[Scan Post] : Acid Black Cherry Free Live 2011 パンフレット… (Another me, yasu and this “Erect” Euphoria

I did scan this pamphlet almost 2 weeks ago …

but i dunno why it took me forever to put all of these scans here. And tonight finally i managed to kick my lazy ass to post it here and of course with some random things followed after, so there you are  ….


Ejoii this Hawaii, Waikiki, and Kawaii yasu …..

that pamphlet Free Live 2011 with the red haired yasu is my fave one. It is not that i don’t like how yasu’s blond hair now because no matter what color his hair is i still gonna like it, and also that look, that sexpression of yasu ….

yasu      :    the what of me ….
noi         :    the
sexpression of you ne ….
yasu      :    nee noi_chan, stop following your friend to put
s on e and x
noi         :    listen to me first, sexpression is from sexy expression of you ne …
yasu      :    eeee ….

But my fave about this pamphlet is how the stylist did his long red hair look shorter like that and i remember at that time i thought he did cut his hair …. aha aha nice job ne, …


Less than a month, finally that 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” that i’ve been waiting for is gonna start, But the euphoria was on me a long time ago since i got the lottery tickets, booked my flight and hotels … etc etc etc ….  Here’s the symptoms of this “Erect” euphoria …

when you  read “electronic” as “erect_tronic” and “Sony Ericson” became “Sony Erect_tion” then omedeto my dear, “Erect” tour euphoria is already on your mind, and you should say yay  … !!

and then it got deeper when Team Acid Black Cherry(Official) posted this “Erect” logo on their Facebook Page … xD


Bloddy hell what was that? a pistol? it look like an old colt pistol, remember the colt pistol on Supernatural series …? in that series they said the pistol is the legendary pistol from Samuel Colt and that’s the one and only pistol that could kill the all devils/monsters include the yellow eyed demons that keep after Sam or the pistol that Antonio Banderas use in Once Upon A Time in Mexico ,

and if you watch City Hunter (of course the anime one not the Korean drama with Lee Min Hoo) you will see that kind of pistol … or not? see that pistol with one bullet jumped off like that, i think yasu will open this upcoming “Erect” live and get everyone Erect_ed with Pistol and then sure he will out of bullet after all of this live from Hokkaido to Osaka .


talking about bullet, look what i just got. See that’s not an ordinary bullet ne, it is a James Bond‘s bullet. Even of course it can’t kill demons or werewolf because it isn’t silver but sure it can kill other dangerous/harmful things ne …


noi         :     don’t worry ya_san, you have the pistol, i have the bullet. i’ll send this next January so everything is gonna be fine ..
yasu      :     January ….
noi         :     yes, January 27th, for your birthday …
yasu      :     a bullet for my birthday, really noi_chan ..
noi         :     yes, why not? see this isn’t an ordinary one ne …
yasu      :     whatever …

Today now is November 16th, means 21 days again is my leaving to The Big Orange, Tokyo. Everything is ready. Flight, hotel, and yens i’ll change it tomorrow even there’s still lot of things in my mind you know that kind of what if things : what if this, what if that … etc etc make me dizzy. I just want December come right away and all of this things are over and i’m back home fast …

Actually there’s one thing i am really scare now, this is about the flight ne, i am gonna be on the jet plane for more than 5 hours ne, and Bloody hell yeah that’s scare me ne. I always scare everytime i have to go by plane, and now this is the first time i will be on the plane up so high there in a very long hours flight. I have no idea about that. Can i handle that? am i gonna be OK, and is that flight is gonna be save and alright? what if something happen  …?


So this time i am still lost in the middle of this me, my self who really scare to be on the jet plane and my very BIG wish/dream to see yasu‘s live on stage and perform all of his songs that i’ve been listening to all this time. There’s one moment where i really want to cancel this trip and suddenly all of this trip sounds scary to me but ….

again and again, my dear cherry sista did the amazing thing like what they always do to me to make me feel much better. Remember what i said about my cherry sista and our cherry talks at Facebook? Yesterday Monika start again our lovely cherry talks. I dunno why i never be the person who start this cherry talks ne, it always Monika.

And i am so glad she is still want to do that, with all her busy time for school, etc she post/write somethings start with Cherry Talks ..!! on my Facebook wall and tagged Freena and Vale_chan but this time we add Julian. Julian is one of us, and yes he is the one and only fanboy in our cherry talks. Yesterday Freena write this ….


see what she wrote? Oh God, they always know what to say and make me feel better about somethings. Unlike me, who sometimes get blank and dunno what to say to cheer up somebody else, then what happen and what always happen next is i say/reply nothing but just listening/reading and click like. so just like what Freena said …


because i am gonna see one of the greatest man in the Universe (read : yasu) so yes, i am gonna be fine ….

in this 21 days counting before my leaving i spent most of my time to download doramas, not watching it all but only dowload it, all of the episodes until finale then watch it marathon in one night. I only follow some doramas that i interested to for different reasons like :

Priceless : this is because Takuya Kimura

~ Tokyo Airport : because of the story and the setting is on Airport, Haneda Airport where i am gonna be …

Airport for me is a magical place, a port where all planes from arround the world (the international one) landing and take off, where we can see various people there everyday. And the Air Traffic Controller is the one who control all the activities on it. I only watch the 1st episode of this dorama. Kyoko Fukada did her best here as a probie on Air Traffic Controller. She used to be gound staff and now she move up as ATC officer.

~ Koukou Nyuushi :  this one because there’s Masami_chan here

~ Monsters :  you know why, because no one should missed this dorama, so neither do i, and last but not least is …

~ Akumu_chan : this one because there’s Gackt and Keiko here …

I watched this one until episode 3 and i can’t remember how many time i watch the 3rd episode over and over until there’s one night i have  a dream got back home from office and then i saw Gackt was standing in front of my door , waiting for me …..

Oh God, instead of yasu i saw Gackt on my silly dream?

yasu    :     see you watch too much dorama ….
noi       :     it is not the dorama ne, but my question is where the hell are you ….? it should be you ne ..
yasu    :     i am busy, see i have “Erect” live to do …
noi       :     ah ya, you are. well you can come anytime btw ….
yasu    :     then dream on …!!



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