Scan Post : >1,700 Members …. yay ♥ … (Another me, yasu and Team_yasu xD)

i didn’t think about this counting …..

what counting? OK this may be silly things to count but somehow it started 2 months ago. When i have nothing to do and all i did just open my Facebook and clikc_ed the notification and one of it must be a group join approval, so there you are i started to count it while wondering is it possible for this group to have 1,700 members before 2012 ends? …

yasu     :   why 2012 …?
noi        :   because your 3rd album is
2012 ne, what else …
yasu     :   oh …

i know this group, i am talking about this Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook btw, maybe one of you are know about that group. and yesterday i found out it’s already 1,700 members there ….



yay , huray ….

i didn’t do much things there beside be the group keeper there with my main duty is to approove the membership request, and erase all the non_English post or comments because i think it would be better if everyone post in the same language so everyone can join each posts and maybe have some chit chat there.

but i love read all the posts and comments there, and even sometimes i kinda post random things like it was my personal Facebook account but, i promise i am not gonna do that again. Ah ya before i forget there you are my

ARENA 37°C September 2012 Scans

Download HQ scans : here

i have no idea what happen with Facebook today, it refused me to upload all my scans, maybe it is too big because when i re_sized it to 75% smaller than the original size i scanned it worked. Facebook usually have no problem with big sized images ne, and it will re_size the image automatically. But that’s fine ne you can DL the HQ scans on that link above. I’ll scan the rest of this magazine this weekend  …

and back to the more than 1,700 members, what can i say but another yay horay and

Go, Go, Team_yasu, Let’s beat Team_Edward …. nyaaaaaa …*dumped into vampire’s nest*

yasu      :      what, Team_yasu ….?, stop it or …
noi         :     or what, that’s a joke btw …
yasu      :      noi_chan, the vampires will after you …
noi         :     don’t worry ya_san, remember vampires will never able to enter your home with no invitation,
yasu      :     well then …



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