Tuesday Post : I Forget, again …. (Another me, yasu and Alfred Hitchcock)

Tuesday Post, well this one is supposed to be a post that i post on Tuesday,


but if i click the post button over midnight it became a Wednesday Post because how i write this post and the other previous posts is always like a bus, that stop on each bus stop to get passengers. But in this case i stop post/write to get something to eat. See that’s the different between me and a bus. Well just in case somebody ask you that question ne …

yasu      :   nobody is gonna ask some stupid question like that …
noi         :   maybe Master Yoda will …
yasu      :   don’t be silly  ….

well OK, btw hey remember when i said about the fast HQ spoiler for the upcoming Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live DVD ….?



there you are, that Youtube video above is the HQ spoiler,  finally someone uploaded it on Youtube ne. even it is only a very2 small part of it but still for us (at least me) who will take any kind of something that i can call as a spoiler. October 17th is still far away ne, …

in that video above Yasu Megumi asked to DAIGO and the other MC (who is he anyway?) how is their summer …? and then she said about how she love to see live concert. and this 「DAI安☆吉日」 show, i mean this episode they have live report for GRANDRODEO FC Live at Yoyogi ….? i think it was at Yoyogi, i mean that stage is the same stage where yasu performed his Free Live 2007, remember the one with Chisato and where we can hear Aishitenai in different lyrics than the official one in the album/single released?

this week is not very good for me, i mean i start it with me had to deal with one client who was really2 mad to me. It because when i took one day off on last Sunday, he (read : my client, not yasu) sent his 3 cars to get some materials from us. He did send me the money in the morning before he send his cars and soon he text me to tell me about it.

nah because i was at home that day i forward his text message to my friend who was at office, and she said OK, nah i think everything is OK. but then the next Monday morning my client call me, he complained me about how my friend treated his drivers like that …

i asked him : like what …? then he said if my friend asked his drivers to leave their driving license if they want to get the materials because my friend don’t believe them when they said to him if their boss already do the payment with me this morning and how he can’t call me yesterday.

I can’t say anything but wondering what the hell is happened yesterday ne, i think it was OK. Nah eventually i found out if my friend whom i sent the text message about the payment didn’t tell my other friend who was on after 12:00 AM shift about it. So he did what he should do, not just believing what the drivers said.

I am not gonna blame my friend for asking the driver’s driving licence as a bail/guarantee for the materials that they want to get. What i can’t stop thinking was why did she didn’t tell him, i mean that’s something important ne, and something like this is very very embarrasing right? ..

when i asked why, she answer me with : Oh, i forgot, just like that, one word forget and i can’t say anything more. I mean she forgot then, what can i do now …? even i told her how she sould not forget something important like this ne. everyone can forget, i mean nobody is perfect, and i am one of them ..

so i spent my last Monday morning apologize via phone, said a lot of sorry to my client about what happened yesterday. But thank God, he is not that hard to handle man. He even say : well then i think i better not send my drivers on Sunday just in case you are not at office, i reply him : that would be perfect sir …

nowadays i forgot a lot of things. for example this day i asked my friend about some invoices that he already give to me while me keep thinking if he never do that, i still can’t remember all of my mechanics who work with me, miss_placed one man’s name to another and today i lost my wallet again for the 3rd time and i can’t remember where/when the last time i open it ….

noi       :     nee ya_chan, granny’s get old and forget ne  …
yasu    :     did you just call me ya_chan
noi       :     because tonight i am the granny ne, and you the Red Ridding Hood who is also a werewolf  …

0207 hoody towel

yasu    :     forget it …
noi       :     2 times as a vampire on Halloween Party? come on, try werewolf  ….
yasu    :     nothing’s wrong with vampire, and you a granny …?

talking about Halloween Party, this is something you may say it important for you, yes all of you Acid Black Cherry fans out there. Remember the last Fan Video Project, i forgot what the hell that project name it was, but i think it was International Cherryland or something like that, maybe there’s some of you who also joined that project like me, ..


and now there’s another new Fan Video Project, and this time is Halloween Fan Video. If you wanna join, it is still the same easy as the last one, details about this project you can read it in here

~  just take a picture of yourself and it would be perfect if you are on your Halloween costume, because the theme is Halloween ne,

~  put where do you come from, maybe with your country’s flag like when you want to join Olympic  …

~  and  if you have a Tumblr account and don forget to put #Acid Black Cherry , #Halloween Fan Video or #yasu tag on your post,  i am sure rivill and kissthecherry the one who have this idea, will collect your photo.

this kinda thing like fanvideo is always fun ne, the feeling that you will get after the video itseft uploaded and you will see it while saying ah where’s me and when you find yourself on the fanvideo you will say …

