Silent Post : 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” Goods .. (Another me, yasu, L’arc and The Avengers)

Silent night is still another month to go,

but this is a silent post. Why? that’s because i can’t speak since yesterday, Thank God i don’t have to join that meeting yesterday. Things just went so bad ne, the project failed, and how do i have to explain everything when i can’t even speak?, I am really sorry for my friend who went there at that meeting alone and got all of it by himself  …

My health is not good again, as always every end of the year it will be like this. Again and again this things on my throat came again, that’s why i can’t speak, eat or sing. My mom took me to a doctor about this 5 years ago and the doctor gave me some hormonal treatment. Not only that he also told us something about cancer, nah heard that maybe C word scared me, then i never go back there again, and keep this thing for my self .

This condition will be only 2 weeks normally depend on how sick i am, i remember the longest time i can’t speak like this is almost a whole month. and btw, aha aha …. Not only me who have this things like me but Mr. Friday also had it. My mom told me about it. Actually his older sister is the one who told my mom and then my mom told me, when she forced me to drink honey and milk every morning and night to cure this.

Mr. Friday did that, he drink white milk (pure milk fresh from the cow) and honey every morning and night before sleep, and he is fine now. What about me, still having this inside me, drink honey is not a problem but white milk (pure milk fresh from the cow) ….? ahaha no, thank you. i said to my mom : Ma, i am your daughter, not a cow’s daughter. Why should i drink that? ...

White/pure milk fresh from the cow  and carrots are things that i will never eat/drink in all many food/drink in this world. I believe both of if only make me sick, even it is not my health, but my mental is the one that will be sick if i eat carrot or drink pure milk. God, they are scary food …

yasu     :   OMG noi_chan, don’t say you are scare to carrot and milk …
noi        :   no, i am not …
yasu     :   yes, you are. They are not gonna bite you ne  …
noi        :   nee ya_san, see the
MFEO things between us? …
yasu     :   MFEO for who …?
noi        :  
Made For Each Other things for us, me and Mr. Friday, see we both have the same condition ne …. yay …. *happy*
yasu     :   hey, wake up fangirl  ..

I talk to my boss, my office mate use Yahoo Messenger and tryn to use some sign with my hands when i talk to others. But now everyone understand my condition like my friends. When i went to a mini market to buy some lemon tea, the cashier asked me whether if i have member card, i said no by move my head, ah she get it, and then she offered me a bonus if i buy 3 box of tea. I said no, i only want 1 box using my hand. she got what i mean, but then i heard she talk to her friend : OMG poor her, she is deaf …

damn, i am not deaf i just can’t speak temporary. Just because i didn’t speak they think i am deaf …? what the hell is that?  I really want to reply her at that time : Hello mean Girl, i am not deaf. Unable to speak is never easy ne, you do have lot of things that you wanted to say but you can’t. This morning it was only 06:40 AM and i was alone at office, while all my friends haven;t come yet. There’s one person, he is one of our regular client, and he want some explanation from me about something.

i was tryin to tell him clearly, all of it, but he keep sayin to me if he didn’t understand what i was sayin, Talk to him over and over hurt me, it hurt ne all over my head, why there’s nobody else here to cover me to talk to him? …

Suddenly this morning on my speechless time with one client keep askin why, why and why to me nonstop  i feel so lonely, trapped here in this solitude of the lack of my health …

enough about my speechless misery, not let’s move on to ABC topic,

nah there you are from Acid Black Cherry Official Website, they finally announced Goods for 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” ,


Pre_sale Period : 12 November 2012 13:00  ~  November 19  2012 1 2:00 on Acid Black Cherry OnlineShop


~   Pamphlet

Price (tax in): ¥ 4,000

Full color 80P (published a long interview)
B5 size about 25.7cm × 18.2cm

~   Poster

Price (tax in): ¥ 1,000

B2 size (two-sided printing) 51.5cm × 72.8cm
~   Postcard

Price (tax in): ¥ 500

5 Set size 10.5cm × 14.8cm A6
~    Sticker

Price (tax in): ¥ 1,000

A5 size sheet set 14.8cm × 21cm

~ Desktop calendar 2013 – With plastic case

Price (tax in): ¥ 1,500

11.7cm × 13.8cm
12 months + cover (13 set)

