@Office Post : 1 Million Steps to be Close to You, Really? .. (Another me, yasu, HYDE & Fubar Plan)

yes, you will see this HJO related to again in my post …





i think what i watched before is the not complete one, because hey, i didn’t see that clock/date moving ne,  …. ajajajaja … but i love how they begin the PV with that scene. All of them (the monsters/ghost) come to The HALLOWEEN PARTY on October 31st.


look at the walking scene, when all the monsters/ghost ho own the HALLOWEEN night walk alll the way for their trick or treat. The avenue reminded me to the dark avenue on Tim Burton‘s movie Sleepy Hallow .  I wonder if there’s a chance for Tim Burton see this PV, what will he think about this. Because for me this PV is so Tim Burton ..

Maybe this is what HYDE want it to be, because i think he like Tim Burton’s work, not only because he cosplayed as Edward The Scissorhands on his last HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011, but somehow i do always think HYDE some interest to Johnny Depp and Tim Burton related to.

I also love Tim Burton ne, when he was younger, he look like Nicholas Cage. He is one of my fave director/movie producer and writer beside Jerry B, The Duo Mark Gattis and Stephen Moffat, Francis Ford Coppola and Stephen Spielberg. I love all of them with their own way to change the stories into continually images that we call it as a movie, catch our eyes and then blow our mind along with the story.

tim burton

with his wife Helena BC (you may know her as Belatrix Lestrange who killed Sirius Black on Harry Potter or the ape woman Ari in The Planet of The Apes … and more) they are the perfect duo, The mastermind husband and the actress wife  <—–  nah that’s brilliant couple, just like King HYDE and Lady Megumi

Oishi Megumi2

look at them, so perfect right ….?

Back to the HALLOWEEN PARTY PV and look at HYDE, i mean look at the way he walked in their trick or treat , …. OMH really HYDE ? even in HALLOWEEN he still have his fabulous walking style, remember how his sexy move during L’arc_en_Ciel World Tour? i do remember how he still walk in the AXL Rose move when he wanted to get some water to drink … xD

nah eventually in this PV as The Boss Monsuta he choose to walk in the clueless way, look at him ne, he looks like he doesn’t need anything and just playin that stick and bone like that ….


noi         :       OMG, waw you did it again …
HYDE     :       try that, who know yasu will come  ….
noi         :       really? then sure i’ll do that  ….

and i think now when Halloween’s comin closer the euphoria finally reach me in this Bahama 221B, i see Halloween everywhere. I saw one store that sell some girly stuffs like hair accessories, doll, lamps … etc also start to put Halloween things on their display. I was like, hey it finally here, even it only one store and i never buy such girly things like that ….


yasu      :     really ….?
noi         :     i buy some stuffs but not stuffs that i thik it’s too girly and blink blink ..
yasu      :     why …
noi         :     granny ‘s too old for all of that ne ya_chan  …
yasu      :     ah she is gonna start the moon and erewolf again ….
noi         :     sorry, but i am not …

and also scary movies just all over my telly. from CSI until NCIS they all have a spooky episodes fit with this Halloween euphoria. I also watch Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas 3 times in one week, until i know exactly what the character is gonna say before they say it. So it ended with me practice to be a dubber with this movie.


not only that, because i listen too much that HALLOWEEN PARTY  song, i keep hear that ♪ La La La La … HALLOWEEN PARTY ♪♪ La La La La … Let’s Trick or Treat  ♪ …  when i watch A Nightmare Before Christmas instead of the ♪ This is Halloween, This is Halloween … ♪ sounds from the OST, see what HYDE did to me ….?

remember when i said i am going to Jakarta this Friday for my visa application? nah here i am now still in here at this office do nothing but tryin to calm down my brain a little bit with no air conditioner. Too much doing this calculations just make me dizzy. Hell yeah i love math and calculation and all related to the never sleep money but when it became too much, my brain is overloaded.

I wonder what is gonna happen to me if one day i can’t make another financial plan again because suddenly the stock of way to solve it on my brain is empty? Then what should i do for living? …. this is why i have to make some plan so whenever that time happen i’ll be ready. …

i need a break now  and i should do that. I have plan to not take a day off until my day to go to Japan next December. because i want to finish as much as project that i can do. It kinda like i want to try myself i wanna know where and how far is my limit, and now i think i am on my limit. i need time to do something for my self, get me out of this numbers all over me, and now this 1,000,000 steps to be close to you, yasu feels hard to do ….


yasu      :     who said it will be easy …?
noi         :     all i want is just to see you on stage ya_san …
yasu      :     then what you’ll give up now …
noi         :     i dunno …

my boss already signed my paper and he even said that he will give me his son’s adrress in Osaka so i can find him. When i asked him for what? he said he want me to make sure if he is really OK there. Just like that and he want me go to a city that i never be there. The city that i only know as yasu’s hometown and where is Osaka Castle stand. …


My plan is like what i wrote on my initienary paper. i am gonna be around Shibuya, only there. I think that would be enough for me. And now with what my boss asked me i have to think about it ne. I hope he will forget it when December 8th come, but as i know he never forget.

Nah The Question is :  my next trip to Japan, is that is gonna be OK for me to call it as

~   1,000,000 steps to be close to you, yasu or
~   it will turned into another Idiot Abroad ….?


yasu      :    you better start to step down from that top of Lazy mountain ne …
noi         :    i think so …
yasu      :    or you will have one episode of that …
noi         :    Oh God, no …




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