Random Post : HALLOWEEN PARTY Euphoria is on … (Another me, yasu and HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA)

Today it’s all about the upcoming HALLOWEEN PARTY,  ….

of course everyone (and me …) can’t wait to see what are they (HYDE, KAZ, yasu, DAIGO … and more) who participated on this upcoming single of HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : HALLOWEEN PARTY‘s 1st PV gonna cosplay as what …


source : VAMPSOUND’s Photo

why did i say it as the 1st PV? because i think there will be another PV, maybe for next year VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party 2012 HYDE will compose another song for HALLOWEEN PARTY and then he will make another single for HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA and of course there will be yasu and DAIGO there and another PV ….

#whoooaaaa ……. *fangirl dreaming*



noi       :     ah no, let’s just say that as another fangirl anlysis.
yasu    :     analysis ….?
noi       :     yes, how is it …
yasu    :     that’s your wish ne, not analysis …
noi       :     but …

well let’s back to this HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria, and talk about the costumes, i dunno about the other artist on HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA because my fangirl radar is very limited just like the J-Music i listen to, so i am only gonna talk about HYDE. KAZ, yasu and DAIGO  ….

~   HYDE and KAZ

KAZ remind me to one movie that i watch a long time ago. The movie is about group of man and woman who’s accidentally trapped in to a situation where they have to deal with an army of German’s soldier zombie. I forgot what is this movie’s title but i this movie is not in English, i think this is a Finland movie ..

so when i watch that movie (i watch it on DVD btw) i kinda lost between wondering what language is this movie and how the zombie’s scared me. Geez, this zombie is different with the regular zombie you may watch on Resident Evil. Well i am not sayin that the Umbrella Corp‘s zombies on Resident Evil which Alice fight to are not scary , but this Germany soldiers zombie is different.

the different is because they are, all of them is a soldiers where they were alive, and they still bring their military ways of live on their zombie’s live. …. xD, and how they kill is so scary ne. especially how they did it to the man (or woman ..?) on the toilet at night ….

and  for HYDE ...



is that JOKER? …

a JOKER, from his lips (but instead of bloody red, they made his ripped lips black) but with a Mad Hatter‘s hat, Or maybe HYDE just make his own dark version of JOKER for HALLOWEEN PARTY



btw all that images are  from Vamps Time vol. 14 and some of it is about the HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : HALLOWEEN PARTY‘s PV shoot. and i read someone posted on his blog about yasu ask HYDE to take a picture together after they finished the PV’s shoot, and there you are ….

~ yasu






look at that ne,  oh God, i always love when yasu took a picture or say something about HYDE. I have no idea why, maybe this is because i’ve been here in this Bahama 221B and get locked in this Bahama Love Triangle by both of them (read : HYDE and yasu) all this time, so my fangirl mind_setting is them …




noi       :    ah i get it now ….
yasu    :    get what …
noi       :    it is all about BATMAN right ….
yasu    :    eeehhh …..

noi       :   that’s great, not another Vampire’s cosplay …. xD


first HYDE with something what i am gonna call as his HALLOWEEN version of JOKER and now you, yes you ya_san, you are what, …. is that Two Face, but this one is again and again i am gonna call it as HALLOWEEN version of Two Face, half human and half skeleton face/body ….

OMG, it is BATMAN. but then what about DAIGO? …..






DAIGO as a mummy, ….  because there’s no mummy on BATMAN, so it is not BATMAN and then what it is now …?  aigoooo …..  ah forget it, i give up now i am just gonna say they make it random as random as HALLOWEEN PARTY itself. See you can be anything and anyone on HALLOWEEN PARTY right …?

this one is very sweet ne, thanks for my dear friend minlilin for this lovey image of yasu and his amost broomance BFF DAIGO, look at them ….



and now i think i am gonna sleep with this HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria in my mind and wondering why it took so long ne to October. yes, October 17th. The day when all my things released, and i am gonna be automatically unlocked from this yasu no Matsu wa no Heya




yasu     :     eeee chotto noi_chan, i didn’t lock you in that room …
noi        :     i locked myself btw …
yasu     :     and i am sure you have the key right …
noi        :     no, i eat it.
yasu     :     eh, you what …?
noi        :     you better find a new key to unlocked me ya_san, onegaii …

and still connected to HALLOWEEN PARTY, this one is about Acid Black Cherry Halloween Party 2012 Goods. Finally the Official Online Shop updated with these items :




