Soo Happy Post : 金曜の夜は …. (Another me, yasu and 【TeamABC】)

Oh God, tonight is the best Friday night for me …

i think i am not gonna sleep tonight no matter how i am gonna be the most ugly zombie tomorrow at office because Oh God, for second time because 【TeamABC】 official just make me soo fuckin happy and overwhelmed tonight. After 3 blog updates on their Official Ameblo about ..

~   The Gate Opening Schedule changing for the next Live 5th Anniversary “Erect”  for Osaka Performance on Dec 30th
you can read it in here :

~   they changed their blog skin ,
you can read it in here :

~   Exhibitions to celebrate Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live CD and DVD release, where they will display the costumes was worn by yasu during TOUR 『2012』,  at Tower Records Shibuya, Live photos of TOUR 『2012』  at Shinjuku Tower Records, and 0th single : Kimi Ga Iru Kara handwritten lyrics by yasu at TSUTAYA EBISUBASHI, new TV schedules and general tickets sales information …
you can read it in here :

after that, they tweet_ed this …


they really don’t want all of us (read : all of you team_yasu) go to bed early tonight  by tweet_ed link to Acid Black Channel, and Oh God, for the 3rd time tonight, they uploaded the videos that i really2 want to see ….

Re:Birth and  「イエス」 from TOUR 『2012』 Live DVD

i know and do always say how brilliant is yasu, but i never think if he also has such a brilliant team with him and tonight let me say this :

【TeamABC】 Official :  you, all of you are brilliant tonight and thank you so much for this overwhelming Friday night ...

also make that 1,000,000 steps to close to yasu not that hard to do again. I am on my 10th steps now and sure i will finish that 1,000,000 steps to be close to yasu and watch him live on stage, then i’ll find my boss’s son in Osaka no matter what and also finish my Halloween fanproject photo … *cross fingers*


nah for all of you team_yasu over there here’s what you should do …

Stay calm, watch the videos, enjoy yasu then make lots of screen caps, gif and last but not least, let’s make a flood of yasu images on Tumblr ….  ajajajaja … *lost her mind already*


yasu     :    have you make it  …
noi        :    no, i haven’t …
yasu     :    don’t say you will only re_blog it …
noi        :    omo, how did you know,
yasu      :   i knew it …
noi        :    that’s why i love you ya_san, i do always …



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