aha aha Post : my new OST is 冬の幻 ~Acoustic version~ ♪ .. (Another me, yasu and Lucrecia)

i posted that on my Facebook status,  i am gonna say it again here after listening to my 冬の幻 ~Acoustic version~ is :

Oh God, yasu you sounds amazing …. ♥

and maybe because i heard that while watching The Borgias Season 2 on my telly and then somehow i imagine myself as Lady Lucrecia. Well, Lady Lucrecia is one of my fave character on The Borgias. I watch and follow her and how she change from a naive girl to a lady with a sexy looking eyes like that.


so last night i imagine my self as her and said : Take off your clothes now …!!!  *you do remember that scene right?*.  while drolling, and can’t take my eyes from this screenscap on my Facebook Page


noi         :    Oh God, ya_san you chotto ne, i’ll catch you …
yasu      :    eeh, catch me …?
noi         :    sure, don’t worry i’ll catch you when you fall, because i did fall many times …
yasu      :    really …?
noi         :    yes, again and again, i fall …. in love with you …. ajajajajaja …. *laugh*
yasu       :   just go away OK …

so finally i hear this whole 『2012』 Live CD and i love it, and yes, you are right when you might think i said i love it because i am on ABC division on this fandom world, but i heard many peoples who are not in the same ABC fandom division say the same thing like me, even yes again there were also many of them who said : eehh, why did he sound like that, not perfect … etc etc etc

but as always my answer is the same :

he is too tired, during the whole 『2012』 TOUR accross 22 cities (eh, 22 or 23?) so it’s would be normal if you will hear something different from the album.
and when they keep continue about it i gave her my final answer : really? maybe i am the one who didn’t hear that, i am a little bit deaf btw,

What happen next is everyone in silent … just like that, and i don’t have to make Prof. Dumbledore awake from his grave …*may he rest in peace* to say : Silencioooo … loudly just like whet he always did to make all the boys and girls in Hogwarts‘s dinning hall silent

live CD

『2012』 Live CD   <—– click to DL

maybe finally they think it would be better for them to save their energy than tellin me what they think. even on the so … Good Night part didn’t sound like what i imagine all this time but eventually for me, this 『2012』 Live CD is the 1/2 part of amazing thing that yasu did on his last Live 『2012』 TOUR , while the other 1/2 part is on the 『2012』 Live DVD ….


noi       :      so where’s my DVD …
yasu    :      rather than ask me, you better do what you always do …
noi       :      waiting …? i am waiting now …
yasu    :      you can count …
noi       :      ah ya …

and good news to all of you in Taiwan and Hongkong about 『2012』 Live DVD from AVEX Taiwan, i have no idea how much they will cost that but i think it would be less expensive than the Japan version and also there will be  a Mandarin sub on it. you can read the details here :


so now, i am gonna start this counting days activities for all my stuffs which i don’t have to write again here, wait and wait. I didn’t manage to get that damn certification that my boss asked me to take, he said it would be great if i can get/do something to upgrade myself professionally. But i failed and i have to do that again next month. I know this is gonna be a forever test for me just like that damn test when i was on college.


it was a Reproduction Systems subject, where we studied the animal reproductions from A to Z. And i failed 3 times on this with D (well you can read it as DAIGO if you want) on my transcript, so that D just floating among the A and AB on my transcript. I think they should gave me Y on my transcript for yasu


noi       :      don’t you think so ya_san ….?
yasu    :      no, that’s not funny …
noi       :      aaahh …

because from all 3 time exams that i did for that subjects . I remember they aksed me to draw a cow’s vagina at and i can’t do that because what i studied to draw last night was a cow’s P and then next year when i studied to draw cow’s V, what they asked is a cow’s P. At that time i was like lost betweet cow’s P and V pictures on my textbook that i have to be able to draw

i studied animals, so yes i should be a veterinary but instead of doing that, i took a job that’s very far far away from what i learned on college. so here i am still have to do/take things to upgrade myself professionally and i prefer to say it as make myself worthy to this company and him.

but still Today i got a phone and it was from my friend BCL who’s sick last week with kidney’s problem. On the phone, she said if she is OK now and she will start to come to office to work tomorrow on Suday

OMG that’s just make me sooo fuckin happy ne …

i mean i kinda scared when i went to hospital to see her last week because she was so pale ne, my drama queen brain start to think something that no no no …  what i was thinking is human only have 2 kidneys ne, and when all of them failed o there’s no other option than do a kidney transplant. Oh God,

But now again and again i am so glad she is OK now, even her off from office for a week make me work harder than usual and damn all my body’s hurt like all the police in Calcutta beat me with their sticks. But all of that is not problem ne as long as she is OK and hell yeah she is OK now. And somehow suddenly this make things about my 1,000,000 steps to be close to yasu is shinning ….!!!!!

I better go home now and waiting for what 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】  will tweet/post on their Official Blog, I can’t wait to see what’s yasu and HYDE will cosplaying as for today’s 1st Halloween Party Live …


noi        :      what what ya_san ….
yasu     :       hmmm …
noi        :      zombie ,….?
yasu     :      i am not gonna tell you …
noi        :      Oh God, another vampire …?
yasu     :      just go home, OK




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