Probie Post : Your Voice, Sky is The Limit .. (Another me, yasu and The Sky)

when i wanted to DL Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 Live DVD  …

i said to my friend if i want to know which one is faster : my net connection to DL or the post office here in my city to deliver my DVD. And today i found out the answer, none of them are fast because until now i haven’t received my DVD or DL all part of it. Yes, that’s me. I am a fan who buy her idols item but also DL it because i don’t have that huge patient/dunno how to calm myself down about it.


Maybe this is because i put that DVD as one package with my Halloween Junky Orchestra single so they (read : the custom) held it again, while i am already get the 『2012』 Live CD last week. The point is i have to wait again for the DVD

yasu      :     rather than add drama, you should add more patient on your blood …
noi         :     but that is …
yasu      :     don’t tell me that’s not your division …
noi         :     eeeh, how did you know i am gonna say that …
yasu      :     because nothing is on your division …
noi         :     but you are on my division  …

I only managed to DL the offshoot and the encore part. When i wanted to continue DL the main part, i started to call Willy the dolphin by sayin this : Hueeeee ….. *very loud* just by watching all that 5 parts links. So what i am gonna say is i’ve been kicked by everythings around me. My net connection keep failed me to DL and also myself who is so easy to give up.

Yes, i surrender, I gave up to DL it again for the 3rd times, so i think i am gonna wait for my DVD to watch it on my telly no matter how hard i really want to see so … Good Night part. But then thank God someone put that part on Youtube …

i watched it and then the Hueeeee ….. *very loud*   to call Willy the dolphin just turned into

wow  wow  wow ….. whoaaaaaa ….. ahahahahahaha …. *get crazy*

now i am complete ne, after hear this song so many times from 『2012』 Live CD while wondering what things did he do during this song and so many more in my brain that nonstop givin me lots of maybe : maybe he did this, that … etc etc. Now my wondering session is over soon after i watched that video above. From all maybe that my brain gave me at least there’s one thing is true, he did this …


omo ….

i always love when he did that, even for me the dance that he did on so … Good Night part it’s a bit weird but still cute (well you can imagine yourself now how weird can be so cute, and only yasu can do that) remember the dance he also did on Bit Stupid part from Free Live 2011? where he said Arienai while moved his body just like that following Junji’s drum? …. nah that’s what i mean by weird but still cute ne, and no matter how weird he is gonna move i think eventually it will be cute …

i’ll talk about that 『2012』 Live DVD again later when i am more complete after i received my DVD and watch it from my big telly, not from PC or youtube video like this, now i am tryin to add some patient to my blood among all the drama things inside of me. Why drama …? well this is because how addict i am to my telly, and all of what it gave to me. especially all those dramas ne, i watch it and it just all inside me, so i am a little bit dramatic, yes, but not a drama queen, my mom is Her Majesty The Drama Queen who is stupidly choose to marry the Evil man,

Btw DAIGO just posted this photo tonight on his Official Blog . This is why i always love DAIGO ne, how he is so kind to post/share his photo with his big brother yasu on his blog. I remember how i kinda a waited for him to post a photo of him with yasu not so long time ago when there’s no Team Acid Black Cherry on Facebook, twitter, ameblo like now.

so yes DAIGO, DAIGO, DAIGO ありやす …

look at them, they did having fun on their last day 1 and 2 Halloween Party this year ne. Even me who wasn’t there, watch that live also dragged to the fun/happy time just by reading all the live report/tweets from fans who was so lucky to be there watch that live. I remember how confused was my twitter time line last week ne, when all of them tweet their fun times of Halloween Party.

Oh God, they tweet_ed so fast ne, i wonder what make them can do that, is it because they are using the smartphone, IPhone or anything else ended with phone? … so when i haven’t finished one tweet live report, the another one, two, three, etc etc just come all over ….. xD, damn i should send my phone to school ne so it can be smart like their phones.

so on the 1st day, like we all can see from Excite News. com‘s report they all use the same costume like on the HJO : Halloween Party‘s PV outfit


this is what i read for the 1st and 2nd Halloween Party on Kobe World Memorial Hall on 20 and 21 October 2012

~     HYDE, yasu and DAIGO performed Nemuri Hime together again like what they did on last year’s Halloween Party 2011,

OMG i hope some TV station will put that part on their morning news like last year. Even just a small part, but it still make shivering all over me hearing HYDE sing Nemuri Hime, …


noi         :      so HYDE_san, you do love Nemuri Hime
HYDE     :      what, you as the
Nemuri Hime? please don’t do that. you will ruin the story ..
noi         :      no, i mean the song …
HYDE     :      why …
noi          :     i love it to ….

