Upgraded Post : Happy Birthday to You, Yukihiroさん … (Another me, yasu and The Android)

so what day is it ….? Today is November 24th and hey, it is Android Day



The Android i am talking about is not the Android things that i’m sure you all have it inside your smartphone, but oday it’s all about this Drummer Android :

Yukihiro …. 1,2,3,4 …. !!! … xD

God, i love when he start to count like that everytime L’arc do the P’unk~en~Ciel on their live, too bad they didn’t do that on their last World Tour, buut i really hope, wish (and OK this is also my fangirl request) that L’arc will do P’unk~en~Ciel again on their next World Tour, because at least i want to see Yukihiro leave his seat behind all his drum sets, change it with bass and go round and round all over the stage. That would be awesome ne.

Since today is Android Day let’s say …


Happy Birthday to you My Android Drummer Yukihiro ..

may all the best happen to you today and days after. and yes, you are the best drummer that i ever know ….


btw talking about Android, let’s talking about the other Android. Finally i did upgrade my phone that i use everyday into the smart one. they say it is a smartphone, with Android inside it.


that’s Sony seXPERIA Miro. I am not into gadget things but i read a review about Sony seXPERIA review on my weekly tabloid, and on that post, the writer recommended this one, the Miro type, than all the other type, and OMG this phone is way more smart than me and my tiny little boring brain. I did my mistake that day …


yasu     :   what,
noi        :   i think i should …
yasu      :  you didn’t upgarde your brain before you upgrade your phone …
noi        :   omo, ya_san, how did you know ….?

so now i’m still kinda lost with this phone, i think it has a Google Wannbe syndrom, because it is always type words that i don’t want to type or even i don’t understand what the hell is that supposed to mean. nah, that’s annoying ne …

For example  when i only want to say Hallo, it typed it self Hallowen …? OMG Hallowen is over ne. i want to type tons it became tombs, i want to type Pak (means Mister in Indonesia) it became Pakistan, i want to type itu (means that/this in Indonesia) it became iTunes …. can you imagine, it made me text a lot of iTunes to my boss? …. bloody hell, and when i want to type yasu ….

it became Yasshoooiii ……..!!!!!


noi        :      OMG OMG ya_san, see ..
yasu     :      uso, there’s no way it can be like that ….
noi        :      aaah, how did you know ….?
yasu     :      and you are a very bad liar …

i know there must be some way to fix that Google Wannabe on my phone ne (thank God, it doesn’t have a Wonder Woman Wannabe, if it has then what about me ….?) i’ll find it. Actually i don’t want to upgrade my phone, or make it more smart by bought another phone. But because sending my phone for another 4 years (or 5,6 ….? Oh, I’m sorry Prof. Snape i think i forgot how many years we have to spent to graduate from Hogwarts … *dumped to detention room*) is so expensive, so i’ll choose the cheap one.

so i bought that last week, when i took a day off to buy yen for my next trip to The Big Orange Tokyo and to be 1,000,000 steps closer to yasu. Yen is quite expensive now, it is up up and up, i wonder when i can buy yen with less price than the last time i buy or at least the same price ne. After i get my yen, i went to cinema to watch Skyfall.


for me, Skyfall is the best of Daniel Craig‘s Bond. Craig‘s Bond of course is different from the flamboyan and metro Bond from Pierce Brosnan. Even he is still metro, but there’s some cold blooded and cruel on from his face. This Bond is a man that you will think about 1,000 times again if you want to make his as your enemy.


and this movie explain why Bond became that way, cold and kinda close himself from others. The one and only who knows his details is his boss M (Judi Dench). He lost both his mom and dad at a very young age, so that’s why he build some shield to himself from the world by do a secret agent for living.

the movie started with Adelle‘s voice singing Skyfall. At the beginning i thought Skyfall is terms for their next case or some secret files that they have to find. But this Skyfall is the name of Bond‘s mansion in Scotland, yes, he is from Scotland. And then jump into Bond‘s mission in Turkey, He got shoot and after that he went missing.

The boss decided that, no matter how professional she is as M, the boss of M 16, she is still regret why she had to make that decision that make her loose one of the best agent 007. I can see that when she wrote the obituary for James Bond.

But of course he is not dead, hey he is 007 ne, it is not easy to kill him like that, just only with one single shoot especially on the beginning of the movie? really? …. Bond choose to pull himself back from all the spy activities and stay at i dunno where but he is not happy. Then he found out if there’s a big trouble in M 16 from telly and he knows if M is in danger. He decide to back.


