Busy Post : The next 300,000 Steps .!!! (Another me, yasu in Somewhere Between Tokyo and JKT)

yes, yes and yes finally i got it …. ♥ ♥


something that was on my mind over and over, my visa. I got it on last Tuesday, Even some people said if it is not that hard to get a visa to Japan, yes, if you live in Jakarta (i am in Indonesia btw) so it is more easy for you to get it. but for me who live so far from Jakarta , it is still something that was very hard to do ne.

Not only because how far that i have to travel to get it but also there’s always something happened to me start from when i went to applied it last week and then the day when i just have to do simple things as the finale : Go There, pay and take it  ….

I dunno why but Jakarta was never easy on me ne. It was like Jakarta  just made some brilliant conspiracy with the rain, the flight, the taxi drivers and everythings. Start from my last trip to Jakarta to apply my visa, as i told you ne, i went by bus and on my way go back home, i got fooled by some bad guys in a bus terminal who forced me to pay more and more expensive for my bus tickets with their scary face of course even i don’t wanted to i had to pay it, …


yasu      :   why ….?
noi         :   they scared me ne, and also they all of them have tattoo on his arms …
yasu      :   a tattoo ….? HYDE_san also have it, and he is not scray at all ne ..
noi         :   but they are not HYDE_san ne …


look at him OMG HYDE, look at your shoulders ne. I remember i was thinking about how small he was when i saw him on stage singing my fave song :  The 4th Avenue Cafe while keep asked all the audience to jump and jump  … and now with that image above, ah now i know he is still a man with a muscle ne and soo gorgeous.

btw that image above is from photobook LIVE2 & LIFE2 and i can’t wait to see all of it when it cama to my home, i dunno when because Tekki ordered it from Japan Discovery and i know that i have to wait longer …

see if all those men was surrounded me and Tekki that time was like him, a dazzling man with tattoo, sure i am not gonna scrae but they are different, you know the type of man that we all see in the triad/gangster movies ne kind a like a trouble maker type who will do anything for money.

and now on my 2nd trip to Jakarta i was to early to arrived at airport, and then when i put my foot out of the taxy in front of Japan Embassy, suddenly rain just fall, it was a heavy rain ne, see it was like a sign from God, and then i said to myself : OK this trip is not gonna end in an easy way ne. and it came true  …

so this post is gonna be about  My Next Steps to be Close to yasu, and because it was a not an easy trip so i will do a triple count this trip and it is my 300,000 steps to be close to yasu ….

i never say/tell anything to my mom, because i know how drama queen she is, but because my flight was on 06:20 AM and  i still need to go by bus about 3 hours from my home to the local airport so i have to be on a bus at least on 03:00 AM. So i told my mom to wake me up at 02:00 AM but she woke me up at : 01:30 AM while at that night i was sleep at 12:30 AM. She said she don’t want me to get late and how so many road wok these days.

then whith my eyes half closed, already on my bus to airport at 02:00 AM, But there’s no traffic jam that night and thanks to how fast was the bus driver to drive his bus until i got hit on my head to the window for three times …. damn, that was hurt ne, finally arrived on bus terminal at 04:15 AM. don’t want to be late make me get too earlier there. yes, i was there on that bus terminal at 04:15 AM, it still dark and the moon was so shy that night, i think i know why


noi        :     nee ya_san, the moon still want to keep my love for you ne …
yasu     :     for what …
noi        :     so you will never find it ne, but don’t worry ne next time i’ll hide it behind the star …
yasu     :     the moon and now the star …?
noi        :     because star is smaller ne so it will be more easy to you to find my love for you …
yasu     :     weird ..

it kinda confused me, ne being there alone at 04:30 AM at the bus terminal, and even i know this bus terminal very well because i used to be here when i was on collage but it was a long time ago ne, everything change. nah my next question is how to find a taxi from there to airport?. I stayed there waiting for time to goes by, and put my earphone on, play my MP3 player so i can’t hear anything.

in my country, if you are standing alone in such a crowd place like bus terminal, or else and you look like someone who is lost and have no idea where to go, sure there will be 1 or 2 man who will ask you : where do you come from, where do you want to go … etc etc. Nah i never talk to them, it is more save if i just say one or max 5 words to them.

