M Post : Passport and Visa to シャングリラ…? (Another me, yasu on Monday)

M is for Monday, Michael and all the Messed things i have to deal today. I am not gonna say i hate Monday because i never hate Monday, but yes, i am gonna say this :

I Hate you, Michael …

now it turned into personal, everything is personal, you pissed me off until i can’t face all of them like that, on this Monday, It should be perfect but ahh, i wanted to cry but i am too old to do that …

and after that, i have to stand very2 long time just to wait for my never comin bus. Call me crazy but on my waiting alone, it was almost 2 hours i waited until i see every vehicle as a bus while hoping one one them will stop and offer me a ride but none of them did that. you know what song as The OST for my long time bus waiting today …?

it was Aishitenai , and i told you ne, don’t you ever listen to that song alone, especially when you are waiting for something (like me for my bus) in some scary place with scary peoples all around you, trust me, it just add your missery ….


yasu     :   come on, noi_chan don’t be such a child …
noi        :   i am sorry ya_san but …
yasu     :   eh you have something else to write right ..
noi        :   ah yes, i have … *get up*

today they (read : Acid Black Channel, not Team_Edward) uploaded another video and for this one, the 4th video is Shangrila – Short Version. ….

even this 4th video is only short version, but still it i not as short as yasu’s hair and not long as long as my hair, so if you ask me how long this video is my answer is : between the lenght of yasu’s hair and mine …. ahahaha … *dumped to limbo*  …

now the question is have you do this :  DDS …. : Download, Download again (if you failed at the 1st time) and then Save … for this video and the previous 「SPELL MAGIC」 ,「イエス」 and Re:Birth ..? if you haven’t you better do that a.s.a.p because a what they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】, not Team_Edward again) said on their last Ameblo post, the videos only available untill October 15th at 23:59 JST


so hayaku … !!! grab all of it, they already gave all of us something to watch for the next 2 days before the release date of what we all waiting for ne …  LIVE DVD「Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』」 and Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』LIVE CD ,  …

AVBD-32205_sleeve  live CD

CD Japan sent me an email today with said if they shipped my order, and because they shipped it today so i have to wait for another 9 days to get them. You all know what always happen to me, i never get lucky with shipment or something related to. I am still gonna be the last person who will get it.

Like what happen recently for TETSUYA LIVE DVD (i am watching it right now btw) it arrived today my my friend Mylia who lives in Holland already got it on 2 days before me, see how things get weird for me when it is about shipping things. i mean hey even my home is at the top of mountain but it is still in Asia ne, but why someone in Europe can get it faster than me with the same EMS … ? <—- you don’t have to answer that question btw, because i only asked to the wind that just blown through my window

tick tock tick tock, the clock is ticking and it only 2 days more …. yay


it would be great if we all waiting in Shangrilla ne, go watch that short video again, because for me even it only a short version but hey it is something that make me say

WOW …..!!! now i want to move to Shangrilla ….!!!

Offshoot complete.avi_000392892

noi         :     nee ya_san, do you know how to get a visa to Shangrilla …?
yasu      :     eeeh …
noi         :     or where is the embassy of Shangrilla ….
yasu      :     what kind of question is that …?
noi         :     it’s OK, take your time to answer it ..
yasu      :     don’t tell me you want to marry someone from Shangrilla ….

noi         :     nah, i didn’t say that ne …



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