Bloody Post : Vampire or Zombie ….? (Another me, yasu and Jerry The Vampire Next Door)

Even i am not into VAMPS much, but i think i am a vampire, …

HYDE     :   you are ….?
noi          :   i think so, the vegetarian one …
HYDE     :   is there’s something like that …?
noi          :   there’s one, me …

Actually i always do this vampire living when i am on my period, a full week when i don’t have to/don’t allowed to pray. So it kinda like i have a week off to pray. Period time, i always think this is a something that a girl have but boys don’t have. Even yeah it is hurt at the beginning, but that’s the way it is, when my body system pull all the dirty and un_use bloods out of me.

what happen is i sleep more than i use to be. At 17:30 PM back from office, i did nothing but sleeping. and then, here i am now back from my journey to dream land, alone after midnight. My biologic clock wake me up with this hugry feel and then i can’t find anything to eat but apple, orange and peach. This can’t be happen, i mean there should be something else than fruits ne.

I can’t eat fruits with an empty stomach ne, so spent my last night watching the finale of CSI 12, read all the fan reports that i can find on blogs/social networks about Acid Black Cherry performance on 20120826 a-nation while waiting for my eyes to get sleepy again.

and the amazing thing is not only Acid Black Cherry fans who wrote about Acid Black Cherry performance on 20120826 a-nation but but also fans of another artists who also performed that day. Try this : go to Google and type a-nation 2012 i am sure you will find ABC or Team ABC everywhere. And they all wrote the same thing : nothing but good things about yasu/Acid Black Cherry.

and of course about his hairstyle, they all say the same thing : OMG yasu is CLOUD, he is CLOUD .. etc etc, Oke i didn’t know much about Final Fantasy but that hairstyle is totally awesome ne ….

Not only that, but one thing i found and this is very interesting ne, i read they also wrote TEAM ABC, at the first time i thought that TEAM ABC refers to yasu and his team, that we all know as TEAM_ABCOfficial on Facebook, twitter, mixi or the Official Blog at Ameba who just updated the Official Blog at Ameba today with awesome photos

after didn’t do their social networks activity (read : tweet, post a status, or update their blog) again after the last time they posted about Haloween Party 2012 and the a-nation live viewing related to things.

noi      :     are they took some day off …?
yasu   :     who ,,,,,
noi      :     your team …
yasu   :     maybe ..

but then i found out if when they (the other artist fans) write TEAM ABC, what they mean is include all the ABC fans who was there watch the live performances. Whohoho …. OMG, i never think it would be that way ne. Because usually both of TEAM ABC (yasu’s team) and ABC fans posted differently. But not for this year a-nation live.

That’s amazing …!!!

OK, back to my vampire live, so at 02:30 AM i sleep and wake up at 05:30 AM, go to office still hungry, walking to the bus station in a the morning like a zombie. I just wanna get into bus a.s.a.p and then get some sleep again. No matter how long i have been sleep it seems like never enough. So that’s what happen to me this week :

Like a Vampire at night and  zombie at day.

noi       :    so which one you will choose, a vampire or zombie fangirl
yasu    :    i’ll skip that …
noi       :    eh, you can’t do that, well you should choose the vampire one
yasu     :   why …?
noi       :    vampire it always be more classy than zombie
yasu     :    yeah, whatever …

you may say i spent almost half of my whole day to run away to dream land a.k.a sleeping. Somehow i feel glad i get this week period and days off to pray. For me, if there’s something happen and it is not good, what i did is nothing but run away to dream land. I go to sleep while hoping when i wake up that’s bad thing happened is only a dream and it never happen.

here’s what just happen. I, me and myself just disappointed myself and my mates. Even they didn’t say anything but i know they feel that way on me because that’s what i also feel about it. On Monday i found the result of something that i did before holiday. It is not that bad, but also not the best. There’s another team who did it much better than me, much way better.