It is not that i am gonna say all of man who is in the bus terminal is a bad guy, but who knows ne, you will never know if someone is a bad guy or not, and for that my condition of being alone there in a very early morning, i’d rather think all of them are bad, don’t talk to them and you will be save.

next to me is a man who also wanted to go to the airport, he want to go to Sampit, while i am going to Jakarta, but good for him because his flight was on 10:00 Am so he still have plenty of times to wait while me, i have to go find a taxi a.s.a.p. if i don’t wanna miss my flight. Finally at 05:00 AM i found a taxi, yes Thank God, i was lucky ne and at 05:45 AM i was already at  Ahmad Yani : Semarang International Airport.


after fixed my hair and everythings on toilet as usual i took a photo of me infront of the toilet’s mirror ne, and aha yeah it is something that i always do because i believe by doing it it will bring a good luck for me,

believe it or not it is up to you as long as you don’t do it in the midnight, because you will see a ghost beside you ne, Ghost is also have a feeling to show themselve ne, after all they all a former human, so maybe he missed to get a photo of him and show himself,

what i did next is just sit and waiting for my plane to come while had a cup of coffee in this boarding room. The coffee is good ne. Have i told you how much i am so excited whenever i see and find a coffee machine in a public space. Okay okay this is because i never see it at my hometown ne, see this is what happen if you live in a top of a mountain, so everytime i took a step down to the city, it is so easy for me to get excited even for a coffee machine,

my plane came, and it was a nice flight for the pilot and the other passenger for me, but it never be a nice flight fo me. I don’t like to be on a jet plane so no matter how good the plane and the pilot is , it will never be a nice flight for me, again and again i had that headache, my ears hurted, damn i am gonna be deaf again …

arrived at Soekarno Hatta (Jakarta International Airport) at 07:50 AM damn, i was so hungry ne, and aha aha aha there’s so many place to eat there at Terminal 1A, and somehow when i saw a man with a trolly, i remember Viktor (Tom Hanks) on The Terminal,


as we all know to buy some food on his forever stay at JFK he earns money by collect all trolly that he found, and he use his first money he got from it to buy a burger, so finally after eat biscuit and cheese for days, now he got a burger, and damn the burger is very big ne, i love the way he listen to the voice of the coins came out of that machine and of course how he eat that big burger ne, that’s my fave part of this movie …

oke back to my story, i found a spot on a restaurant and have my meal, it just 3 chiken wings, rice and one chicken soup. Finished my meal, i open my laptop, go online, put my phone in to a speaker and then i start to work, ahaha yeah at that time i did my works at terminal, did all my reports and i think my boss not even realized if i took a day off that time,

i just don’t want my friend made another mistakes like what they did when i was away last week and next day i spent my whole day to edit teir reports. Editing, i don’t like it ne because i think that editing job is endless, it will never over ne, …

on my way to the embassy, my friend told me if the Japan Embassy just call them, OMG, i never imagine if they really will call my office ne, and my friend said if they talked to my superior. It kinda scared me ne, i mean i can’t stop wondering what did they asked and what did my superior answer them with. and then it became what if they didn’t give me a visa ….?

so that one our from airport to Japan Embassy at Thamrin is the longest one hour for me, i was worry and plus how my boss keep cally me, and the never ending talk about number with him, then i was thinking maybe that day was the wrong day to me to go to Jakarta.

arrived at Japan Embassy on 13:00 PM and i had to wait for another half hour, my number was 33, and when they call my number and gave my visa while sayin : don’t get overstay ….

i was like …. OMG finally, i got it ne, it was so unbelievable because i believed if they are not gonna give me a visa after my friend told me about them calling my office to get some information about me, What they asked is some common question like : how long i’ve been working there, my position as what and other things.

after i got is it is my time to share my experiene to get a visa to enter Japan, but because i am Indonesian, maybe the specitifation that i will write on the below line is for Indonesian, you can see the deails in here : http://www.id.emb-japan.go.jp/visa_7.html. Make sure you complete all the list for your application.

and don’t foreget to make sure there is an enough balance on your bank account, because they also ask for bank statement about that. Before i do this application i hear some people say if about the balance in your bank account must be over 50,000,000 IDR to get a visa to enter Japan, and no that’s ot true ne, they ask for the bank statement about it, i think they just wanna make sure if you do have a mnthly salary. on my application, my balance was only 29,000,000 IDR but they gave me a visa ne ….

got my visa, then i am on a taxi again back to airport, but this time the taxi is the yellow one, so yes,i got a yellow cab even wasn’t at The Big Apple (NY),  this yellow cab always remind me to a game on Top Gear where they all race to find yellow cab on street, … that’s funny ne, i do always love to see this show. James, Jeremy and Richard with their jokes and car talks always interesting to see


my flight back home is delayed for 4 hours  ne, so i spent that 4 hours at the boarding room woth nothing but holding my 4 boxes donuts that i bought for my office_mate and Tekki, listening to my MP3. Listening for what? of course listening to Acid Black Cherry 2012 Live CD while imagined how that yasu doll’s face look like …


noi      :     i don’t think they put eyes on it face ne, don’t you think so …?
yasu   :     go figure it out by yourself ..
noi      :     nee ya_san, see i got my visa, so you better get ready  ..
yasu   :     for what …?
noi      :     of course for me …
yasu   :     @_@ ..

