Spoiler Post : LIVE DVD Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 …. (Another me, yasu and MY Heart Beat)

i knew it, i knew it always like this ne. Acid Black Channel upload the preview (or should i call this as The Final HQ Spoiler  for the upcoming LIve DVD 『2012』 …?)

on this hour, this office hours … kyaaaa *drolling on my desk*

see this is what happen when you like me, a very busy .… ahahaha … *got slapped* private fangirl. and what happen now is here i am get rid all my works and papers from my desk and then do nothing but watching the video above over and over again , smiling like this is the fist day i am allowed to smile freely and ignore all what my muggle_office mate talks.


ignore ….

i think my fave part is gonna be Cho, i mean look at that spider web from laser light, It looks like all over yasu and wrapped him with red light ….



and of course i really want to see Cherry – Cherry part, i want to see him jumping, move his body on so … Good Night because they (all of them who went to see this live) said yasu make a sexy dance on that song, the acoustic version of Fuyu no Maboroshi , the photobook bonus, of shoot ….

and ….

cc : the-nameless-liberty

aha yay that’s my fave part from all Acid Black Cherry live DVD, is when he open his shirt and let all of us to take a look on his six pack : 1,2,3,4,5,6 ….  yup that’s six …

The Official Website also announced  Blu-ray version of Live DVD for




~     『2012』 Live
Price: ¥7000 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV I Yesasia

~     2010 Re: Birth Live  -Osaka-Jo Hall-
Price: ¥6200 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV

~     2010 Re: Birth Live  -Yokohama ARENA-
Price: ¥6200 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV

~     QED Tour 2009 Live
Price: ¥7200 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV

now i just want to see it all of it a.s.a.p.  …



noi         :     call 911 ya_san, my heart beat fast …
yasu      :     that’s normal, you just ger excited ..
noi         :     no, this is too fast ne …
yasu      :     don’t be such a drama queen ne …

waiting and get bored that’s what i am doing know, because there’s only me, yasu and this excitement inside of me, that can’t wait any longer to see the DVD. Oh God, how many days again to 2012.10.17 …. *look at my calendar*

eeeh still another 22 days more ….?


yasu      :    be quite and do what you should do noi_chan, wait …
noi         :    do something to make October 17th come fast …
yasu      :    hey fangirl, do i look like Doraemon to you …?
noi         :    of course not …



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