There’s 25 millions between their result and mine. see what i mean, if it is only 1 or maybe max is 5 millions i will be fine, but this is 25 millions ne, If for 1 million i have to run around the soccer field once, so with that 25 millions i still have to run another 25 rounds ne,can you imagine that? i feel like someone just punch me right into my face ne, and damn, that’s hurt, really hurt. How can this happen?


yasu     :     then what did you do …?
noi        :     i run, i have to run after that 25 rounds ne …
yasu     :     where …?
noi        :     in dream land of course ….
yasu     :     you are sleeping, what the …

yes, i am sleeping soon i get home untill today over and over just the same activity, vampire at night and zombie at day. I ran, yes i am. What can i do now? there’s nothing i can do about it. I am still the looser with 25 millions between me and them. I wanted to cry, but ah no i am too old for that.

during my running to dream land, i had a dream ne. And this one is a little bit scary but it make me happy. And i do remember this dream, for me who sleep too much and always wake up unable to remember what was my dream last night, i think this dream it must be something important ne, maybe a sign? …

it is about vampire and some bloody stuffs. In my dream, there’s a vampire attack on my city. I have no idea where it came from and who the hell is the original vampire, but at my home it started with my dad. They turned him into a vampire, then he turned my mom, and then they both turned Tekki. But not me.

Somehow i always manage to escape from them, and i remember this dream is very scary ne, because i really want to wake up but i can’t. On my way of running from all of the vampires i keep sayin to myself hey this is nothing but a bad dream, come on noi, wake up …!!! while non-stop slapping my face. But it didn’t work.

In the end, i became the last one to bite, and no matter i try to run they found me, they just too many and it was like me vs the whole town. And then when they finally catch me, they took me to a chamber where all of them already there waiting for me, it was like one scene on The DaVinci Code where Sophie‘s grandfather did his ritual or what yasu did on Pistol PV

yasu     :   OMG noi_chan,
noi        :   what ….
yasu     :   don’t tell me you  …
noi        :   yes, they will bite me, ah chotto ne, i’ll finish this first …

it was like that, at that chamber everyone say the same things : relax you will be fine, it won’t be hurt, etc etc …. and i was like where the hell is this, what are they gonna turn me to ….? and ….

bang ….!!!!

one of them bite me, i remember i can feel it, it feels like they put 2 needles to my neck and blood was all over me, yeah it was hurt and the after that i heard someone say to me : OK, you are finish now, see you’re fine ne …. Nah, that part is kinda confused me, am i got bitten or vaccinated, that man is a vampire or doctor and where i was is it the hidden chamber or just a room in a hospital ? Geez this is really confuse me so i wake up with a big question : Who is he, i mean the vampire (let just say he is a vampire) who bite me …?


noi        :    was it you Hyde_san …?
Hyde     :    no, you know i am busy at beach this summer …
noi        :    then who ….?
Hyde     :    ask yasu …


yasu      :   no, i wasn’t ….
noi         :   ah maybe it was Jerry …
yasu      :   who is Jerry, another cousin …?
noi         :   no, this is Jerry, the Vampire Next Door from the movie  …
yasu      :   yeah right, another movie …

I’ll say something about Jerry. This Jerry The Vampire Next Door. If you watch this movie Fright Night you should know about him and if you haven’t watch this movie you better watch it. This movie is great ne, even a little bit too fast like a fast food but at least in this movie there’s no vampire who goes to school, date and ah you know what i mean …


this movie is about a boy named Charley (Anton Yelchin) who live in a suburb of Las Vegas with his mother (Toni Collette, remember she is Muriel on Muriel’s Wedding). One day there is one man who move in to their neighborhood named Jerry (Collin Farrell). His mother introduced him as their new neighbor.


Charley’s friend Ed Lee tell him about how some student have gone missing and he also tell him if his new neighbor is related to this because he is a vampire. Ed Lee him self investigate Jerry, go sneak in to his house, get caught and bite. So Ed is the 1st victim in this movie.

