aha aha … Post : ♪♪ ジャングルだ ♪♪ ….. (Another me, yasu and The Jungle)

again and again, this one come to my mind ….

damn, i should’ve been there and watch that Halloween Party with her ….!!!

hell yeah it always like this every time i read all the live reports or live tweets, it make me feel, what should i say about this ne, a regret? maybe but it’s not that far so i can call it as regret, but ah whatever ne, The important things is now i am so excited until now just by reading every things connected to tonight Halloween Party Live, so here i am now write this entry while waiting for my friend Yukki to go back to her hotel and then update her blog …


i always love to read her blog btw even sometimes i didn’t get all what she wrote, but i just love reading it, how she wrote it from someone who is also love both HYDE and yasu, while i used to read live reports from each side of view : as HYDE‘s fan and as yasu,’s fan. But she is different ne, …

oke, so where do we have to start ne? ah ya from the set list, Acid Black Cherry set list for tonight is :

1.1954 LOVE/HATE
3.so…Good night.

source : here

while for the costumes, as we all know yasu on day1 cosplayed as

day2 as Cloud from Final Fantasy like what he did on the last a-nation live, day3 as X Japan (Oh God, 3 times as X Japan ne … ) and tonight live as Cloud again ….?


noi       :     so ….
yasu     :    what ….?
noi        :    ah, never mind, but can you tell me what is your costume for tomorrow?
yasu     :    no  …

i do always love Kenshin Himura, not because he is my far far away cousin (don’t ask me how far is it), see i have the same last name Himuraajajajajaja … *crazy* but i dunno why i just feel this connection with that one manga samurai character, talking about my last name, today i found out if someone just change my name, the one they put on my card, when they gave me the new one they put my last name there. as i remember i never ask them to put my last name there, it always only 3 letters N O and I ,

but now the added my last name, and you know what did my friend say to me about that? they said : hey noi, eventually you still considers him as your father, by put your last name. same as your dad. Bloody hell what’s on their mind ne, of course he is my dad no matter how i hate him sometimes and beg to God to send some professional sniper (like Jackson on Saving Private Ryan) to shoot me from far so i don’t have to kill myself and leave this hell i am livin on, but he is my dad, and it doesn’t matter whether if i put my last name or not on my card.


noi      :     i think they eat too much crap ne ya_san, don’t you think so?
yasu   :     really, but you do also love to eat
noi      :    no, no not that literally crap ne …
yasu   :    ah, but hey just finish this post hurry OK ..

back to my far far away cousin Kenshin Himurai do hope someday i am gonna able to see yasu or HYDE will cosplaying as him on Halloween Party Live, but then instead of yasu or HYDE, DAIGO is the one who did it, …

he cosplaed as Kenshin Himura on day2 after as a mummy on day1 waw, look at that, OMG DAIGO he really looks awesome ne, as Kenshin. even i do think he is too tall to be Kenshin  but, still he is gorgeous. BREAKERZ did great on this year’s Halloween Party costumes, after how brilliant they were as BRZ48 on Halloween Party Live 2010  , tonight they cosplayed as Momoiro Clovers ? ..

ajajajajajaja …… look at Shinpei …. xD, that sunglasses make his outfit as the yellow clover is perfect, ….

and now let’s talk about HYDE, ah ya his costume. Because he is the host of this annually amazing party so his outfit is something that everyone is wait for, and until now there is no some official photo of  HYDE‘s Halloween Party costume after day1 …


all i know is on day2 he cosplayed in some ghothic Lolita when he gave Anis a kiss while skipped yasu for that, day2 he use a very sexy pants and show his abs like this Oh God, and i am not sure about tonight, ….

but i do know/think sure tonight is the best from all of the previous live. Because of what, of course this is because of HYDE‘s Jungle version of Shangrilla —–> ♪  ジャングルだ ♪ …. xD.  .

ジャングルだーゾウやキリンさんと一緒 空高く舞え小鳥さん

cc : @A_aconite

Janguruda yomigaere dōbutsu-tachi no yūtopiā!

Janguruda ̄zou ya kirinsanto issho sora takaku mae kotori-san
Ima koso 1tsu ni naru toki kaze ni matte chōcho-san ningen-tachi dake no mon janai kimi to te o toriaeba
Ima koko ga jangurudā ni naru! …

HYDE said he’s been thinking about this and he want to make it perfect for this year, wrote the lyrics, he surprised yasu with the PV, I love whenever HYDE do something like this for his number one fanboy, not every fanboy get that kind of treat from his idol ne.

The jungle is the utopia for all animals, yes, sure HYDE_san and that would be awesome if he will put that as the 2nd single for Halloween Junky Orchestra, and then next year The Halloween Party is gonna be on the jungle ….


i told you ne, this man HYDE is genius, he know how to make something really good and also make people wondering again and again because they didn’t go to see tonight Halloween Party … and damn tonight this Bahama Love Triangle is on again, it is always on and on btw ….

And sure i really want to see how is the PV and how’s the sound of HYDE sang that Janguruda, i wonder if there will be some telly station will put that video on their morning news, you know which morning news/show that i mean …


noi       :      that would be great ne ya_san ….
yasu    :      for you? sure it is …
noi       :      and it would be more great if they put that live on DVD ….
yasu    :      dream on, fangirl ….
noi       :      aaahhhh ….



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