after delayed 4 hours, and with a protest from all the passengers there, finally they gave us our plane ne. and it was already 21:00 PM, 5 hours late from the schedule at 16:20 PM, and plus 3 hours by bus, i arrived at home at 01:00 AM, God, that’s so tired ne, i can’t feel my legs, it hurted all over me, …

then before go to bed i was thinking, dear Jakarta why did you so mean to me ne, my last trip by bus was awfull and this trip rain fall when i arrived at Japan Embassy, there’s one restaurant that i went to buy some chicken noodles, the boys and girl who work there are not nice at all, oh come on, is that how a seller behave and talk to their consument? they don’t even gave me a spoon. for me someone who always think the consument is the king, that kinda attitude and living money detector face just not acceptable

my flight got delayed, i spent 3 hours on bus next to a man who keep talking to me and asked so many things that i don’t even understand. i was so tired and sleepy so all he said that night only enter my left ear and go out through my right ear, like a wind blows ….

see that’s not avery nice trip ne, but still the result make me happy, i got my visa now, and from now on, all this November i am gonna concentrate to my wokrs both as a gold digger and a fangirl, i still have 3 magazines to scan and now the The Official Website already put the new magazine scedule :

11/10「Arena 37℃」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/14「WHAT’s IN?」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/14「CD&DLでーた」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/20「MusicUP’S」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/24「Men’s SPIDER」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/27「B-PASS」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/29「FOOL’S MATE」
12/10「Arena 37℃」

This November is never be easy month ne, too much pressure on me, as you all know my boss, he is never easy on me, and all his employers, And there’s a moment when i really hate my job and want to quit this job and find another ne.  But then i change my mind again for so many times than i can’t even remember. If i quit my job, that means i am gonna give up again , no no no i am not gonna give up, not that easy ne …

Tide is high but i am holding on, I am gonna be your number one, I am not a type of girl who give up just like that  ….. xD


yasu     :    number one? that’s so high ne noi_chan …
noi        :    but if you erase that 4 and 3 zeroes on 40,001, it will be only 1 ne …
yasu     :    ah, no that’s cheat …
noi        :    but Dream Cup is over ne …

and Thank God, there’s so many Halloween Party 2012 Live Reports on net from Excite, Natalie or Barks, they all updated their site with Halloween Party 2012 live reports plus so many lovely pictures to collect …

i really love to see that image above ne, i mean look at HYDE ne, it seems like he rally enjoyed that fanboys talk/acte or whatever they did at that time while sit like that like the King, … and DAIGO Himura is gorgeous, see his hair? ….

and as usual thanks to VAMPS UK Street Team on Facebook for the lovely translation. the good news is JAPAN COUNTDOWN will be broadcasting the last day of Halloween Party 2012 at Makuhari on this Sunday November 4th 2012 at 09:30 AM Japan Time. Because it is VAMPS, i am sure there will be someone who will share it ….

and last but not least is【Team Acid Black Cherry】 updated their Official Blog with on Halloween with this  lovely HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! post say Happy Halloween, TRICK or Cherr …. ups TRICK or TREAT and let all of us to see yasu‘s costume for this year’s Halloween Party 2012

my fave is of course the half skeleton face, ok the hair is messy but still look sexy ne, and his look like that, Oh, God yasu really now how to get that look ne, kinda ignoring look but it blows everyone’s mind who see him with that look .

I spent my halloween night by watch a Hongkong horror movie, and some indie movie, this movie is about a book, a magic book. This book is about how to kill yorself, and it involved one old lady who keep after anybody to read that book and then told them to kill theirself while tellin them how miserable is their life and by kill theirself at least they will be free from it …

ah i better go to sleep now because tomorrow is November 3rd where they will start to open the general sales for Acid Black Cherry 5 Anniversary Live Erect … i still need one ticket for my friend .

3 horror movies on Halloween night with a box of donnuts, nah can you imagine how many calories on me that night? too many ne, plus after Ied recently so my mom have much more meat on her referigerator ne she even gave me fried beef for my snack ….xD.

But thank God, laugh also  burns some calories ne, …


yasu      :   really, who said  that ….?
noi         :   tonight, i said that …
yasu      :   you …?
noi        :    yes, me. so laugh ya_san, do a lot of LOL …



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