Can’t find Ed for days, make Charley think what Ed said to him is true, so after watch his friend investigation video files and another prove how Jerry can’t enter his house because he didn’t invite him (vampires will never able to enter yor home with no invitation) he decided to do his own investigation. He went to Jerry‘s house by himself after hear a woman (Dora, the striptise girl) scream last night.

He did find Dora and wanted to save her. He managed to get her out of there but one thing he never know is Jerry already bite her and she is on the way to become a vampire like Jerry. So when they both out of Jerry’s house, on a day light under the sunshine Dora’s body just exploded and expired.

He went home with a very big shock and what he do next is find a vampire expert that his friend Ed told him. He is a magician in Las Vegas Peter Vincent (David Tenant, you may know him as Doctor Who) who is also a vampire expert. He get ignored by him.

At night, Jerry’s come to Charley’s home and set a fire, Charley, his mother and his girlfriend Amy escaped from him by car, but Jerry keep after them. At night in the Las Vegas desert and then when Jerry almost catch them, Charley use his big cross to get rid of him …


this is something i found interesting on this movie. What Jerry said to Charley when he try to use the cross. Jerry said : What a big cross you have, but the question is do you have a faith on it/to use it, and the it was nothing to him. It makes me think, hey that’s right ne.

What is the point if you don’t have a faith on it. Faith is the point. It was like this : a high tech computer is nothing if the one who use it doesn’t know anything about computer stuffs, or a highly weapon is only useful for someone who have skill on it. Or a mic no matter how good it is not gonna help much for someone who have no talent to sing, the result is he/she is gonna end as a karaoke room or bathroom singer.


yasu    :   for example …
noi       :   OK me, but ya_san i am also sing at office ne …
yasu    :   i feel sorry for your officemate then …
noi       :   what …?

not only that, Jerry also show to Charley where he should stab him, he said here, right in this heart. When Jerry want to kill Charley, suddenly Charley’s mother stab him form back. even not right on his heart but it hurt him so they can escape. They took his mother to hospital and leave her with a lot of cross on her room to Peter Vincent’s mansion after he call Charley.


Peter said he is not gonna help them but he gave Charley a stake blessed by Saint Michael that sure will kill Jerry. But Jerry, this Next Door Vampire is ot that stupid, he use Charley’s friend Ed covered as the delivery man to get an invitation to enter Peter Vincent’s mansion. So now there’s no line between them and the vampires because they have the invitation from Peter.

On their way of running from Jerry, Charley lost Amy and then suddenly he see Jerry bite her in the crowd, among all the people dancing inside the club night. All of them think what Jerry did was only something sexual between him and his girlfriend. But i told you ne …

remember how Gary Oldman as Count Dracula on Bram’s Soker’s Dracula bite Wilhelmina (Winona Ryder) nah that’s what i also see in this movie when Jerry bite Amy. Not only that kinda bite, but there’s something sexy on the way he bite her something like lust or … ah i dunno what to say, but that’s scene make me say : hey Colin, i want that bite also … xD

and there you are the war between Charley and his vampire next door is on, to save his girlfriend Amy, in the end Peter decided he doesn’t want to run away anymore and he want to face and fight the vampire who killed his parents long time ago.

But, i am not gonna tell you the rest of this movie because you have to watch it yourself ne, trust me this one is good, and even it’s a remake movie, but it is still scary as the original one that i watch a long time ago when i was a little.

The original movie made me sleepless and always think about what if my neighbor is a vampire and this remake gave me a scary and but make me happy dream about me turned into a vampire. Last but not least i am gonna say this one :

Vampire will never able to come inside your home with no invitation. so if you think your next door is a vampire, you do not invite him to dinner or he will eat you  …. !!!

but for this vampire ….


noi        :    yes, i am talking about you ….
yasu     :    what …
noi        :    i’ll invite you, see i’ll post this invitation tomorrow …
yasu     :    you want me to wait ….?
noi        :    don’t worry i’ll use EMS so it should be faster …


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