Request Post : Happy Birthday Tet_chan …. (Another me, yasu and Banana Day

okay now it is a request post , ah i dunno what do i have to start this with ne.

Well about 3 days ago my friend told me if she want to join the Erect Live lottery from the DVD part because she want to see Erect Live. You know the FC lottery is over and also the FC Mobile. She is not Janne FC member, but she is on Junji Fanclub. I have no idea if there’s a Fanclub for Junji if she didn’t tell me.

so she asked me wheter if i can post her request somewhere, where it would be read by ABC fans. Nah then here i am now posting this in here, so my reqeuest is for you, all of you Acid Black Cherry fans out there who read this. I think i am gonna start to call all of you as Team_yasu … xD after I saw this on my twitter timeline :

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Take this and find out! (Twilight ) …?

i don’t have to take that because hey, i am already on Team_yasu ne , i dunno why but that line Team_yasu i just love to hear and type it ne. Team_ABC is for yasu’s team but Team_yasu is just some yay terms for me to call the other Acid Black Cherry fans who love and support yasu . OK i am gonna say this again ….

Go Go Team_yasu, let’s beat Team Edward/Team Jacob ….. !!!!


yasu       :      are you gonna join some soccer competition …?
noi          :      no, of course not
yasu       :      you better keep it noi_chan, or that vampires and werewolf will get you ..
noi          :      eeeh …. really …?
yasu       :      Halloween is coming ….

eeeh that’s scary ne, what if that blink blink vampire Cullen catch me and werewolf, Oh God save me. I think i am gonna keep this Team_yasu things for my self ne, ah ya here’s my request :

Dear all ABC fans ..

to all of you who did order the upcoming Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD and …

~  you don’t have a plan to join the lottery,
~  you live in Asia so you will receive it soon
~  or you sure you will receive your DVD before 2012/10/22 : 23:59 JST because they will close the lottery after that

would you please send me the serial number that you will get together with the DVD? you can send it to me via message in Live Journal, Ameba, twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. I really apreciate if you do it. So pretty pretty please …. *wink*

Thanks Before

even it is too late but i am stil gonna post  this entry with for leader, why because today (or yesterday ..? it is after midnight already) is Banana Day, October 3rd is Leader_sama TETSUYA‘s birthday  ..!!! … i think i am the last one who post something like this while everyoe started it yesterday on midnight …



stay genki and wonderfull as you are. Thank you for started L’arc and all songs you wrote. Even if you are on your 40s now, for me you will always be on 20s . LONG LIVE, WASHHOIII  ….!!!..



yasu       :  ah you are late again noi_chan …
noi          :  i know, so Happy Banana Day ya_san …
yasu       :  so how many banana did you eat today …?
noi          :  2, one for me and one for you …



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