HJO Post : HALLOWEEN PARTY – Complete Ver … (Another me, yasu @Time Between Dog & Wolf)

yay yay yay …  finally we can see the complete PV 3 days before the release date …



this PV absolutely awesome ne, it really gave me feeling of HALLOWEEN PARTY itself and the night scenery of HALLOWEEN Night.

HJO Full.avi_000419043

On the second trick or treat part when The Red Riddinghood Kanon Wakeshima turned into a werewolf after there’s nothing leaft for trick or treat , waw that’s scary ne but  i like that …


noi      :   see, i told you ne ya_san, she is a werewolf …
yasu   :   who ….?
noi      :  The Red Ridding Hood, and i think that
Red Hoody from her granny, it didn’t work on Halloween night …
yasu   :   ah, ya …

and also maybe that’s why i can’t find my own Red Hoody. I made that, eh no i mean i asked my tailor because I want to wear it to watch HALLOWEEN PARTY live this year. but because i am not gonna watch it, so i think it would be better if i use it for my Halloween Fanproject photo, but now i can’t find it. I have no idea where it is now. But i finished it, i posted that on Tumblr after failed 3 times for sending it via email. I dunno gmail just didn’t let me to send it

so yes, i did my homework  my creepy photo …


i spent this day at office finished it and tryin to use CorelDraw seem’s it never like me or i am the one who can’t use it? ah i think that’s the right answer ne, see i wanted to make it white and red colored because that 2 colors are on my country’s flag, but somehow it turned into pink like that? … i give up to edit it again, so that’s all i have for this project.

now i realized now and forever i will never be The Red Ridding Hood, not only because i am a vampire but also for me it is always Sadako, Gumiho or Dora. well that’s really me btw and trust me that Noi_ko (Noi and Sadako) looks much better than if you see me with purple shirt and yellow backpack as Dora The Exploler screamin yay, I did it, I did it  …!!! over and over on HALLOWEEN Night ….

Offshoot complete.avi_000875908

yasu      :    you should try that …
noi         :    what …
yasu      :    as Dora …
noi         :    yeah right, that’s not funny ne …

enogh about my creepy photo and let’s back to HALLOWEEN PARTY PV. I said that i love how they started this PV right? and now when i see the complete version, i love it more. I also love how they ended this PV and also end the HALLOWEEN PARTY PV with sunrise (even not as much as i love how Stephen Moffat end the pool scene on SHERLOCK BBC brilliantly with Bee Gees : Stayin Alive, but still it is very good ) Oh God, i miss him ( read : Stephen Moffat, not yasu) on twitter …

and now we all can see the little girl ne, so when HYDE enjoying his time being the maestro of this HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, the sun is comin, she said to HYDE, The Boss Monsuta : look at that ….!!!! and then HYDE, The Boss Monsuta did this with elegant …..xD

if this is a scene in a movie, i am sure there will be someone screamin this :  Guys, sun is comin. The Party is Over , RUN, everyone, RUN…..!!!!!  and then everyone just run, back to their own place, but look who is left behind … ajajajajjajaja …. xD

RUN, ya_san, RUN…..!!!! or the sun will burn you …

Somehow that scene reminded me to that TV show where yasu run from one restaurant to another and the host kinda dragged him to run faster …  xD … poor ya_san, he was like OK OK i am running now ….!!

now let’s talk about Time Between Dog and Wolf, i posted something about this on last post (can’t remember when) but i do remember i wrote something about this. Time Between Dog and Wolf is time bertween 06:30  – 07:00 AM and 16:30 – 17:00 PM, when the sun is on it fresh and run out of battery time.

in the morning at 06:30  – 07:00 AM i always tend to say this time sun is in it fresh condition after rising and in the 16:30 – 17:00 PM, the sun is on it last effort to shinning before it will shine in your next morning,so the sun kinda tryin to give it best shine to all of us

even i know the sun never stop shinning, it only because the Earth goes round the sun, so we don’t see it at night, but aha that’s keep on my mind since my childhood ….. xD and hell yeah it will be soo mabushiii for you to lookin at it. And when you face it or you have to face it maybe because you are walking or driving right to the sun, so you will have to face it.

driving at this Time Between Dog and Wolf is very dangerous. Time Between Dog and Wolf ne, because as it namedTime Between Dog and Wolf itwill make your eyes blurry so something that is a wolf will look like a dog and a dog will look like a wolf, in this case a car might look like a motorbike and motorbike will look like a car/truck. I hate if i have to drive in this Time Between Dog and Wolf and i will have to deal with it every Saturday and Sunday when i have to drive myself to office.

nah in this fandom word i also have that Time Between Dog and Wolf. The difference is in this fandom world, it will not make my eyes blurry even it always be mabushiii to lookin at. It only make me stuck again in this Bahama Love Triangle and i’ll never able to get myself out of this, what time it is , i am gonna call this as

My Time Between HYDE and yasu …

when it happen ….? it will happen when …

~ they both are releasing something at the same date,

~ talk about each other in some interviews, like when HYDE talk about how yasu just turned into his manager recently  on his book THE HYDE and how yasu always talk about his Kami everywhere ..

~ they both are in the same event and doing something together like now, with this HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA ….

and btw i just saw this show called Opening Act, it is about someone who got an invitation to be the Opening Act on a famous singer live concert. Nah in this episode the singer is the legendary  Rod Stewart,

He also had some throat/vocal cords problem like yasu, even it’s not exactly the same, but it changed his voice, but he is till good and moove on. So when yasu’s had that problem somehow i know he will be OK, and i am so glad now he is fine, gets better, still singing, writing many brilliant songs and be brilliant like he is now,

isn’t he …?

something special about this episode of Opening Act  is this girl Arielle not only given a chance to sing as Opening Act but also Rod Stewart himself asked her to do a duet on his forever love song : Have I Told You Lately …. in acoustic, OMG come on who didn’t know this song …?



Time Between HYDE and yasu i love when this happen, even sometimes it make me turn my head over there and there again and again while sayin OMG HYDE, oh no yasu , then HYDE again, then back to yasu …. that’s confusing … but it makes me happy, like that song Have I Told You Lately ….  even not directly but by their songs and what they did in this miserable live i am on they just …

Ease my troubles that’s what they (read : HYDE and yasu) do ….


noi         :    nee guys, have i told you that ….
yasu      :    yes, you did many times …
HYDE    :    tell what noi_chan …?
yasu      :    just say yes she did HYDE_sa,n or she will start to sing ….
noi         :    well OK, tonight this one is for you guys ..

♪ ♪ ……  Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there’s no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness, Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles that’s what you do ….. ♪ ♪

HYDE     :      now, you did it ….. *dizzy*



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