Wondering Post : 明日22時、….? (Another me, yasu and Twitter)

i just back from hospital,

my friend BCL (for all of you in Indonesia, she is not the artis BCL btw, she only have the same 3 letters),get hospitalized because she’s having an infection on her urinary systems and it affected to her kidney. The doctor said this is because of her habbit to chose colorful drink (coffee, cola, …. etc) than pure water.

and swear, that’s scared me ne because i also have that habit. I never like to drink non color water, i always add some color on it by adding a coffee, tea, or some vitamin. The point is i never drink water. And look what happen to her . Now i have to change my way of living that is not healthy at all, tryin to be natural, balance even that’s gonna hard to do especially when i finally found one new brand of chocolate drink and it taste very good  …


when i get home, i saw that on my twitter time line, yasu just tweet_ed that about on hour ago, so he asked to all his fans via twitter  : Tomorrow 22:00 PM what are you doing?




is there something up tomorrow night? i  wonder why did he asked that, and for me what else i will do and always do every 22:00 PM but waiting for something to come up from you, ya_san …?


so all of you better stay tune on twitter tomorrow ninght 22:00 PM (JST). Maybe something new will come up and even if eventually there’s nothing you still can do anything you always do on twitter or just re_tweed , because again and again …

Who knows if, …  yasu’s gonna sneak out from that frame like this,  while sayin  ….


yasu      :      is this Halloween already  …?
noi         :      no it is not  ..
yasu      :      how many days more …?
noi         :      28 days more  …?
yasu      :      ah  …



edit   :

the qestion’s answered by MJTV’s tweet, it is about MJTV’s Special Acid Black Cherry , you can read it here : http://www.mjtv.jp/lineup/acidblackcherry/index.html ..  even i thought it will be something more but still damn i should read the TV Schedule twice …. *while still cryin for Tom Hardy*


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