Monday Post : FanProject, FanVideo and All The Fangirling Things We Do in This Fandom World

OKE, since i am at office now and there’s so many papers waiting for me to fix so this one is gonna be a quick post … *crossfinger*

here’s what happened. About two days ago on Saturday ah ya it was Saturday, i saw something that i don’t like on my Facebook Home, you do all know ne about the Acid Black Cherry FanVideo Project for The Upcoming Halloween right, nah on their Facebook event page, which i also invited so that’s why i saw that on my Facebook Home.  i saw one post say this words :


just because they had 124 people declared that they’ll make a photo, but only 26 actually did it and then continued with that Shame on you words. At that moment when i read that i was like …

eeeh , ….. SHAME ON ME ….?????   …   other fandom also held something like this but why did i have to find that words on ABC fandom? …  disappointed? yes, i was and start to wondering like what Prof. Snape tweet_ed …


Shame on me for what, for just haven’t send my photo, …. i remember i said i’ll do that, send my creepy photo for that fanproject. For me something like this FanProject/FanVideo or whatever you will name it, it always fun and make me happy, It kind a way for us as a fans to knock on the artis’s door, in this case is him (read : Yasu/Acid Black Cherry) on this year’s Halloween


noi        :     who knows with that fanvideo knockin on your door on Halloween night, you’ll give us some treats, nee ya_san …?
yasu     :     what treat ..?
noi        :     candy …?
yasu     :     no ….
noi        :     cookies …
yasu     :     no ..
noi        :     donuts …?
yasu     :     forget it …
noi        :     then what do you have ? OMG you prepare nothing …@_@
yasu     :     nee, noi_chan, look at me. Do i look like 7/11 for you …
noi        :     of course not …
yasu     :     then go get your own treats ….!!!
noi        :     ♪ La La La La La La ….. HALLOWEEN PARTY .. ♪ … *singing*

back to the FanProject/FanVideo, the best part is we, all of us do it together. so that’s why i really appreciated the Host (whoever who got the idea to make it) for their efforts and also gave me a very fun/happy time by finding my own creepy photo on their last project. It was amazing ne …

Their first project as i remember it started from yasu’s interview with J PopAsia there’s one part where yasu said he didn’t realize if he has so many overseas fans. I sure know, he is aware about having many overseas fans. it is just him for being so polite ne. And then when the idea for the 1st fanproject came up, i was so happy, i did send my creepy photo and then got soo fuckin excited when i saw it on the video ….

For this second project, they said they received email from MusicJapanPlus who asked them to make another fanproject and this time is for Halloween. I also got excited about this one, because hey for someone who never have a celebration for Halloween for the rest of my life this fanproject it was like someone invited me to a Halloween Party via internet. …

even i haven’t do my photo, because in this 2 weeks i have tons work to do. My boss just came from i have no idea where did he come from with a bunch of works that i have to finish, Hell yeah this is me, someone who cannot say no but always say : OKE boss, i’ll do that or just give me 2 days then i’ll finished that for you etc etc …. now burried alive under all those papers , so yes work is my excuse and it will always be my excuse/reason

but then when i read that SHAME ON YOU word on one of their post ( i am glad they decided to erased it, and replaced it with one post with how they feel sorry about the last angry post), i know it is supposed to be something that i can ignore, see after all the one who posted it is only 18 years old, you all know how it’s feel when you are 18 years old ne, how you feel excited for everything, say anything you want etc etc. I think she just need some en_lighment ne.

For the record, i really and always love the fanproject idea, but if we do it with fun. As i know the main cause for that SHAME ON YOU posted there is because of the deadline, so i think they (the host) should be more calm down about it. Don’t get a rush with this one, and the important thing is don’t make another fans lost or feel less excited about this project because of that damn deadline,  see deadline as like what it named, is always dead ne, it never gonna be alive and after you literally.  so just stay calm because in this FanProject/FanVideo :


The Host (whoever got the idea) is the one who need the other fans not the other fans who need The Host to make it. Or a lest it can turned in into a symbiotic mutualism relationship between The Host (who also a fans theirself) with the other fans who are not The Host ne.

you know like what happen between a buffalo and starlings bird ne, remember how the buffalo need the starlings bird to get rid all the louse all over it while the starlings bird can eat all the louse. Nah that’s would be great ne, i mean the other fans need the Host to make fanprojects to knock on their idol’s door while the Host need the other fans to make their project success,

it should be a balance relationship ne like Yin and Yang : Empty is Full, Full is Empty …

So for now on and forever nobody get ashamed whether if you already send your photo or not. And also even if you don’t want to join some fanproject (unlike me who always excited for something like this) with your own reason (i am sure everyone have their own reason and it always be reasonable)  … you are still a fan, you adore, worship your idol so yes,

you are still a fan, and yes, in this Fandom World you are counted  …


yasu      :     who do the counting btw ….
noi         :     well, if no one do that, i’ll do that boss ….
yasu      :     what about your photo ….?
noi         :     i haven’t do that yet, because now i am on the top …
yasu      :     you are on top of what, Top of The World , don’t go that far noi_chan …
noi         :     no, no what i am gonna say is now I am on The Top of My Lazziness …
yasu      :     eehh ….

noi         :     ♪ La La La La La La ….. HALLOWEEN PARTY .. ♪ … *singing*


PS        :     this just what’s on my mind so i hope nobody offense with this, because as i said i do and always love fanproject,  just let’s do this with fun OK …  ~Love, NH~

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