yay Post : Female Rock Squad – Entrevista Exclusiva Acid Black Cherry (Another me, yasu and Umbrella

I had such a lovely morning today,

arrived at office at 07:15 AM means i am only 15 minutes late and somehow things just went perfectly today. Now i know why my boss keep mad at me when if i come at office late. Morning means fresh and smooth. I turned on my PC and internet connected, open my mailbox and then tararara

You’ve Got Mail …!!!!!

ah no, just kidding ne. For all of you who watched Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks‘s movie : You’ve got Mail, must know that’s the opening scene of that movie. I just love that movie, see how the world change so fast right now ne, Now everybody started their days on net instead of open the morning newspaper. Turn on their PC/Iphone and other mobile devices, get connected, check their inbox/notifications/twitter’s mention to find out what’s going on today.

Offshoot complete.avi_000392892

yasu      :    sound like some movie …
noi         :    omo, how did you know …
yasu      :    is this gonna be a movie post ?
noi         :    no, not today …

and that’s what i do to start my office day. I open my Facebook and i saw this article all over my Facebook Home Page —->

Female Rock Squad : Entrevista Exclusive (Exclusive Interview) Acid Black Cherry.

I got a message from my friend about this Female Rock Squad a long time ago, if i am not mistake is a community in Latin America (as you can see it is on Spanish and English) who arranged an interview with Acid Black Cherry. They also tryin to do/arleady did interview with L’arc_En_Ciel in Paris.

at that time she ask me whether if i have some question to as for yasu, and one of my question is about the next Recreation 3, and some silly questions …… xD. I’ve been waiting when did they gonna do the interview because it was a long time ago since i gave my questions to her, and there you are finally today i read the interview and Recreation 3 is on the question list …


well then, OK ya_san, next year maybe …..? just let me know when it fixed. As always i am gonna wait for that. I always love how yasu add the Recreation track on his sigles, because as he said on the Recreation track question …


see what i mean, indirectly he share songs he cover to peoples who didn’t know it perhaps for the younger people who didn’t know about that song because at the time when that song released they weren’t born yet or for someone like me with a very limitted music/songs to hear. Thaks to him, I know many Japanese not related to L’arc songs  now. And what he said about downloading and how packaging is important aspect in creating album ….


see how brilliant is he ….?

the point i get is instead of busy ask people not to download songs/album materials it would be better to think about creating album package that make people want to buy and for people who already buy it to feel glad by open and read the package. Because ask people not to download is gonna be as hard as when you ask me to not post things about yasu/Acid Black Cherry. I think dowloading is like a mold in a rainy days. Once you get rid one or two then suddenly it grows another 10 so you better find another way.

I bought ABC singles and albums even i don’t  read the lyrics 100 % from the cover. I usualy  read it from internet and then try to figure out what is he wanted to say on that song. I also never play the CD because i don’t have a CD player (how can i have a CD player if i don’t even have a radio?) , so what i did and always do is dowload the songs from internet, put it to my MP3 player and when i received my stuffs i just enjoy watch the covers or yeah you can see watch his photos there, scan it and then put my singles like this, watch it everyday while smiling … xD

seeing that umbrella, now i remember something about umbrella, this is the real umbrella, like Rihanna‘s song Umbrella, ella ella not the Umbrella Crop the zombie factory. Last night i did my search again and it was on Yahoo auction. And then i just can’t stop thinking about this umbrella …


that’s VAMPS SUNSHIDE UMBRELLA, look at that  and imagine ne if i go to office on a rainy day with that umbrella i am gonna have my own Gothic look ne, Gothic it would be perfect for this October because it HALLOWEEN is coming. I just want a Gothic look like Abby on NCIS. A Gothic look for me this HALLOWEEN ne …


yasu       :      hmmm, i don’t think so …
noi          :      really, well if you say so i better think about another theme …
yasu       :      for what …?
noi          :      for my Halloween Fanphoto. I told you ne, remember?
yasu       :      sorry, i don’t

There’s one episode where they all went to Kate’s funeral and Abby look soo Gothic sweet with her black dress and umbrella. I wonder where i can find that kind of umbrella and then i saw that SUNSHIDE UMBRELLA.  Oh God i really want that. But the bad news is it is one of FanClub stuffs so you only can buy it via HYDEIST or VAMPADDICT. That’s why the price on Yahoo auction is very2 expensive ne : 12,000 yens while the original price for FC members to buy is only 3,000 yens. OMG can you imagine that? from 3,000 yens to 12,000 yens. There’s  …


noi          :    eh chotto ne how much is from 3,000 to 12,000 … *find a calculator*
yasu       :    you bring that home …?
noi         :    what this calculator, yes i do this one is big ne as big as your Ipad …
yasu      :    OMG noi_chan i know how much you want an Ipad, but calculator it is still not and never be the same as an Ipad …
noi        :    but i can count with this …

so there’s 9,000 yens difference ne, i wish i can ask someone who is a member of VAMPADDICT or HYDEIST to buy that umbrella for me, it doesn’t matter if eventually i have to pay 5,000 yens or at least 7,000 yens as long as not 12,000 yens. Because if i buy that from auctions i know that 12,000 yens is still gonna be change. Until the day they close the auction it will gonna be 13,000 yens, 14,000 maybe 15,000 yens and plus the bank transfer fee … etc etc i am sure that umbrella price is gonna reach to 20,000 yens ….


noi         :    nee ya_san, do you know how much ..
yasu      :    see this number
234…? yes you can buy more than 234 mochi with20,000 yens .
noi         :    OMG how did you know i am gonna ask that …?
yasu      :    what else you are gonna ask but that  …
noi         :    waw that’s awesome ne  ….

enough about the umbrella things and now lets back to the Entrevista Exclusive with yasu, now last but not least is this part ….


you can read the full interview in here —–>  Entrevista Exclusiva: Acid Black Cherry

he said It’s also my dream to play lives overseas, i think it’d be great if i can go . Read that ne, play lives overseas is also one of his dreams, so now what can i do now but wait while keep support him so he can make his dream to play lives overseas come true. If he make it, that’s mean he also make my dream to watch him live overseas (in this case for me is in my country or at least countries near to it) come true …

so run, ya_san, run after your dream, make it true


noi       :   run ya_san, or fly over here and get your dream, You’re the King of The World and ill be right here waiting for you ….
yasu    :   eeh, are we in
TITANIC now …..?
noi       :   maybe, but you can swim right ? ….
yasu    :   what the …




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