~  T-Shirt (Men’s)

Price (tax in): ¥ 3,500

100% cotton material _
Length 68cm Width 50cm Sleeve 19.5cm

~   T-Shirt (Men’s L)

Price (tax in): ¥ 3,500

100% cotton material _
Length 71cm Width 52.5cm Sleeve 20.5cm

~  T-Shirt (Women’s)

Price (tax in): ¥ 3,500

100% cotton material
Length 61cm, Width 42cm Sleeve 14cm

~   Bath Towel

Price (tax in): ¥ 3,500

Print (100% cotton)
60cm × 120cm approximately

~   Muffler Towel

Price (tax in): ¥ 2,500

Jacquard black × red (100% cotton)
20 × 110cm approximately

nah, because this time i am gonna go there and get “Erect”_ed by yasu, so i am gonna buy all of that, OMG this is the first time of my life i am gonna buy all the complete stuff of one Live Goods. I used to buy it online and as you all know if you buy online the shipping cost is almost close to the item’s price itself plus the shopping service fee, so this time i can use the shipping cost and service fee to buy another items, especially t shirt and the items that only available at the venue.

I know there will be a very big and long line at the venue, so i think i have to go there very2 early and if i can’t get all my list then i will go again to the venue next morning before i leave Tokyo. I haven’t prepare anything for my leaving to Tokyo, i haven’t buy anythings that i may need there, example yen. I haven’t change yens. i only have this, this red jacket that Tekki bought me


Red ….? ahahaha yeah, it is red. I dunno why she chosed that red jacket for me, i think that’s because she watch too much Sex nad The City, or Fashion Police? ah i dunno. I wish it is black so i can be like SHERLOCK ne but because it is red , i think  ….

yasu    :      you think what …?
noi       :      with that red jacket i am sure i can be the perfect couple for Capt. America ne ….. ahahaha ….
yasu    :      you and
Capt. America …?
noi       :      yes, that’s perfect ne ya_san ….
yasu    :      whatever …

My works kinda keep me mobile to many places and leave no time for myself. Today on my day off i supposed to go out and lookin for things i might need. But i feel so tired from all of it, This is the first time i can stay at home at Sunday since September. So i am gonna do nothing but sleeping or just rolling on my bed.


yasu seems like having fun/wanna check his fans via twitter last Nopember 9th, When he asked/tweet_ed that 1st tweet about what song that he may do on the next 5th Anniversary Live, what did you reply him. for me, i replied him with Nemuri Hime. Why? that’s because i can’t find that song on 2012 Live DVD ne …

On the lattest live, they (read : yasu and his team) only put that song on Acid Black Christmas Live,  skipped that song on Free Live 2011 and 2012 Live , so i think they have to put it on the next 5th Anniversary Live set list. I really want to see my forever song of Acid Black Cherry live on stage.

Not only that tweet, he also shared these lovely photos from the last Halloween Party plus there’s on every tweets, and ahaha that’s so sweet  , …


OMG that’s Akihide. When i saw the photos from Excite reports live, they all together on stage, i thought that man in red costume as Vincent Valentine is Hiro, not Akihide. Even i said to myself  Hiro looks like Akihide from far ne, but hey he is really Akihide ..

on the 2nd photo, the battle between yasu and YUKI on the dressing room , OMG that’s sugoi ne. I mean the costume, the sword is perfect, and it they might change the background with some green meadow with wind or desert that’s would be amazing ne, like a real live action by yasu and YUKI. The sword, it is big and it look very heavy ne, i am think he (read : yasu) lost the battle before it started thanks to how heavy is that sword …

yasu     :    another fan girl analysis ….?
noi        :    ahaha ya. OMG ya_san don’t say you did lost on that battle ..
yasu     :    no comment …
noi        :    heee ….

finally we managed to get tickects of 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” for the three of us. So yes, we are going to see yasu together. I never meet 2 of them and this is gonna be the 1st time we meet. Watching live concert together would be much way better than be alone ne, especially for the probie traveler like me.

