OMG Post : Ups Sorry ya_san …… (another me, yasu and 【TeamABC】)

remember my last post about this tweet? …

i edited that post with my dissapointed feelings i had that night while asked to myself :

Really ya_san, you tweet_ed only for a TV show that i never even able to watch? ..

because i thought it only available on MJTV, but hey once again i am wrong. And this time i am so fuckin glad to be wrong ne. because tonight they uploaded the 3rd video , this one

Oh God, 3 videos …? that’s awesome ne, now i learned one important thing as a fangirl, the fulltime one …

noi       :      i should never have a doubt on you ya_san ….
yasu    :      so ….
noi       :      i am sorry, i am really sorry …
yasu    :      that’s why noi_chan …
noi       :      i am number
40,001, i know that ..




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