Hot & Sunny Post : ABC HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS Update … (Another me, yasu, HYDE in Horror Land)

today is hot, as hot as yasu in the bathtub

not because today is Monday, where everything is getting hot on the 1st day of the week, the day you are back to your daily activities at office after had a Sunday off at home, But today is really2 hot. The sun just burn all over me. And on this hot and sunny day i have 3 places to go and two of them are outdoor.

This is all my fault, all because of me. Why do i have to say the same day and time whenever someone ask when did they can have a meeting with me, or i promise to meet someone (work related to) i always tell them the same

~   Come to me on Monday at 2:00 PM
~   I’ll meet you next Monday at 2:00 PM
~   Set the meeting on Monday at 02:00 PM

i mean what is wrong with me, why it always Monday at 02:00 PM …? i should stop that habit ne, because it always make me out on a very sunny day like today, it would be better if i make an early appointment, ah ya in the morning … *make a note*

It is already more than 1/2 year there’s no rain fall in my hometown. They said this hot and dry season will continue until end of 2012. Two weeks ago suddenly rain just fell at night but it was a very short rain, it was like just passed by to my hometown and then go to another town.

My mom nonstop tellin me to save water because our well almost run out of water. So from now on i only have limited water to use. Wash my hair only once not twice like usual. Because i spent most of my time outdoor with dust  all over my hair, I always wash my hair everyday and i do it twice. I need much more water for that,

but now i can’t do it anymore in this long dry season at home, but i still can do that at office. Unlike my home well, my office well still have much water inside. And so today after finish my out on sunny day activity, i took a shower, back to my desk and then

i can open The Official Online Shop  for HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS ..

T-shirt half sleeve (white print) : ¥ 3,800

T-shirt half sleeve (pink print) : ¥ 3,800

i  like it the white print one. I mean the Halloween Party white print it just look perfect on the black shirt.

Muffler Towel (× Pink Black) : ¥ 2,500

Tote Bag : ¥ 1,200 …. ♥

i think i am gonna buy the tote bag ne, use it once maybe two and then keep it so it would be save. and if there’s some of you want to buy that HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS, just make sure to make your order before October 1st 2012.

and then i saw something and it just dumped me back to my HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria again. i’ll write about it tomorrow maybe. That something i saw today is this, what else but this …

that’s so sweet ne, how HYDE and yasu‘s talking to that little girl. and that little girl, well everyone ask who is that little girl …? i have no idea ne, but i am sure we all gonna see that girl on the upcoming HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA’s HALLOWEEN PARTY PV .

see something about it? …. i mean a little girl among all the scary creatures (JOKER, 1/2 Man 1/2 skeleton, mummy), tell what did you get on your mind …? well what i get is for the upcoming PV’s theme is

~    Alice on Wonder Land

but maybe because this is Halloween theme, and you all know Halloween time where you will see ghost everywhere, the fake one (man with costume) or maybe among all of them there is one or maybe two real ghost there, joining the crowd. …xD, so it would be better if the title is Alice in Horror Land instead of Wonder Land …. xD

~    The Wizard of Oz

i wish i can see the little girl shoes, ….

actually when i clicked the post icon on my LJ to post something, i want to post my review after i watch this movie last night : James Franco’s The Rise of Planet of The Apes because last night i was cryin like hell for Will and Caesar. Well i’ll do that tomorrow because

there will always be tomorrow …

yasu    :  ah you just don’t wanna do it ne …
noi       :  of course i want to do it but not today, because ya_san update/post something on a blog ..

it just like sayin I Love You, if you can’t say it today, you can say it tomorrow,
and if you still can’t say it don’t worry, there is always be the day after tomorrow ..

愛してる愛してるよ  ….!!

yasu   :  whatever  ….


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