Matsu Wa Post : Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live CD .. (another me, yasu and A Bucket of 『2012』)

actually i was waiting for 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 to update their Official Ameblo with something related to The Handshake Meeting event, but they updated it with another new release …

Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Final Concert Live CD Album

release on the same day with the Live DVD : October 17, 2012 (Wed)
AVCD-32207~8 (2CD)
Price: ¥ 1,800 (tax in)

(2CD)】※all live recording at Budokan 20 July 2012

◆CD1 (Main Part)

01. Opening
02. ~until~
03. doomsday clock
04. ピストル
06 Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
07. Chou
08. Yubiwa Monogatari
09. ~the day~
10. Fallin’ Angel
11. in the Mirror
12. イエス
13. so…Good night.
14. Cherry Cherry
15. Re:birth
16. Shojo no Inori
17. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ

◆CD2 (Encore)

01. Fuyu no Maboroshi ~Acoustic version~
02. Kimi ga iru Kara
03. Sonohi ga Kuru Made
04. Shangri -La
05. ~comes~
06. Black Cherry
07. 20+∞Century Boys

Pre Order : CD Japan  I HMV I Yesasia

While i was wondering when did i am gonna be able to see Acid Black Cherry live performances on last month’s a-nation and then found out if The Milky Bunny, Tsubasa Masukawa also there on a-nation live and updated her Ameblo today with a picture of herself together with Acid Black Cherry backstage.

waw, that’s wonderful ne. ah ya she also had a backstage photo with yasu on last year jealkb live with her friend Hoshi Hitomi the DJ.

Back to this Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live CD Album. then i read this one when i get home. OMG i never imagine yasu is gonna think about this live CD album ne.  I mean me, myself is the one who always have my own MP4 and audio version/MP3 of all Acid Black Cherry live DVD from Black List, Liquid Room Live, QED, Re-Birth and the last one is Acid Black Christmas on my phone.

yasu     :    you did that …
noi        :    sure ..
yasu     :    why …?
noi        :    because i am a fangirl ne, your fangirl …

so it is normal for a fangirl to do that, to  have many different versions of her idol, in this case is  Acid Black Cherry songs :

~    PV rip audio version from TV (when the single/album hasn’t released yet, but i really want to put it on my MP3)
~    single version …
~    the album version .. (while wondering how yasu’s gonna perform all songs in the album live on stage)
~    Live DVD rip audio version (after watch the live DVD over and over againand want to keep the song that’s not included on the album like the acoustic versions.

for example :  i have Kimiga Iru Kara, Kono Aozora no Mukoeni, Maria, Aishitenai live version by ripped it from the DVD or youtube video (for Maria on Free Live 2011 ) now i don’t have to do that again for this upcoming Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live DVD.

because yasu is already packed all of it in one Live CD album. yasu, he always surpised me by things that i never imagine like when he shared The 0th Single Kimi ga iru Kara for download free as the last present of ABCDream Cup.

I dunno maybe my imagination is not big enough for yasu so no wonder this Live CD album never on my mind. But i love this feeling, i mean this excitement feeling that i have after i found out something new release from him. so this Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live CD album is gonna complete the Bucket of Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』 like this

~ the album

~ the DVD

~ the bandscore

~ the live CD Album

this Bucket of Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』 is perfectoooo …!!!  and i can’t wait to make my bucket as the complete one … xD

see this is what happen today, remember Puss my cat? the stupid one. somebody come to find me at office and told me if my cat is the one who make her cat pregnant. And with not friendly/anger tone she said a lot of things to me about how i should keep my cat at home instead leave him at office … etc etc, then she gave me this

a box with 3 baby cat inside it. Bloody hell, my cat is the one who made her cat pregnant and now i am the one who have to take care of them. Geez, no i can’t do that hell no …

I have no idea where my cat now, he just gone, i haven’t see him this week. He never gone in a long time like this, He should be back, i am gonna find him. I’ll find you Puss

OK, Let’s talk about The Handshake Meeting, well i am not gonna talk about my annual handshake event that i have every year on Ied, but this one is Acid Black Cherry Handshake Meeting for/with all the 40,000 lucky fans who applied for it. And it was at Fukuoka.

yasu      :     and you are ….
noi         :     i am the unlucky number 40,001 fangirl. demo ne ya_san,  i think something good is gonna happen to me …
yasu      :     really …
noi         :     i hope so …

when i get home,  took a shower and change my cloth with this black shirt, and i did it accidentaly ne. I wear my shirt in a wrong way. Put the inside part out and outside in. See this is a sign ne …

A sign about something good will come to you, usually it is related to money. so maybe i am gonna get some cash or a project approval and will end with money  ….



believe it or not it is up to you but i do believe it because it is always happen to me. But remember ne, this one it must be accidentally. Back to the Handshake Meeting event,

as usual i read the after Handshake Meeting report on many blogs and OMG i dunno why i didn’t go there, but i feel this happy feeling just by reading what they (who went there) wrote on their blogs or tweeted it on twitter.

i don’t see anybody take a photo with yasu yet, i think it is forbidden, just like how forbidden is to take a photo on live concert they only posted their picture when they were waiting for they turn to meet yasu and the postcard/signed photo they got. and there was also a gift BOX where you can put things you want to give to yasu.

Most of them said how they blown away by him … *i told you ne, he is so mind blowing* and have no idea to describe how was his hand, but someone said very soft … *omo* … and what yasu said to her was :


Thank you for your support, from now on Yoroshiku onegaishimasu …

the lucky 40,000 selected from the serial number on ABC single from Pistol – Yes and 2012 album, that you have to send if you want to meet yasu. nah if the serial number you sent are one of the 40,000 serial numbers selected nah you can meet yasu.

i have no idea how they select the 40,000 serial numbers based on, 00001 – 40000 maybe? ah no that cannot be so simple like that … xD

it was like the golden ticket on Johnny Deep’s Willy Wonka, remember where everyone buy that big Willy Wonka Chocolate to find the golden ticket, but in this case what you have to find is a serial number for a handshake meeting with yasu, not a golden ticket for a trip on Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory

I asked one lucky fan who went there on twitter (i follow her on twitter btw) and Mari, she is very kind ne by reply my tweet question with English after she replied it with Nihon. Actually what i am gonna ask her was : How is yasu’s hand? how is it feel …  but before i tweet that question she already reply me with :

yasuが笑顔でずっと目を見てくれました!可愛くて握手したあと泣いてしまいました゚(゚´Д`゚)゚手の感触覚えてないですwww ….



i also asked her : Have you wash your hand? …. because if i get a handshake with yasu i am not gonna wash my hand at least for 2 days ne …. xD ….

she can’t remember how was yasu’s hand because she just blown away just by his smile. OMG if yasu’s smile can make Mari failed to remember i have no idea how i am gonna be if i get the chance to meet yasu personally and get a handshake …

Maybe i am not gonna be able to do or say anything to him ….

yasu      :     that’s why you didn’t get it …
noi         :     well i’ll skip this Handshake Meeting because what i want is a Bodyshake
yasu      :    
Bodyshake …?
noi         :     see ya_san, at least i don’t have to say anything to you on a
Bodyshake ne  … ahahahaha …
yasu      :     baka  ….



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