When he is back things are not the same again, there’s a bom at M16, and there’s also a new boss there. OMG is that Voldermorth? yes, he is. He can’t be just back even he has M on his side. He still has to do a lot of tests to prove himself as a good agent for M16. He failed the tests, but M make it work. My fave part on this movie is when Ralf Fiennes (the next M) asked James Bond : why did you back?

i just can’t keep my self not to laugh on this scene, i mean whoever wrote this movie’s script is amazing ne, he/she put some jokes inside this move that only understood by people who watch Harry Potter, like me. and then answer the question. So if i were James Bond (i don’t remember for sure what’s his answer) i will ask him back : Then why did you back from death, Harry killed you didn’t he?  …? ahahahaha …. *got avada kedavra*


not only the new upcoming M, but there’s also Ben Wishaw as Q, who will help Mr. Bond to save M this time, it’s also quite funny when they both meet for the first time at the museum. Q is someone who really proud of his behind table work where he can blow anything only use his computer, but on the other way Mr. Bond told him, there’s something that a field agent only can do.

Whooo, that’s make me happy ne, because i am also a field agent who spent more time out side the office than behind my desk, of course not the secret one … xD

as always, i feel asleep about 10 or 15 minutes. nah that’s weird ne, usually i fall asleep inside cinema when i ran out of snack. This time i still have 1/2 bucket of popcorn and lemon tea and i sleep? so this time i missed the scene between Mr. Bond and the girl . The guy who sit next to me wake me up by saying : hey wake up there’s Javier Bordem now


before this movie make, there’s a rumor where Benedict Cumberbatch will be the villain for Mr. Bond. Thank God, it didn’t happen ne, i can’t even imagine how i suppose to erase all the image that i have for Ben as the brilliant SHERLOCK then change it into one of Mr. Bond‘s villain. My problem is i am sure he will do it brilliantly again. …

Javier Bordem (you may know him on Vicky Christina Barcelona) again and again kept my eyes on him in this movie, His did this changeable/moody/crazy/betrayed character Mr. Silva fantastic. He also make my feeling changeable for a moment. he scared me but then i feel sorry about him when he tell everyone what happened to him in China and how he call M with mother, the feeling between love/respect and hate (or want an explanation …?) for M. OMG i wrote too much spoiler ne, OK you better watch this movie ne, and last but not least i am gonna say this :

Mr. Bond’s new boss is Lord Voldermorth. The Dark Lord is back, so you better watch yourself Harry …!!!

I shouldn’t watch that movie that day ne, because at that day there’s a premiere of Twilight : Breaking Dawn part2 on the cinema.  i also hear all them talking about Team Edward, Team Bella and Team Jacob talks among them and i wonder why there’s nobody talk about team_yasu there, at least another person beside me. and the cinema even  gave me this for my popcorn bucket


so that day, i feel …  i am a Bond Girl who lost in the middle of Twilighters crowd ….. really Mr. Bond ….? *mellow with my miaww*


yasu      :    yesterday Wonder Woman, now Bond Girl …?
noi         :    sure, why …
yasu      :    but you can’t swim noi_chan, and sure you don’t have a bikini ..
noi         :    that’s OK, i’ll buy a bikini ..
yasu      :    for what, swimming …?

noi         :    that’s why you better find me hurry or i’ll move to London and be a Bond girl  …
yasu      :    go learn to swim first  ..

finish at cinema i went all over that mall hope that maybe i can find something to wear next December in Tokyo, But then i realize, now i am not that shoppaholic anymore. Nothings call me, not the shoes or cloth division. They all stop talking to me now, should i be happy for this or what? Even yes, i found a black jacket quite close to SHERLOCK‘s and some black and white shirts again …

then i sad to myself : Let’s buy a new phone ….!!! I am someone who is enough with only a simple phone. The important things is i can make a phone call, send text message and have my own Excell mobile to do my works when i am out of office.

But now i have my own LINE now —> noihimura. so i don’t have to worry how to stay in touch with my friend when we all finally in Tokyo. I only have 3 friends there Steffie, Christine,adrio_nevralka   and follow Gackt. But who knows if maybe i can find HYDE‘s LINE ….


noi        :      who knows ne …..
yasu     :      i am not gonna tell you …
noi        :      but still … ahahaha
yasu     :      first my phone number and now HYDE_san’s
noi        :      i wonder what his user name ….


less than 3 weeks i am gonna get Erect_ed by yasu, and i can say everything is ready. my friend’s ticket is ready,  i upgraded my phone and have my own LINE, contacted my hotel via Facebook (they have a Facebook Page ne …) and got a nice clue about how to get there from Haneda with bus or train. And they already start sending the lottery tickets, OMG look at the ticket …. *drolling*


yes, i am ready …!!! and i am gonna call my next trip to The Big Orange (Tokyo) as my own Alice in Wonderland, Tokyo is the wonderland and I am Alice. so there will be nonoi_himura from December 8 ~ December 13, but there will be Alice, so you all better  …..

call me Alice OK …!!!!


yasu     :   you Alice,then ..
noi        :   you are the Bunnyne …
yasu     :   no, i don’t wanna be the Bunny
noi        :   but there’s no hunny on Alice in Wonderland story, only Bunny ..
yasu     :   then go find another story …



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