This time i am gonna proove yasu is real, i did that to HYDE when i saw him live on stage in Jakarta and Bangkok. With my own eyes watched him stand infront of me sayin/tellin me to  jump jump jump …!!! over and over . Watched the 4 dimension of HYDE, where you can watch, hear, feel (if you can touch him) and interact with him.

now it is my time for yasu. I know he is real with all his live CD, DVD and all the TV show, but still sometimes thanks to how amazing and brilliant he is, i think he is just too good to be true, there’s a moment in my fagirl time when i asked to my self : is he real? or is that kind of man really exist in this universe ... etc etc …

that’s why by watching his live is the only way to end all of that FUBAR question inside of my fangirl side. To make sure if he is real, not only as someone that’s on my fangirl obsession all this time and as main topic on this blog.

i think for me watching yasu‘s live is gonna be much way easier than when i watch L’arc_en_Ciel Live. This time i am gonna only have to follow where’s yasu gonna be. even yeah i might gonna see the other support member, especially Junji. But my eyes would be on yasu.



photos credit to : carpe-jugulum @tumblr

When i watch L’arc_en_Ciel it’s more difficult ne. my point of difficult is when i have to share my attention/my eyes for all of them (read : HYDE, Ken, Tetsuya and Yukihiro), soon after HYDE finished sing one song there’s Ken and Tetsuya‘s MC with his banana talk and while i am still laughed with their MC, my eyes keep looking for where’s HYDE and what he was doing there in the corner of the stage, just sat there and watch all the audience. So does when HYDE did his MC, or Yukihiro did his solo drum, i had to look for what the other members did .


nah that’s confusing ne. it was like when i watch The Avengers, you did see that movie right, see how they confused us (at least me with my tiny simple boring brain) by put all that superheroes in one movie. So when Capt. America and Iron Man was struggling to fix the big spaceship or whatever it named, Thor and The Black Widow also have to deal with HULK’s anger Management problem. That moment i was lost between Capt. America and HULK


yasu     :   then, where did your heart go …
noi        :   omo ya_san, don’t you see my new pillow? of course Capt. America
yasu     :   ah i see , God, now she start a superhero talk …

But even confusing, that movie The Avengers is super fuckin awesome ne so does L’arc_en_Ciel, my larger than life band ever that gave me one L’Awesome night.

ah ya not long time ago, when i start to prepare things to be close to yasu,  there’s someone who told me something. i know that’s a simple thing but somehow that moment what she said kinda hurt me. I remember that time is on a-nation time, as we all know Acid Black Cherry was not on the live viewing on cinemas ne, and all the fans who already have their ticket asked the same question why and why even they already read what Team ABC posted on their Facebook,


they still ask and ask why including me, they all dissapointed that time and on my time for nonstop aksin why to the universe, then someone said to me : then go to Japan and you can see it. i know the person already go to Japan, so that’s sounds simple but still for me hear that just hurt me, ne. It hurt but at least at that time i learned about something …

People should think before they say something, even on this free dimension called internet. so i think we better not sayin then go to Japan and you can see it/if you wanna see it to anybody. No every fans get the chance to do that. we may say it easily when Go to Japan and watch live of our fave artist is easy as easy as when you want to go to toilet, just jump off your bed and run .

saying go to Japan to watch live from your fave artist is very easy but it is not a very simple/easy things to do ne, believe me it need lot of things to prepare, took a lot of time, especially of course the finance related to. So yes  …

this 1,000,000 ways to be close to yasu is not easy, but i am sure it is worthy ..


noi        :      because you will make it worthy ne ….
yasu     :      hmmm …
noi        :      i am sure you will …


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