HJO Post : HALLOWEEN PARTY PV Preview, MP3 …. etc, (Another me yasu and The Monsuta Big Boss)

HALLOWEEN PARTY PV Preview and Backstage Interview  from Mezameshi TV

la la la la la …. Halloween Party

la la la la la …. Let’s Trick or Treat …



look at that, waw i love this PV already. The dinner part, waw look at all of them, even it remind me son some part of  Backstreet Boys PV : Backstreet” Back. you know the part when AJ have his bloody dinner with all girls in a red dress. But in this PV HYDE the Monsuta Big Boss (with XIII on his chest) held a dinner (even not the bloody one) for all his fellow monsuta …


and HYDE, OMG is stunning as always ne, I love how he just stand on chair and sing (or should we say he is giving a speech? …) like the boss of all the monsters who joined that Halloween dinner.


After dinner on Halloween Night all the lovely monsuta walk on the street, knocking on each door and say Trick or Treat …!!! …

from the backstage interview my fave part is gotta be this :

yasu                                          :   meccha monsuta ….
and the HYDE replied him with     :   i don’t wanna say that to you ….

i didn’t realized this if Yukiko didn’t tell me,look at his face ne, what a sweet fanboy …. xD

by started VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY annually, HYDE also start some euphoria among everyone, not only his fans but also to all other artist’s fans who will join HYDE‘s VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY. This year he added this HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, omo HYDE you are forever genius for never run out of something to make ne, …

well then because today is the first day of October, so that means we still have another 16 days to, it still more than 2 weeks, but i can’t wait to see and listening the full and complete of this song, first the cover just blown me away.

~  Regular Edition Jacket


~  Limitted Edition Jacket


CD Tracklist


you can Download the Radio Ripp from Tokyo FM in ——> here  and it sounded like Hurry XMass but the horror version … xD  

    2. Penalty Waltz

DVD Tracklist

1. HALLOWEEN PARTY MV (Directed by Ken Nikai)

source :  vamprose.com

i think i ordered the Limitted Edition, … or the Regular one? … *checking her email*

~  Group Photo shoot …


~  Solo Photo shoot …

HYDE The Boss Monsuta


there you are The Boss Monsuta, with that XIII  sing on his chest, he show us if he is The Boss, on HALLOWEEN PARTY

DAIGO The Mummy


SCANDAL RINA The Bunny Girl …


look at her skirt,  …. so lovely ne and she is cute, but that skirt just make her looks more cute  ..



noi      :     but without the Sickle of Death like that, omo ya_san you look like a …
yasu   :     like what …
noi      :     like a land lord …. *laugh*
yasu   :     a land lord, what the …
noi      :     well then because the theme is
HALLOWEEN so let’s just say you are the Lord of Horror Land ….

KAZ The Ghost/Zombie Soldier …


D’ERLANGER’s kyoThe Commander  …


Tommy february6 / Tommy heavenly6The Twin …..?




Ana Tsuchiya ….


MUCC TatsuroThe Psyco


Actually Tatsuro_san‘s costume is my fave ne, i mean look at him, with his long hair like that, it just make him looks more miserable. It seems like he is desperately need help, especially when he tweet_ed this photo on his twitter …. xD


OMG look at him, he just remind me to The 13th Ghost, you all seen that movie right, and from all the 13 ghosts trapped on that cursed house, one of it is a pshyco and he is really danger ne, i remember they put him in a place where it was designed to the most dangerous ghost so nobody can release him easily. Oh God, Tatsuro_san i thought you will be Sadako on this HALLOWEEN PARTY PV, but you are not. and yes, you’re surprised me ne….

Why Sadako …? well that’s because of his ong hair. I remember the first time i saw and know about him was when he joined HYDE on Jack In The BOX performance, the performed Nocturne , then i was like , hey who is that man …? and i thought his hair is not real so what i was sayin at that time : ah he must be use some wig. But he is not ne …. *laugh*

Kanon Wakeshima – The Little Red Ridding Hood


Nightmare’s Hitsugi


Aoki Ryuji


Somehow it make me feel want to stay at HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA on HALLOWEEN night ne …


yasu      :    Hotel Transylvania,or what ..?
noi         :    to spent my
yasu      :    but we are not gonna stay on that hotel ne …


HYDE     :     boys, just don’t tell her which hotel we are going to stay …
DAIGO    :     sure …
noi          :     HYDE_san, why …
HYDE     :     i think you are just turned in to a stalker, don’t you think so yasu_kun ..?
yasu       :     yeah, i think so …
noi          :    no, no ya_san, i am not ….

even this is HJO post but let’s talk about this amazing song that yasu gave us. The song that i mean is none other than 「イエス」. how yasu end that song with
the proposal line and make all of us (esp. me ….. xD) say nothing but 「イエス」 (read : yes, one million yes) to him, even he will never hear it. So this is a story about 「イエス」

Thanks to Jin Mrdervoice who so kind to explain about than muted video above. so what yasu said is when he sang this song and reach the ending then suddenly there’s a guy who was at the front took out a ring and gave it to his girlfriend, propose her on that day and it was surprised the girl and also yasu
himself …

waw that’s a brilliant idea to propose someone ne, OMG i think this is the most romantic way to propose that i even heard after how Wong Fei Hung (Jet Lee) propose his 13th aunt (Rosamund Kwan) by saying this :  A,B,C, ….. K,L,M,N,O … O do you want some O ? while giving her a ring …


yasu      :      don’t go too far noi_chan, i don’t have any O for you ….
noi         :      i know , you only have ABC …
yasu      :      good …

because i can’t goo far with the O thing so i better make my dream in the Horror Land tonight, while wodering what i am gonna do to spent my Halloween night this year, i mean what movie that i am gonna watch. I think i am gonna wacth again The Sleepy Hallow or Bram Stoker’s Dracula, or stay at HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA,
and wait for yasu to knock my door for Trick or Treat ….

noi         :     ya_san, don’t forget my room is number 221, the same hotel …
yasu      :     ups sorry, we are full this year, so i think we will skip your room …
noi        :      but i’ll give you lot’s of candy …
yasu     :      aha candy …? yeah right …



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