【Scan 】Post : Without Any Prejudices …. (Another me, yasu and HYDE)

here i am now at 00:25 AM and i just woke up two hours ago, enjoyed my hot water bath and now just stay here inf front of my PC and still tryin to deal with Photobucket that keep me failed to upload my scans.

But thank God, Facebook is back to normal again and not refuse to upload my big sized scans, so there you are Acid Black Cherry on FOOLS MATE Vol. 372 October 2012 Scans



enjoy ne and

with these scans i just want to make all of you can’t wait longer for the DVD …. ahahahaha … *evil laugh*




yasu       :     what kind of laugh is that …?
noi         :     i’lll show you my other lauh …

khikhikhikhi ….   *granny laugh*
fufufufufufufufu …. *pervy laugh

yasu       :      not funny ne …

ah ya when my friend minlilin tweet_ed me about the image of yasu and DAIGO sleepy together from Vamps Time vol. 14 i remember she also asked me : Guess who sit next to them …? i have no idea to answer her be, who would be …? their manager or who else, and now i know who he is …

HYDE …..!!!!!





how can i never think about it, ne i should’ve know that must be him, HYDE. Who else but him ne, I am such an example of a baka fangirl ne, who said many times how she love her idol but … ahahaha … *speechless*.




Talking about HYDE, i dunno what is on his mind ne, but for me HYDE is someone that can say something that always make sense. He just can make it right, and every time i wonder about something or i have some doubt inside me, i always accidentally read/found about his words, like this :


try something new without any prejudices? waw that’s far2 away from me ne, i am someone who have so many prejudices and always use it everytime i want to do something or knowing somebody. Remember Pride and Prejudice, a novel by Jane Austen ..? you can say i am like Miss. Elizabeth Bennet there and hell yeah i love this character on that book and of course the lovely Mr. Darcy.

today i was thinking about my job, as usual i did that everytime i feel so tired and with so many things i haven’t finished yet. Is this what i really want to do? and then it continued with what is my real talent, i mean something that i can do other than this.

in my live i always feel that i don’t have something that i am good at and i can be proud from it. I am not good at art, my voice just a disaster, note_blinded, i can’t draw anything else but a scenery with two mountains and sunrise between them, i hate/can’t do any sports but running (thanks to my neighbor’s dog) …

what else i can do best ne, i remember i want to be a writer. Like a script writer or a book writer. But i had many times rejected by some publisher when i sent them my stuffs with so many reason. Most of them is because i can’t write the end of my story. My ending is not like what they all wanted. The ending, that’s my biggest problem of writing, i wrote long opening and the main part but then when it came to the end, i just can’t make a great ending.

that’s why i never write again even i have ideas here inside my head but i choose to keep it for later, maybe when things that make me want to write again come, and thanks to HYDE i get it now, erased my prejudice about how i can’t make a great ending (because i am not gonna get Mr. Darcy anyway… ahahaha … *got slapped*) I’ll do that again, writing maybe this is another thing i can do beside my related numbers related and counting job.




HYDE     :    Mr. Darcy ….?
noi         :     ignore that HYDE_san, .
HYDE     :    hmm OK
noi         :    
again and again, thank you  .  ..

I better go to sleep now or tomorrow i will walk like a zombie in the morning. This not normal sleeping pattern is the one who turned me into a zombie. Now i am on my 3rd glass of iced Vanilla Latte. I am addicted to coffee, so i am a coffee addict ne. Everyone have something  they are addicted to. Instead of smoking or alcohol, i choose to be addicted to coffee and yeah you all know who ….


yasu     :  who, me ….?
noi        :  yes, it always you …
yasu     :  so now i am something like coffee ..
noi        :  ups, sorry boss i mean you are somebody …



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