Goods Post : Acid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set … (Another me, yasu and Bill)

as we all know from The Official Ameblo entry, they sell this Acid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set ….


and the sale my dear, was on today at 13:00 JST,

but as always, i want that Parker set, so does everyone. Like what happen when yasu shared the 0th single Kimi Ga Iru Kara to download free where there’s so many people access on the site so it was so hard to me to access it and download it, i keep refresh and refresh but still not fresh like i never drink an iced lemon tea before  …

at that time i can understand why there was a high traffic on the download site, because it was free download ne, but this one? this one is not free at all even it cost 13,000 yen. But still everyone want it and make another high traffic on  The Official Online Shop.


noi      :      look what you just did ya_san …
yasu   :      what ….
noi      :      you make everyone
insatiable for you and things about you …
yasu   :      including you ….?
noi      :      i wish i am not …

yasu   :      but you do …
noi      :      aha ya …

but thank God, the crowd is over and i can access it, i hope i can get it. Because it is a limitted items, and there is no plan to sell this items on the venue. And least but not least as my friend said this items is already reach 100,000 yen on Yahoo Auctions and e-Bay.  So cross fingers for me please and hope i can get this because if eventually i can’t get this i think i am gonna give up and skipp this one. 100,000 yen, really ? …


but if i manage to get this item, i think i should erase my movie goers dream to kill Bill wearing that Bruce Lee‘s yellow sport suit above, like what Uma Thurman ‘s outfit on Kill Bill Trilogy and then kill everyone who kill his husband, waw she is so awesome ne . I always want to buy that someday. …


And then replace it with that Acid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set of course with that SUCK YOU things on my back. Forget about the Leopard set like yasu because i am not gonna kill Leopard with it, Geez, a Leopard, really …? that’s too scary ne ….

Now the question is what should i kill now with that …. ?


yasu         :       you can kill your ego first …
noi            :       eh ….
yasu         :       and then your laziness, you do have a lot of things to kill ne …
noi            :       omo ya_san, really …?


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