Greedy Post : Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live DVD Bonus Updated .. (Another me, yasu and Onizuka)

Acid Black Cherry Official Website just updated with Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live DVD Bonus Details  with these lovely items …

~   Another Jacket Cover …

for Janne FanClub members via mu-mo Official FC Online Shop that you can access by using your ID numbers and zip postal address.

And tonight i just bothered my proxy by asking her whether if she changed the postal code again, because i can’t log in to mu-mo shop. But as aways, it was me, the fool one who forgot to put the first zero from my FC ID number. This is not the first time i did something like this

I remember i also did that panic  and then post a question before did some checking first when i received my CRISIS single from CD Japan. At that time i didn’t get a poster bonus, and i asked Toshi_san, the man who run CD Japan official twitter about this, but then he told me if i choosed the gift option with envelope so i didn’t get the poster bonus because it’s impossible to put a poster inside the envelope …. xD, nah that was embarrassing  …

i am sorry ne …..


yasu     :    for always late, then you should run faster ne noi_chan …
noi        :    oh no, that sorry is not for you ne …
yasu     :    then for who …?
noi        :    i am not gonna tell you …

OMG look at that, photos for the another jacket,  is that from 36 signed photos of yasu during TOUR 『2012』 on the latest FC magazine?, Indeed it is. I didn’t manage to join that quiz because the time when i got my FC magazine it was over the deadline. I prepared my postcard with my name, address and which photo that i want and i still keep it inside my wally.

There you are, i am always late ne, But that’s fine for me because maybe that’s not my time to get something like that. This is what happen if you are an outside Japan FC member (especially the fool one like me, who don’t know and choose to don’t wanna know about how to deal with it by myself and choose to depend on someone that i call as my proxy). .

btw about FC membership, i remember someone asked me to post something about how to join FC membership, in this case is Janne FanClub. yes, Janne Da Arc FanClub ne, because there is no Acid Black Cherry Fan Club.

If you join it, what you will get is something what i always say as one package Fan Club Membership. So you are not only get things about yasu/Acid Black Cherry but what you will get is also another Janne member (ka-yu, Shuji, you, and kiyo)’s information with their solo project. nah if you wanna join there’s 2 ways that you can take

~   if you want to handle it by yourself,

you can read this Poston heavens_place . On that post they already put all deatils what you should do to join Janne FC, include the form scans. Read it, understand it and do it …

~   if you don’t wanna bother to handle it by yourself like me

you can ask/find some shopping services/proxy (someone who is in Japan who will apply it for you and handle all of your stuffs) while you don’t have to do anything just wait for them to send your FC stuffs. but of course in this way you have to pay it more expensive than if you handle it by yourself on the first option.

Because, hey nothing is free ne, so you have to pay their services for handling stuffs for you. Search it on Google and you will find many of it and you can choose which one of them that you will ask to me your proxy and find the right price.

~   or if you have a friend/ somebody in Japan you can ask them to do it for you

it kinda like you just borrowed your friend ‘s Japan address for the FC to send your stuffs for you and your friend is the one who will send it to your home. But i am not recommend this last options for you because dealing and handling something like this is not simple and

i am sure you don’t want to bother your friend with your stuffs to handle right?. Let’s just keep the personal/friendship away from bussiness, in this case is fangirl bussiness.

OK done, i did it and now back to the topic,  『2012』 Live DVD Bonus detail next is …

  Minie Clear File  …

this is for the Mobile FC members. I think they always give some stationary stuffs for FC mobile like the last time was a note book or something? This is Japan only ne, Japanese phone, phone numbers and provider. Ah this FC Mobile is not division because i am not mobile enough to it. and the last one is …

  B2 sized Poster   …

if you buy it on mu-mo online shop, you will get that poster as bonus. Eh, CD Japan also give a poster bonus right, i wonder about the poster. But if you buy on yesasia, there’s no poster bonus and if you want a poster bonus you have to buy the w/ poster bonus which is more expensive than the regular one with no poster as a bonus. That’s why i choose to order it from CD Japan.

I am sure this poster is gonna be different both from CD Japan and mu-mo.

and the question now is :

~  what should i do now, i did my order on CD Japan but i really want the FC version,
~  Am I greed if i said i want all of it just because each of them have different bonus …? and the last is  ,,,
~  Is this a perfect time to be greed ….?


yasu      :   there will never be a perfect time to be greed ne …
noi         :   so am i great, ya_san ….?
yasu      :   what,
great …? of course you not, you are not Onizuka sensei …
noi         :   ups my typooo, i mean greed …?
yasu      :   maybe …



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