Friday Post : I Didin’t do This, but Twitter did … xD (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Twitter)

yeah it’s Friday ne,

and i am full now. I think i eat too much for my lunch with a lamb sure this is not gonna be good for my blood pressure and my anger that always having a trouble with management problem, so after this i am not gonna do anything but silence, as Hannibal Lecter did on Silence of The Lambs and continue posting this Friday Post

Last night yasu asked to all his fans via twitter about his Halloween costume for this upcoming VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012. I almost missed this but thank God my friend marchlavender notified me about it, Thanks dear …

He also have some funny tweets with Kiyo, i have no idea if they can be so funny like that … xD


and of course i replied him, and my reply was :

Halloween costume ya_san? just don’t be a Dracula or Vampire again ne, because this year is the year for Zombie. Zombie is everywhere.

They are everywhere ne. Actually i never mind he is gonna be anything/anyone on this year VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012. Anything/anyone but Dracula and Vampire related costume …

noi       :    no Dracula, no Vampire OK
yasu    :    why ….
noi       :    you already did it twice ne, and that’s boring ..
yasu    :    i am not boring ne, you are …
noi       :    OK, i am boring so don’t follow me ..

i got an email from twitter told me if from now on i can use a banner on my Twitter Page (or should i call this a Twitter profil?) and not ony that, this morning i saw my dear brother Tekki posted this lovely image of HYDE, yasu, DAIGO on HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA PV Shoot from VAMPS Times vol.14


and i am not sure who is the girl, But i think she is RINA from Scandal, or …? ….  Then i put that image above as my twitter Header image, i swear i didn’t do anything ne …. and it just became like this Never Ending Bahama Love Triangle : HYDE_noi_yasu ..yay …


HYDE    :     OMG yasu_kun, this is the wrong girl …
yasu      :     eeeh, noi_chan what are you doing here ….?
noi         :     i am here to see you and HYDE_san …
HYDE    :     hey, fangirl what have you done …
noi         :     don’t ask me. I  i swear didn’t do this, ne Twitter did this, but this is great ne …. ahahahaha *laugh*


One thought on “Friday Post : I Didin’t do This, but Twitter did … xD (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Twitter)

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