Hair Post : I am Sorry, dear Friday … (Another me, yasu and James May)

James May?

james may

aha ya  he is James May , for all of you who love to watch Top Gear you must know him as the brilliant host together with Jeremy Clarckson, Richard Hammon and The Stig. He also the host of a show named James May’s Toy Stories where  he goes to small towns across Britain and tries to break toy related world records like lego, and little mini train. nah i love that episode watch him with all the complete set of train, raiways, station and brigde.

On Top Gear, his nickname is Captain Slow, due to his careful, relaxed driving style wich i like. I like how he really enjoy his riding while talking about the car, engine,  strengths and weaknesses of one type of car he is driving.

Last night episode, it was episode 3 of season 18, it was a really funny episode as always. The guest was Ryan Reynolds, you may know him as the actor who play as Sandra Bullock‘s personal assistant on The Proposal. Even he said he is more motorbike than car and he goes everywhere with his motorbike but he did great on his driving session, he beat Tom Cruise time.

Poor him, i mean that night Jeremy was mean to him, with his jokes like usual. Jeremy Clarkson is a man who really know how to make a very good joke, why? because he himself never laugh when he make it. He just say it like it was nothing but it was hilarious, and then how he and Richard tryin to make one good scene of car chasing on an action movie and how the director soo pissed off by them. He even call Richard with Richard Ford Coppola … xD

After Jeremy , next is James May‘s turn. In this episode he drive 2 mini/small car different type. I forget what’s the other type is but i do remember one of them is Fiat Panda.

Mini car is everywhere now, even on my very2 small hometown i see many people choose the mini car than bigger family car.  i think they choose it because of the efficiancy of parking space, even it is too small for a family car. Nowadays where property’s price like land getting more and more expensive and also less available than it use to be.

the world is getting crowded with all of us who live in and sure we need space/land to live and build our home. Human increase everyday/month/year but the land is still the same. That’s why house nowadays is smaller than 15/10 years ago. For example my house is a very old house, a traditional Javanese house. My house is quite big with large backyard (one of my friend even say if i can build 2 house on our backyard) if we compare with housing estate (for economic standart of course, not the luxurious estate) nowadays. Smaller house of course with a smaller garage and smaller car is a nice option.


yasu       :      hey noi_chan, is this gonna be about your TV?
noi          :      no, of course not ..
yasu       :      do you know what time is this? make it fast  …
noi          :      OMG it is over midnight  …

sorry about the opening, nah why do i write about James May? this is because last Saturday my boss said if i get disconnected a lot because how messy is my har. He think i need a hair cut. Then like my friend told me to cut my hair again and again like yasu

i said to them, it was not a good idea because the last time i try to cut my hair like yasu it was failed. It ended with me look like Dora. But then they said if that’s because i got the wrong stylist, and i should fid another stylist who can do that. But ah that’s not easy ne. Actually i do nothing to my hair recently.

Every day i just tied it up you know have a pony tail on my head, even Gerald Butler said on The Ugy Truth about this pony tail and women related things. He said if you have a pony tail on you head everyday, nobody will think you as cute/nice person, because nobody use a ponytail nowadays except a heavy equipment operator …. ahahaha OK i’ll drive a forlklift …. xD

That’s mean right, but that’s the The Ugy Truth, where truth never look nice/beautiful. You should watch this movie The Ugy Truth. The chemistry between Katherine Heighl and Gerald Butler is so sexy and sweet. Not only that, but it also surprised me by show the romantic side of Gerald Butler  where i only have  him on 300 Spartan on my mind.

Maybe, my bos is right. I need a hair cut. Who knows with a new haircut it am not gonna get a lot of disconnected again. It suck ne when your hands/fingers and brain sudenly just disconnected and then it make you type/write the wrong things. Damn, that’s not a good things to have. Have a internet connection disconnected it is OK but hands/fingers and brain? that’s not OK at all …

So when i want to cut hair then i watch yesterday’s episode of Top Gear and James May‘s hair is awesome ne, and i wanna cut my hair like him,


yasu     :      eh, really?
noi        :      yes, he looks good ne
yasu     :      looks god on him, not you …
noi        :      at least i am not gonna end like Dora …
yasu     :      but then you can explore anything …
noi        :      eeeh ….

Acid Black Cherry Official Online Shop already open the pre-sale for Erect goods, and it seems like everone wants the same 2 items :

Price (tax in): ¥ 4,000

Full color 80P (published a long interview)
B5 size about 25.7cm × 18.2cm
it is B5 sized ne, sure it is gonna be much big, bigger the last phamplet of 2012 live, FreeLve 2011 and Acid Black Christmas ne. That’s way it cost 4,000 yen plus with a long interview? aha aha aha …

and this


Desktop calendar 2013 – With plastic case
Price (tax in): ¥ 1,500

11.7cm × 13.8cm
12 months + cover (13 set)


i can’t wait to put that on my desk, at least i can bring it to my office unlike the L’arc calendar that i can’t bring to office because it is way too much big to handle. But now the next question is how i work with him, like that, with that look on my desk …. ?

Oh good God in Heaven, you should help me

back to the haircut topic, i should cut my hair  that last weekend, but because i am on my period and i am not allowed to cut my hair during my period, i am gonna do that next week on Friday, when my period is over and even i really hate Friday, but Friday is a good day to cut your hair. That’s what my Islamic school teacher always told me. everythings is on Friday. Cut and wash your hair, nails, but for having sex (with your husband/wife) it would be good if you do that on Thursday night, on a night  before Friday.

I should not hate Friday ne, because if Mr. Friday didn’t choose me and never look at me as a women but nothing than a little girl next door, it is not Friday’s fault. It is my fault.


yasu    :   so now you do love Friday
noi       :   no, i am not. i am just tryin not to hate it but i do love you …
yasu    :   i know …
noi       :   well just in case you forget …



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