OMG that’s me ….. #whoaaaaa ….


yasu     :     and then ….
noi        :     you will laugh like an idiot …
yasu     :     me …?
noi        :     ah  no, i mean me …

and not only that, the important thing is you will know if there’s another fangirls/fanboys out there but you who share the same passion/feeling or a little bit get fool for the same man, named yasu. And maybe after the fanvideo you may have some fangirl talks with them, share any information about yasu Acid Black Cherry that you know.

because i found out there’s some fans who seems like still not cleared yet about this yasu’s solo project : Acid Black Cherry. As you all know my hobby is Google_ing about yasu and Acid Black Cherry. and that hobby sometimes took me to some group, discussion bord or someone”s blog, tumblr and other social networks.

and there’s many of them are a new fans, and sometimes they did/ask something that maybe for the other fans who already in this Acid Black Cherry division in this fandom world sounded like something fool, but hey that’s not fool at all, they just don’t know and need some en_lightment.

~ like when someone posted on her Tumblr a question about who wrote all songs in Black List album ,,,? yasu himself or another person named Yasunori Hayashi …?

~ and the other one who think if Acid Black Cherry is a band with  : yasu, Akihide/Hiro, Yuki, Shuse and Junji as members. And how she desperately want Akihide to be back to Acid Black Cherry with yasu.

~ Or someone who just found out if yasu is the vocalist of Janne De Arc.


I think she kinda blurry about the different between members and support musician. Because Acid Black Cherry is yasu’s solo project where he wrote all the songs himself and work with many other talented musician for recording or live performances as the support musician, not a member.

and Yasunori Hayashi is yasu‘s full name, so that’s why every year on January 27th his birthday there will be many fangirls who will change the username’s last name on their social networks into Hayashi i also did that once  …. xD , so there will be a lot of Hayashi on net.

nah this is not gonna happen if you have/close each other with another Acid Black Cherry fans who maybe knows about it. You can ask them and i am sure they will be happy to answer it for you.

A1yYL0ACIAE5eH9.png large

yasu        :    but you didn’t say anything there, rather than write it here now ….
noi           :    where …?
yasu        :    come on, don’t be like that ne …
noi           :    ahaha, OMG you know ne, i know i should have say something there ne …

i also read something about someone who is not in this Acid Black Cherry division (read : not ABC fans) who said most of ABC fans didn’t share a lot even among another ABC fans and how they tend to think if yasu is belong to themselves …. etc etc many more.

from now on, let’s proove it wrong OK, let them know if we are ABC fans are not like that, we love, support yasu we also love and support another ABC fans who also love yasu/ABC as much as we are. Everyone is the same level. Let just say we are all in the same desert, the flat one, so there’s no higher or lower people except camel …. xD


yasu      :     noi_chan, don’t be boring ne ….
noi         :     eh, really ….?
yasu      :     you talked to much, and where’s Mr. Hitchcock  ….
noi         :     ah ya, where is he ……

yasu      :     stay focus …

OMG what the hell ne, i want to talk about Mr. Hitchcock, but it ended with that fangirl speech? ah ya you know him, the legendary English film director and producer Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock. The Master of Suspens.


well i’ll close this post with him. Yesterday i am on marathon watching all his short mystery movies on my telly. I love this kinda old movies ne, and his works are of of my fave. I remember i used to watch it with my dad and Tekki use our old telly.

And you are not gonna believe me how much he fooled me ne. As always he start the film with him say something to the audience. if you pay attention on what he said, and trust me, you should do that on the story about a who obsessed with his doll and ignored his wife, what he said at the beginning is :

To all of you who might not gonna watch this story till the end, what i am gonna say is watch the butler …

nah i was so sleepy that night, i want to go to sleep but i can’t skip this marathon movie ne, because who is gonna miss the master of suspens? no one, at least not me. So because of what he said at the begining i spent whole 1/2 hour of this movie to watch and find the butler, but there’s no butler in that movie ne because the man is a stage actor who travel from stage to stage from city to city and they don’t have a butler …


Bloody hell, see how he fooled me, and with that he can make me stay awake to watch that movie. Not only that on the other episode he also make me watch the movie until the end even i was so sleepy because he said :

Actually the dog Alex is a spy …

and i watch that movie till the end and that dog still a dog, nothings happen to that dog at all.


noi        :     see ya_san, how he fool me over and over
yasu     :     of course nothing happen to that dog …
noi        :     but he said …
yasu     :     and then you want that dog turn into what, a spy …?
noi        :     yes …
yasu     :     go away, noi_chan, go away …!!!



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