many mochi i can buy with that?
yasu      :    go get some mochi ….



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