Yashhoiii Post : 明日の夜 ABCD 放送局 ? …. (Another me, yasu and TET_CHAN’s new hair)

yasu is online now (when i write this post ) using  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】  on twitter talk to DAIGO ….


yasu asked to DAIGO if he can meet him tomorrow night, and then that tweet also mentioned something about Broadcast Station, are they talked about this ABCD放送局  where ther did live streaming talk or whatever they name it last year.? because everyone in twitter keep mentioned about it …

they didn’t mention what time is they gonna be on air tomorrow night, well they may keep it for tomorrow because last year when they did live streaming together DAIGO tweet_ed it only one hour before the live started. and they another tweet from yasu …


so you yes, all off you who really get sexited with 2 broomance (ah, no they are not broomance enough now, because now i think what they did together now is something that i am gonna call it as 4th step to broomance. There’s 10 steps btw) yasu and DAIGO live streaming, I am not sure about this, but you better be ready ne,

and for me, i hope tomorrow night my internet will be fine, because it kinda scwered recently, because tonight i can’t even log in to Nico Video to watch TET_CHAN‘s live streaming, he shows us his new hair and something about his PINK Party

TET_CHAN, Hawaii, Waikiki, kawaii desu yooo …..

he can be 39 or 42 but he is still forever kawaii for me. I think i better eat a lot of bananas ne, because who know i can be still kawaii like TET_CHAN when i am 42 ….

i hope someone record that live streaming now, and share it because i really want to see it, my net is absolutely ruin my night, i have no idea why. Maybe i better call the telephone company about this, but if i call them what if they say this is because i haven’t pay my bill ?

eeh …..  they want me to KILL BILL, really …. ?

i can’t do that, because i don’t have hat yellow sport suit like Bruce Lee to kill Bill, i’ll skip that. I better offline now because tonight twitter just make me lost somewhere between TET_CHAN’s new hair, yasu and DAIGO. Geez i am dizzy now ..

ah ya back to yasu’s tweet to DAIGO tonight and ABCD放送局   …<—- cick the link to go to the channel


and there’s another upcoming tweets from yasu again

so it will be tomorrow night at 22:00 PM but hey they posted differently on Facebook ne, on Facebook they said : 21:00 PM , but  that’s fine maybe there’s one hour difference between Facebook and twitter …. ahahaha, i better get ready tomorrow and ….

here’s what you should do

~  ignore your boyfriend
~  ignore your telly
~  ignore your smart or stupid phones
~  get some dinner early before your mom bother you with her calling you to come down for dinner …
~  and fix your PC and internet connection ….

and i’ll see you there …


yasu       :      ignore your boyfriend ….?
noi          :      sure i don’t have boyfriend to ignore …
yasu       :      ignore your telly, really ….
noi          :      ah ya that kinda hard to do ….



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