Matsu Wa Post : Monsters in The Window Display … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and WHAT’S IN 2012年11月号)

from 『WHAT’s IN?』Web , there you are for November issue the cover is ….



and here’s what happen, OMG i just can’t believe it ne when i open the pre-oreder link on CD Japan, <—- you can check it by yourself btw, it said Availability  :  Pre-Order Sold Out … oh yeah i am late again ne, as i remember i always late for this magazine on CD Japan ne, The last WHATS IN? with HYDE as the cover i also had to buy it from HMV. so for this November issue for WHAT’S IN i ordered it from HMV.

here’s the other pre-order link : HMVAmazon Jp

HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, HALLOWEEN PARTY and the ♪ La La La La … HALLOWEEN PARTY ♪♪ La La La La … Let’s Trick or Treat  ♪ …  is just everywhere right, the euphoria has just begun months before the release day and the event itself ne.


With that unit he named as HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA sure HYDE made this year’s Halloween sounds and feel more interesting …. and now look at the upcoming WHAT’S IN cover, tell me what do you think about it? …


you all know Harry Potter ne, watch it and sure all of you know about the pictures/paintings all over the Hogwarts wall, nah as we all know all of it are not some ordinary pictures/paintings, it special and magical, see they can talk and ask Password …? to the students. For example : the Fat Lady, an opera singer in a Roman toga with a wreath on her headon, the Gryffindor guardian will ask if someone want to enter the Gryffindor Boys’ Dormitory

that WHAT’S IN cover for me it gave me the same thing ne, the diefferent is in this cover it looks like all of them, the monster/ghost or whatever you may named it defferently are waiting from their own frames  ….

waiting for what ?



of course waiting for the HALLOWEEN night to come, the night where they all can be free to go and hunt all of you (not me, btw because i am save , or not lucky? here in Bahama 221B) and none of them want gonna come here and catch me no matter how much candy, donut and jellybeans i have and i want the GRIMM and The Boss Monsuta to knock in to my door at HALLOWEEN night ….


noi           :     don’t you guys ….
HYDE      :      i think i know why did she said that ….
yasu        :     she think by sayin that we can come to knock on her door ne …
HYDE      :     hai hai, you better tell her yasu_kun …
yasu        :     nee noi_chan i told you ne, just forget it …
noi           :     aish this one also didn’t work …
HYDE      :     poor noi_chan ….. *laugh*

i’ll think about something else tomorrow, but tonight i’ll just do this post. So that’s only the first thing i get, and i also saw someone make it like this one :


that’s like an Iphone wallpaper or some image that you touch then it will bring you to some menu or something like that ne, i have no idea because i don’t have an Iphone i only have an Ipad look a like calculator so i don’t know it for sure, but i think it will looked like that if someone put it on Iphone, ah whatever …

the next one is for me it looks like all of them are in some window display, maybe on some monster/ghost store, where you can pick one or two monster/ghost ? and if something like that exist btw of course

i pick yasu and HYDE ….. ajajajajaja … *got kicked*

before my mind goes more than this and talk about something more silly than pick yasu and HYDE from a window display where i know for sure the reality is i never even see their Album CD/DVD on window display here in my country , so what the hell on earth make me think that i can see and pick yasu and HYDE themself? Oh God, forgive me i think eat a lot mango screwed my brain not only my stomach ne …

btw today is October 10th and it is pay day. One day in every month i am gonna see all of them,  All persons who work with me, work together from all division will see me once in a month in the pay day to get the salary. And today ….



yay …

i did my homework ne, i managed to mentioned all of their names. All of them with no mistake ne, Waw this is great right finally i can push my brain to remember and match all their names and face. So what i did today is smile at them, gave them their enevelopes while sayin their names and a little chit chat plus simple jokes to them. And hey it worked ne, i am not that bad to remember and i still can count on this brain to remember something else but my calculations everyday.


I did this after i finished this dorama : Rich Man, Poor Woman, at the last episode it showed how finally Hyuga_san able to mention all of his employee who work for him, all of them with no mistake. He used not able to do that and he had his something health/tend to forget someone face/name. Nah when i saw him do that, i was like if Hyuga_san can do that, why can’t i …?

people may think you watch movie or dorama just for fun or add your drama queen level on your blood by cryin like an ididot whenever your fave character died or broken_hearted. But that’s not all ne, you can find another things to learn ne, maybe you can learn and improve your language skill. Like me in my forever year on my Japanese class with my dorama list to watch.


yasu      :    forever year …? yeah right …
noi         :    someone asked me about that ne what should i say, you know i don’t join a formal class ..
yasu      :    because you don’t want to, and i am not gonna wait forever ne …
noi         :    eehh, really …
yasu      :    not for you …


i’ll think about that later ne, see that papers above, i don’t even do anything for my Visa application ne, i keep delay it again and again, i have to do this before Ied ne, i should go to Jakarta tomorrow and meetadrio_nevralka  there, she will take a day off tomorrow because tonight she is watching MIYAVI live at Hard Rock Cafe. She asked me to join her to watch that show but i said no, because i know nothing about MIYAVI, nothing at all. I think i am gonna go to Jakarta for my Visa application on Friday, i hope i can take a day off on Friday ….

back to whay i did today with my brain : so i spent my afternoon by smile (i said this one before ne ….ahahaha sorry) and watch their face and say their names : you are Zainul, you are Ikhsanuddin, you are Rusmadi, etc etc …. and …

yasu, you are my Mind Blowing Man  …… ajajajajaja …. xD


noi       :     i remember you ya_san, i do …
yasu    :     yes, you should …
noi       :     and if one day i may forget about you, it means …
yasu    :     you need  a new brain …? OMG noi_chan …
noi       :     no, it means
already late for you and your white horse to catch me
yasu    :     i don’t have a white horse, find another line ne  … @_@



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