Vampire Post : Jealkb on HALLOWEEN Party 2012 … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Nemo)

2 (or 3 days ago?) announced another 3 artists for VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party 2012

jealkb is one of them with Tommy Heavenly6 and MAN WITH A MISSION. and i was like …




noi       :     omo, ya_san ….
yasu    :     what ….
noi       :     it’s so obvious ne, see …

ah no, i am gonna talk about this one first ne. This is about VAMPS Special Interview on JMelo and the HYDE/VAMPS/L’arc_en_Ciel drama, because thanks to that drama i have to watch the interview again, as always, thanks to VAMPSOUND on Facebook  you can watch it

here    :   2012.09.03「J-MELO」Guest VAMPS! (part 1)  or

here    :  2012.09.03「J-MELO」Guest VAMPS! (part 2)

it’s all about when HYDE said‘”VAMPS is closer to my ideal” on the interview. I watch this and i didn’t think about that much because i interested more about this

him want to make an album, all of it in English, Yes, i’ll wait for that English album. I think HYDE’s English is much better now. He said it clear and i get what he said and didn’t say eh, what did he said? anymore. and how he want to promote it all over the world. nah that’s would be a world tour ne, and for this Tekki and I already make a plan to watch VAMPS live next year.

the HYDE/VAMPS/L’arc_en_Ciel drama started when HYDE said this :

There are four of us in L’Arc~en~Ciel, so it’s out of control. I think the chaos is part of L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Who I am changes from song to song. Each song brings out a different part of me. That’s how crazily different the songs are. VAMPS is closer to my ideal. We’re striving for our own kind of rock.

why did everyone start to say some chaotic about L’arc etc etc just because of that. i don’t and never think, what HYDE said : L’arc is chaos is literally, that’s only a metaphore from him to describe L’arc for him as a band that not only about him, but also there’s another 3 members. HYDE said ‘”VAMPS is closer to my ideal”? of course he will say that ne, because VAMPS is his solo project and nobody make a  not close to_ideal on their solo project.

i don’t like this kind of drama ne, and this something whatever you name it between VAMPS and L’arc fans should be stop. I am not into Vamps enough but i do love HYDE and fine wityh everything he do and will do. so let’s get over with this and let’s move on with October.

what make my excitement of jealkb on next HALLOWEEN Party all over me now is what song did they gonna perform together ne. i wonder if all of them …


~ Acid Black Cherry


~  and jealkb

will perform jelakb song DDD together, like what yasu did last year on jealkb live



why i choose DDD than other song Glamorous Sky or maybe yes, well the reason is simple ne, with DAIGO sing DDD together nah now we can say if DDD is for

Daigo Daigo Daigo …..xD

look at him, The Blonde Megane ya_san. OMG i always love him with glasses ne, and btw this is why i love DAIGO ne, not only because he is Aries like me or some happy aura arround him wich spread to all people next to him, but also how he is so kind for posted his aniki ya_san on his blog or twitter …

btw last week someone asked me, it’s been a long time since i the last time i talk with her. she said  : hey how are you? are you still do that fangirl activity on that something you call fandom world? i answered her with : yes, i am. When she asked me again : Why, i answered her again because in this fandom world

all this time i was accompanied by the girls/another fangirls and charmed by the boy ..

noi       :   nah ya_san, you are the boy who charmed me …
yasu    :   boy, really. are you sure not another boy ….?

noi       :   yes i am sure, because  there’s plenty more fish in the sea, but you’re my Nemo, the only one …
yasu    :  
boy and then Nemo, you better go to sleep now noi_chan …


2 thoughts on “Vampire Post : Jealkb on HALLOWEEN Party 2012 … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Nemo)

  1. I don’t get the Larc/Vamps drama. I mean if you are crazy about Hyde then you get why he says those things about Vamps. It is pretty obvious, I wonder if the other Larc members get any drama for saying similar things about there solo projects, or is it just Hyde that gets angry fans??

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