and also how yasu and HYDE said itsumo …. (from Nemuri Hime’s lyrics) each other,  Oh God, this is my fave part, God Bless for you who tweet_ed it, and God, your brain is amazing ne for remember all of what they said exactly and how kind you are to wrote it on twitter shared it with me and yay make me happy …

~    The Fake twitter account


there’s one twitter account pretending to be yasu, that’s not true because yasu himself doesn’t have a personal twitter account. This one remind me to someone who also made a twitter account as HYDE, nah at that time only for days he/she (i forgot whether that person is male or female) got lots of followers,

nah in this case someone did the same thing but as yasu, for what? just to reach more than 80,000 followers like 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 …? Oh come on, don’t tell me that person is also gonna charge 1 yen for each follower he/she will get to pay rent ….?


noi       :      nee ya_san, if that kinda way is work i’ll do that ..
yasu    :      for what …
noi       :      to pay my trip to Japan next December ….

yasu    :      eeehh ….
noi       :     i didn’t get ticket from DVD lottery btw so now i have to realy on for next general sales ….
yasu    :      why did you tell me that …
noi       :     i dunno

and then ….

~    The LINE talk

now all fans know if HYDE, yasu and DAIGO are friends/follow each other (what should i call it ?) on LINE . this is on LINE not on-line like all of you and me via this amazing social networks. Then everyone (and me) want to get that damn LINE …. xD, see this is how a fandom world’s ability to drag the fans ne, found out their idols using LINE now they want the same LINE  even if their phone is not smart enough to get a LINE


yasu         :      so how smart is your phone noi_chan …?
noi            :      well it is not smart enough …
yasu         :      then forget about that LINE things …
noi            :      but, ya_san it is smarter than me
yasu         :      what?

~    Anis got a kiss from HYDE

on the 2nd day, there was Anis there joined the party and God, i knew it, that guy Anis is still all over HYDE since i read about him around VAMPS Live 2008, and that night he is the lucky fanboy who got a kiss from HYDE dressed on a gothic female costume, DAIGO as my far2 away cousin Kenshin Himura, yasu as Cloud again like what he did on a-nation and they did some African Drum game or something.

and also there’s part when HYDE together with Kiyo D’ERLANGER did La Vien En Rose, OMG i want to hear that, ne i mean that song the epic song and HYDE performed that? …  I read about yasu is so close to HYDE when he sang Black Cherry but he didn’t get that? and it was Anis instead of yasu …. awwww , that’s too bad ne, so



noi         :      do your best for tomorrow  ….
yasu      :      for what ….?
noi         :      for everything, and yes, you have my back on this …
yasu      :      @_@ …

enough about that Halloween Party now i am gonna talk about my 1,000,000 steps to be close to yasu … let’s just say from all 1,000,000 steps this trip to Jakarta by bus is the 100,000 steps i took. It is not easy ne ..

yasu        :      i told you ne nothing is easy …
noi           :      yeah, you are right …
yasu        :      so …
noi           :      don’t worry i am not gonna give up for this …

so yesterday i went to Jakarta to get my visa with Tekki. I wanted to go alone but then Tekki said it’s not safe to go alone there because this time we use bus than plane. I have no plan to go to Jakarta on that day, i only decided it after seeing my friend BCL is already OK so i can leave her only with my other friend to deal everything while i am away.

even before i go i have to explained to them about everything 3 times from A to Z so there will be no mistake and they will not calling me nonstop like what they did when i was away to Bangkok last March and added more zeroes on my phone bill’s numbers.

because it was by bus, we have to go one day before at 15:00 PM we already stand by at the bus station, I was so excited about this bus trip to Jakarta, imagine for me as a bus lover to be on bus all night long and spent my night on bus it was amazing ne, and because how excited i was i almost got in the wrong bus. On my ticket, it was the N bus (you may say it as Noi for N)

on the bus station i ran when i saw a big and shinny black bus, and showed my ticket to the officer, but he didn’t allow me to get it, while me keep tellin him : this is my ticket, why didn’t you let me in to my bus … (yes, i said it my bus like i am the one who own it), and the he said : No, this is not the N bus, this is the H bus, while lookin at me with his look, his eyes like sayin : poor her, she must never be on the bus…xD


bloody hell that’s the wrong bus ne and then when my bus arrived, eh it was purple not black, hee that one looks better than this purple. So that night i spent all night long inside that purple bus, OMG i was so happy ne. Imagine while i am tryin to get some sleep in this bus, the driver still have to do his job to take me and all the other passenger savely to Jakarta. What a hard job to do and need full concentration to do it, that’s why we should not talk to the bus driver ne because it will ruined his concentration, and when a bus driver loose his concentration for driving, it’s gonna be bad, so bad …


While listening to 『2012』 Live CD over and over and nonstop laughing on Cherry Cherry part where yasu asked YUKI to sing the next part by sayin : YUKI_chan, and how YUKI sing kite kite part, aw that’s sounds adrable ne … I didn’t dream about anything that night, because i keep wake up everytime the bus stop moving, somehow that day because there’s so many roadwork all over the main road, the bus stop many times.

