sixnine Post : 「Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69 -sixnine-」 … Another me, yasu and DAIGO)

thanks to yasu and DAIGO now here i am again as The Sleepless in Bahama.

I am sure all of you stayed in front of your PC or maybe still until now even the live streaming is over.  The live streaming that i am talking about now is this ABCD放送局 (ABCD Broadcast Station) where yasu and DAIGO just suprised me and i am sure all of you with their upcoming live together.

ah ya if maybe there’s some of you missed that live, don’t worry you can watch it again, because they (who ever they are) so kind to record it for us in here —-> ABCD #002 .

Their talks was very fun like always, and of course they both talked about Hyde, their Kami while looking at their Iphone and IPad (for yasu) Not only that, now we all found out if yasu has VAMPS IPhone case ne … xD

381175_415251095204237_277625282_n 644107_415251065204240_1017739658_n

but then they surprised me by showing this  ….

tumblr_maalc0Tr2M1r4jo7co5_250 tumblr_maak9ys0DJ1qek16co1_500

i remember the last time when i head about Acid BREAKERZ Cherry was on Halloween Party Live where DAIGO (DAIGO or Team ABCOfficial?, ah i think DAIGO) posted this photo ..

and now they are going to have 5th Anniversary Live together at Nippon Budokan,  I am sure this is something that all both Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ fans are waiting for. Because thanks to yasu and DAIGO’s BBF/almost broomance friendship make some vivid connection between their fans. Come on, i am sure you all ABC fans must have at least one friend from BREAKERZ fandom.

that vivid connection happened especially when something like streaming live or live performances together on one stage like how both Acid Black Cherry join VAMPS Halloween Party, the last Sixth Sense Live, yasu and DAIGO streaming live talk and the upcoming 5th Anniversary live  …..

Acid Black Cherry & BREAKERZ 5th Anniversary Live “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69 -sixnine-”

January 9, 2013 at Nippon Budokan (Wed) (18:00 / 19:00)
[Ticket prices (tax included)] : ¥ 7,800

if you are a member of Janne Da Arc FanClub you can register here : to get the ticket.

Entry registration period start from September 24, 2012 13:00 (Mon) until September 30, 23:59 (Sun) max 2 tickets for 1 membership

source : Acid Black Cherry Official OHP



“Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69 -sixnine-” ….

69 really, waw OMG i never imagine if yasu or DAIGO is gonna put that number as live theme. OK i am not gonna talk dirty here because i only talk about dirty thing only with my dry cleaner. But tonight maybe it’s a little bit dirty ne …


yasu        :     are gonna talk about dry cleaning …?
noi           :     of course not, this is ah you know what i mean …
yasu        :     whatever, just make it fast …

i remember i had some chat via Yahoo Messenger with one of on-line friend that i never meet until now because he’s in Saudi Arabia, work there as an IT engineer just like Jim from IT on SHERLOCK (that actually is Jim Moriarty), but we do still talk each other via Yahoo Messenger

one day he asked me : what is your fave number from 1 – 100? i replied him with 69. And then he reply me with Hey, Noi do you know what is people use to think about 69? …. yes, i know. and then he continued : Usually people’s mind will go to some making love/having sex position when they hear someone mentioned about 69. So it would be better to not tell everybody if your fave number is 69 especially with that excitement like you always do

Bloody hell, why can’t i tell everyone just because people will think about making love/sex scene for 69?. I have my own reason why i love 69. For me 69 is a magical number, i mean see they both like conjoined baby twins,

and not only that 1969 is not an ordinary year. because at that year Neil Armstrong made his first step in the moon and make him as the first man who walk on the moon. Nah that’s a big step for all everyone ne and it happen.

and also at thet year 1969 my banana, Leader_sama TETSUYA was born. So i think it is fine to say 69 if someone ask me what is my fave number from 1 – 100 . But for this

“Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69 -sixnine-” ….

i am sure it is related to the ero2 thing, and sure there will be nothing related to Neil Armstrong or step to the moon. …

noi          :      after Erect Live and now 69 -sixnine-then what next …?
yasu       :      i am not gonna tell you …
noi          :      yabai ne …
yasu       :      bai bai ne  …
noi          :      eeehh ….

September is not over yet, and there’s still Vamps Halloween Party 2012 and Erect live and now they both (yasu and DAIGO) already announced about another live for next year ….


noi         :     you are a very busy person ne ya_san ….
yasu      :     yes, unlike you …
noi         :     but i am also busy ne …
yasu      :     act busy
noi         :     ah …



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