Pre-sale period : September 24th, 2012 13:00 ~ October 1st, 12:00
Product launch anytime on Friday October 5th …


but, i wonder why i don’t see the price for each items except for the hairband because it is the same one with QED live hairband, or i am the one who can’t find it? … @_@

or maybe they will add it after September 24th, and it is only for mobile user who can access it now, ah this is confusing ne. I think i am gonna skip this one, because even i love the Tshirt, but as always i never buy Tshirt from all ABC live goodies i only buy hairband, pamphlet, sticker, towels … and  else, but i don’t buy Tshirt.

this is because when i bought Re-Birth Live T-shirt, The Iron Man Lady (the one who iron and wash my clothes) she did ruin my ABC shirt by iron it too hot or use too much detergent and make my shirt’s black color didn’t look good again. And then it just stop me for buy shirts again, …

and also i am still have to save my cash for my next trip to chase yasu ne, it’s been 3 months until this September i survived for not buying things and close all the chance for me to buy things that i didn’t really need. Like another new shoes or bag. And yeah i did it. Usually every month at least i am gonna have 2 new shoes, cloth or bag.

i spent my day off at home with my telly, not going anywhere, stay away from mall, books or DVD store. Just keep me from being greedy ne, after all i still have many books that i haven’t read and DVD’s that i haven’t watch. guess who i meet yesterday …?




yasu      :     who, him ….?
noi         :     no, it is not
Mr. Friday and of course it is not you ya_san …. xD.
yasu      :     of course not, why should i meet you …
noi         :     yeah, you are right, if i meet you here in my country i’ll jump to a river next to my home …
yasu      :     but you can’t swim noi_chan …
noi         :     dakara ….

I meet him again my watever you will name him as, somehow just come up like a rabbit that come up from a mgician’s hat. It was just like that, he is just in front of me and say hello, Assalamualaikum ... and i was like ,



is that really you …? that’s what i said to him instead of reply his salam with Waalaikumsalam … I remember he sent me a text message last month something about him being forever single or something that i didn’t get it 100% because he text it with Malay instead of English like when he use to be.

and then the first thing i look from him was …. aha, yeah this is very2 shame one me ne, i was looking at his fingers. Keep looking at it, and God, i should not call myself as a stalker or secret fangirl because i can’t look at his fingers secretly. Because when i did that,

he asked me hey, what are you looking for? are you looking for a wedding ring on my finger? … don’t waste your time, because you will never find it . That text message i sent you last month is not a joke, i mean it. I am gonna be forever single.

OMG how did he know about that, yes, i was looking for his wedding ring. I think he is already married, but who knows if what he said t was true. I mean what make him do that? … but somehow when he said if i will never find the wedding ring when he busted me for looking at his fingers, i was smiling like an idiot …

even if yeah we already made our choce to be on our own each way, but still imagine him together with another woman it just un_imaginable for me so that’s why i was smiling when i can’t find his wedding ring and also i didn’t ask him why. I think he is gonna tell me someday when he is ready.

and then when he asked about how i am, what i say to him was : Hey, do you know i am going to Japan to see yasu ne ….  can you imagine that, finally i am going to see him …. etc etc many more. and then he he said something that i never imagine,

he said : well what if i go with you there, to see yasu live. I think i want to know how about your fangirl world. and i replied him with : OK, if you can get the live ticket then we’ll go together …

OMG, what the hell on earth make me said that ne, God, i hope he didn’t get the ticket or there’s something he need to go on that day , no he can’t get it, the ticket and go to Japan together with me …?

bloody hell noooooo …..




noi      :    Oh God, he is not gonna get it right …?
yasu   :    why, you should be glad he want to go with you …
noi      :    no listen ya_san, when a man and woman alone, there will be a devil between them. See what i mean?
yasu   :    so you don’t trust him …
noi      :    no, i trust him 100%, but the one i can’t trust is myself …

Oh God, help me …..

See this is why i never have a long term relationship with someone, because how i am so boring, see spam the same thing like what i always do to him and now on our first meet after all this time i did it again ….

See how boring i am …..?



noi         :      don’t you think so ….?
yasu      :      yes i see it, very boring. now go to sleep  …
noi         :      oyasumi …


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