That’s why we didn’t manage to get to Jakarta at 05:00 AM like what’s on the schedule, but it was already 08:00 AM when we enter Jakarta. OMG i am gonna late ne, the Japan embassy open visa application only from 08:00 Am to 12:00 AM and now at 08:00 we’re still around the highway to enter Jakarta. Do i have to go back to Jakarta again just because too late today? …

finally Tekki said if we should get a taxi so it can be faster, than follow the bus to the bus station and then go to japan embassy from there. Eventually no matter how many times i go to Jakarta i am not a gonna able to get myself to ride busway. Taxi, it always taxi ne, so by taxi we go to Japan Embassy and thanks to how crowded Jakarta is we arrived there at 11:00 AM, thank God.

at that time there was so many police in front of Japan Embassy, i thought they were close for some reason, but they didn’t ne, It’s like that, we can’t see anything on Japan Embassy. everything is behind the wall, they said it is very closed. After checked my ID and get my bag screened by the security i entered the visa applicant room,

There was only me, Tekki, one man from Malaysia and one girl who was there for her student visa. I saw her very2 busy writing something on the table, so i prepare my ballpoint just in case if they also asked me to do like her, but a am not, The officer only gave me 2 papers white and yellow to me so i can write my name, passport number and phone number and asked me to back there on Tuesday to get my visa (if they approved it) or get my passport (if they decided not to give me a visa).

after that we went to Gandaria City Mall to watch a movie in IMAX theater, we watch Fankenwinie , and OMG again, this is the first time for me to watch a move in IMAX theater like this, the theater is so wide, so does the screen and it is 3D, that’s a real 3D ne, before the movie started, they show me The Hobbit preview, nah because it was a 3D, so when the dwarf (or Gandalf?) throw that rocks to them (i have no idea who) it feels like the rocks are on me, i was like …. eeeee mama ……  and call my mom …. xD

and as always soon after i ran out of snack to eat i fall asleep, so i have no idea what happen, suddenly Scrappy (Victor’s dog) is dead and then when i wake up he is back to live again? … but this movie is good ne, good enough to watch on Halloween night even not that scary, and if you familiar with Tim Burton‘s work you will see some of The Sleepy Hallows in this movie, yeah i am talking about  fire scene on the windmill … remember?

eeeh what time is it? i better close this post before i talk too much, but before that hey come on, meet this new Hobbit …


look how short i am ne, OMG it is because of the pants or i am the one who get shorter? i better scaled my self again ne, as i remember i am still 155 cm, shorter than HYDE, or maybe this is because i watch/read too much about Hobbit from all The Lord of The Rings trilogy ne. so i think i am gonna join Martin Freeman to Shire and start my new live as hobbit ….

an my way home from Jakarta, it was very rude ne, it scared me, and then all the fun things about traveling by bus it not fun anymore when i was on that Kp. Rambutan bus station. What a scary place, ne full of scary people and i know they are not a good people, They fooled me to pay my bus ticket to back home double than it used to be, and then the bus just dropped me on some city which is still another 3 hours to my home.

but at least they dropped us in a place where i know so i can find out how to go home. and as what people said experience is expensive, from what i had yesterday now i know which one is better and how to deal with it,

and for my next trip to Jakarta i am gonna play save i’ll take the plane not by bus anymore. i better go to sleep now, because tomorrow is Ied, we will cut some cows for this year Ied, so i’d like to say Ied Mubarak  to all my muslim friend

and not only that, tomorrow also the 3rd day of Halloween Party where my dear friend Yukiko‘s gonna go , nee Yukki, i can’t wait to see your  Halloween costume …. xD, and for you ya_san …

          Happy Halloween ..
Blood is read, death bodies are blue.
I am not dead yet, but I Love You, ….


yasu       :      i am not dead yet but i love you ….. ? really ?
noi          :      this is Halloween ne and i am full by listening
『2012』 Live CD
yasu       :      so …
noi          :      no matter what people said for me your voice, sky is the limit
yasu       :      hmmm ,
noi          :      and i am gonna watch Skyfall soon ..
yasu       :      what the …



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